Apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim

History encourages you to start searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim:

No one can read about Istanbul or go to visit it without being impressed by its beauty, heritage and architecture. Istanbul is a city that is not without diversity, so we can find in it 39 residential areas or districts inhabited by many residents.

And one of these areas is the Taksim region, which divides the vibrant artery within Istanbul, and it is one of the most famous and important areas in Istanbul and its place in the community.

It was called in the past because it was an area through which water was divided into all neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Taksim square

Taksim city _ diversity and movement to sell real estate:

due to this beautiful diversity within the Taksim area.

A movement to sell real estate has arisen, so we find that Istanbul Taksim real estate has many advantages that encourage visitors and tourists.

Whether they are Arabs or foreigners, to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.

So, if you are one of the lucky people who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim or for any apartments for sale in Istanbul, so this article is directed to you.

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 Investing in apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim, and what it carries of great importance and sure profit:

The beautiful and ancient Taksim area is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul at all.
Therefore, we find that tourists want to spend their holidays in this ancient region and aspire to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim in order to stay near its ancient landmarks and important monuments.
If we compare the return on investment in apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim, and other areas. We will find that the return on investment in apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim is relatively high.
Because of the importance of the Taksim area, we find a rush to buy apartments in it.
This leads to an increase in the profit rate in the event that the buyer wants to sell his property in the future.

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What drives you to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim?

This ancient city, which is the heart of Istanbul, is located on the European side of Istanbul and contains many historical monuments in addition to exclusive and modern touches, in addition to the presence of many markets and shops.

Also, Taksim city apartments are close to most of the city’s important landmarks, such as Sisli, Karakoy, and others.

What makes Istiklal Street in Taksim an additional incentive to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim?

This ancient and historical street connecting Taksim Square and the Galata Tower was called the Grand Street in the Ottoman era.
As for the reason behind changing its name to Istiklal Street, it was to commemorate Turkey’s victory in the War of Independence.
The most famous historical landmark in Istanbul is located on this street.
It is the old tram line that runs along the street, connecting Taksim Square and Galata Tower.
apartments for sale in istanbul taksim

Istiklal Street in Istanbul, Taksim … Important centers and distinctive events:

This ancient street contains many features that encourage searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim in order to buy them.
includes many important cultural centers such as:
1_ Arts Centers
2_ Ataturk Cultural Center
3_ the Opera House
4_ entertainment places (galleries _ theaters)
This provides beautiful and enjoyable accommodation options within the apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim
apartments for sale in istanbul taksim

The advantages of ownership in Istanbul I encourage to buy apartments in it:

Taksim area contains a number of historical and tourist attractions, which made this area considered as a nucleus for tourists and the heart of the historical city. As an additional feature, it encourages everyone looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey, Taksim or the vicinity of this historical tourist area:

  • We find that the most important embassies of foreign countries located near the Taksim region have preserved their status from the time of the Ottoman Empire until the present time.
  • We can see how the memorial stands tall in the middle of Taksim Square, which was built in commemoration of the Republic of Turkey, which was established in 1923 AD It was sculpted by the famous Italian artist (Pietro) in 1928 at a height of 11 meters, and this monument symbolizes the leaders of the metabolism campaign and some politicians who played an important role in that period of time. This ancient historical atmosphere makes tourists and visitors looking to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.
  • We also see a huge mosque with a view of Taksim Square and the monument directly, which is (Taksim Square Mosque). We note the beautiful style of this mosque, which is the distinctive Ottoman style represented by the shape of its domes and minarets.

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Gardens, museums, and towers whose beauty is breathtaking

  • (Gezi Park): This wonderful modern view overlooks from one end of Taksim Square, with an additional view of the Bosphorus on the other side. And it creates an atmosphere of familiarity and beauty for those who want to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.
  • Galata Tower, which is a distinctive tower with a beautiful view of the old city parts and the Bosphorus. It also features a view of the Golden Horn Bay. There is no accurate information available on the date of construction of the tower. The tower was restored after the earthquake that struck Istanbul in 1509 during the time of the Ottoman Empire. As for the architect who worked on its restoration, the architect was Khair al-Din, a student of the famous architect Sinan. As for the height of the tower, it is at a height of 66.90
  • The famous Sports Museum (Galatasaray Museum), which is a museum rich in the holdings of the famous Galatasaray football team. This museum is located at the end of Istiklal Street and was built in 1915.
  • The Wax Museum: It is located near Taksim Square in the middle of the ancient Istiklal Street. It contains important statues of well-known personalities and statues of world-famous people. The visitor can see the genius in making these statues, which make them realistic enough to feel as if they are standing in your hands.


There are many attractions in this region:

These are some of the beautiful and wonderful landmarks that the Taksim region enjoys, and there are many, many monuments and ancient buildings in the area that encourage serious consideration of the topic of searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.


Transportation in Taksim

 Transportation in Taksim Istanbul _ a masterpiece and a long history:

the issue of transportation is a sensitive and important topic that occupies the thinking of those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.

But transportation in the Taksim area, although it is available, makes transportation within the region comfortable and smooth and does not face any obstacles.

However, transportation has an ancient historical touch, as the means of transportation in the Taksim area are characterized by an ancient spirit and a timeline dating back to many eras.

Transportation Near Taksim

The most important of these transportations:

1-Taksim Tramway – Istiklal Street: This distinctive tram that extends along Istiklal Street, with its red color, extends from Taksim Square to Galata Tower. This tram returned to work after its restoration in 1989. This tram crosses Istiklal Street and makes the viewer remember the history of this ancient region. As for the timing of the operation of this tram, it starts operating from 7:30 in the morning until 10:45 at night.
2- The tunnel tram (electric tunnel): As for this tram in the tunnel.

it is another artistic masterpiece located several steps away from the Taksim area.

The first electric tram line was established in Istanbul on February 11, 1914. This tram is the second metro line in the world after the London tram line. The length of the line is 573 meters. This tramway runs on electric power. As for his journey, it takes two minutes. This makes the transportation issue more comfortable for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.

These are other features that are added to the features that encourage the seeker of apartments for sale in Istanbul to resort to this area and search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.

Other areas of Istanbul that attract attention:

As we mentioned earlier, Istanbul contains 39 residential areas.
and Sisli and Bebek are among the distinct and interesting areas in Istanbul.
and those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim or for apartments for sale in the city center should also look at the apartment offers Available for sale in Bebek and Sisli area.

Bebek region istanbul
Bebek in Istanbul

What distinguishes Bebek and Sisli region?


Bebek Region:

It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Turkey. Also It has a pleasant and elegant coastal and entertainment climate.
Its residents are considered among the wealthy of the city and it has a stunning view of the Bosphorus. It also contains many Ottoman monuments dating back to Prime Minister Ibrahim Pasha.

Great activities that encourage you to search for apartments for sale in Bebek Istanbul Turkey:

The region has many beautiful and elegant parks and gardens,  the most important of which are:
1_ Bebek Park: a popular park for families, and it is one of the best places for entertainment. Where you can relax among the various forms of plants and flowers.
2_ Ashian Museum: A wonderful museum that attracts the attention of everyone who has an interest in literature. It reviews the biographies of the greatest artists of modern and contemporary literature in Asia and the world.
3_ Ashian Park: It is a coastal park in Istanbul, from which you can enjoy the wonderful view of the sea. In addition to the possibility of recreation among the beautiful green areas.
4_ Ayazma Park: One of the best parks in which you can listen to exercise and take advantage of the walking paths. While children can play in their own private areas.
5_ Cadillac Yachting Club: In addition to This wonderful club is one of the best high-end tourist places in Bebek Istanbul.
where the club includes a huge marina containing yachts and boats owned by the wealthy of the region.

Sisli region in istanbul

Sisli region:

This region is considered one of the most important and famous tourist areas in Istanbul.

It is also one of the regions of Istanbul, which is located in the European part of it.

Which is preferred by many tourists from all over the world. This ancient region passed through multiple time periods that made it a region with a distinctive historical character.
in fact this makes many tourists and visitors to this region looking for real estate for sale in Sisli Istanbul.

Distance between Sisli and Taksim:
Nisachachi Street, in the Sisli district, is about 2 km from Taksim Square.
Also we can reach Sisli from Taksim by car within 6 minutes.
It is also possible to reach this area by bus within 12 minutes, which includes an 8-minute walk

The nature of life in Sisli:

This vibrant city is a center of commerce and shopping.
And since there is a long-standing historical relationship between Sisli Istanbul’s markets and the high-end social classes.
in addition to the fact that its neighborhoods carry a character of sophistication and luxury.
. As this region is home to many world-famous brands and businesses.

Universities and schools in Sisli and great interest in education:

Due to the availability of education in the Sisli region, people flock to it from all regions and cities to follow education matters and learn the latest methods that it follows.. As the Sisli region is not without many reputable secondary schools in Istanbul. And many training centers (preparatory courses for the university entrance examination).
Weekly evening schools are also available in this area.
All these services available in the region encourage the purchase of apartments in Istanbul in general and in Sisli in particular.

Tourist areas in Sisli that cater to all tastes:

This interesting area contains many tourist attractions that meet all the social and tourism needs of visitors and tourists.
Which makes those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, Sisli. The most important features are:
1-Istanbul Military Museum
2- Ataturk Museum
3- Freedom monument
As for the most important sports stadiums in this region, stadium:
Turk Telecom.
Sisli also contains many malls and shopping centers:
1- Gohar Mall
2- Canyon Shopping Center.
3- Metro City shopping center.
4- Profilo Shopping Center
The tall buildings and skyscrapers of Sisli (Sisli Real Estate).

  • Diamond of Istanbul

Istanbul Sapphire

  • Sabancı Center
  • işli Plaza


Other options offered to you in addition to those apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim:

As we can see, Bebek and Sisli are regions of ancient historical significance. We also see tourist areas that are no less important than other world-famous tourist areas.

in fact the Taksim area is an area that attracts tourists, visitors and a lot of people are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim.

We also see many people looking for apartments for sale in Bebek and Sisli.

Whatever you choose, you are the winner:

In the end, whether you choose the Taksim area to search for apartments for sale in it with the aim of buying it, or the Bebek area, or even the Sisli area, or for any apartments for sale in Istanbul. Whatever you choose, you are probably a lucky persona and you are the winner


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