Bahce sehir, a city of gardens and luxury housing

A brief overview of Bahcesehir:
Bahce sehir, which in Turkish means the city of gardens. We note that this region had a share of its name. Where spread in the region are many small plateaus, hills and valleys. As a result, the splendor and beauty of bahcesehir has increased. .


The importance of Bahce sehir location:
Bahce sehir is located within the charming city of Istanbul. But it is considered one of the most promising cities in it. It is an area belonging to the municipality of Bahcesehir. In the northwest of Kucukcekmece Lake.
Its important location increases the importance of housing and investment. In addition, it is one of the most remarkable areas of Istanbul, which is witnessing an architectural development.
The distance between it and the city center is 25 km. Between it and Ataturk Airport is 20 km.
It is connected with Istanbul districts through the highway.

Bahce sehir location


Projects near Bahce sehir:
It is worth noting that the Bahce sehir area is located near the important mega projects in the region, such as:
1_ Istanbul Third Bridge Project.
2_ Istanbul third airport project.
3_ The northern Marmara highway project.
Of course, all these projects will increase the value of real estate investment in the region. And lead to a significant rise in real estate prices.

Istanbul third airport project

Transportation in Bahce sehir:
Because many investors rushed to invest in Bahcesehir and because of the large urban expansion that the region is witnessing. The problem of the lack of public transportation that connects the area with other important areas of the city has emerged. Hence the government’s efforts to work on solving the transportation problem emerged. As a result, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has approved the construction of a new metro line. Its role is to connect the Esenyurt district, Bahce sehir district, Mahmud Bey district and Majidiyeköy. The length of the section that connects Mahudbey, Bahce sehir, Ispartakule and Esenyurt within this line is approximately 16.4 km. Spread over 9 stations. Thus, the journey time between Mahmud Bey and Bahce sehir will be reduced to only 18 minutes.

Transportation in Bahce sehir

How did the new metro line affect the real estate market Bahce sehir?
We note that after the approval of the establishment of a new metro line. The demand of residents and local and foreign investors to the Bahce sehir district in Istanbul has increased. Thus, the market activity increased significantly. It is expected that the value of real estate investments in Bahcesehir will increase due to the new metro line.
The real estate investment value will reach its peak after the completion of the new metro line.

real estate market Bahce sehir

What are the most important landmarks of Bahce sehir?

1_ Juliet Park:
This park includes one of the largest artificial lakes not only in Istanbul, but in Turkey as a whole. On its banks there are many restaurants, clubs and cafes. Residents of Turkey and tourists from all over the world visit it to spend the most beautiful times. And take many souvenir photos.

landmarks Bahce sehir

2_ Akbati Complex:
This complex is located in Bahce sehir. It includes the most beautiful and finest international shops. In addition to many cafes and restaurants. It is distinguished by its modern design and excellent services. There are many famous cafes in it, so residents consider it an ideal place for holding meetings..


Here you find many people who sell bread, vegetables and fruits.
Although it is a popular place, it is considered a beautiful center famous for its cleanliness and for containing the basic needs that the residents require.

bahcesehir univ


Does Bahce sehir have good public services?
Bahce sehir has many educational facilities, such as: Schools of all kinds: Arabic, international, local
There is also bahcesehir universite, which is considered one of the best Turkish universities. bahcesehir univ has many local and international students from all over the world.
As for the health sector. Bahce sehir enjoys high quality health services that provide all amenities and safety.
Where it includes a local hospital and another German specialist.
And because the area is characterized by its attractive architecture, the visitor to the area can contemplate the beauty and splendor of the mosques in the area. Which is characterized by its modern architectural style.

bahcesehir universite


Residential complexes in Bahce sehir:
The residential projects and complexes are distinguished in Bahce sehir. It provides everything the family needs. We find great interest in the designs of its buildings.. Because of the great interest in the designs of its buildings. We find that most of the residential buildings are designed in a sophisticated and modern engineering and organizational style. According to the latest European and international designs.


Services available in the residential complexes:
1_ Kindergarten and school in each complex
2_ swimming pools
4_ Places for children to play.
5_ Restaurants and cafes
6_ Security services (guardian _cleanliness).


How do you highlight the importance of Bahce sehir real estate?
What increases the importance of housing in the region’s real estate and its selection among many other areas of Istanbul. It is the presence of several factors, the most important of which are:

1_ Near Bahce sehir to the main public roads.
2_ The presence of transportation that forms the basis for linking it with other regions.
3_ future projects that are supposed to be carried out in the region. Which made Bahce sehir real estate one of the best real estate for housing and investment. Especially after the expected increase in real estate prices in the near period.


Why should you live and invest in Bahce sehir?
Bahce sehir district is of interest to many real estate investors. We note how in recent years it has turned into an important center of attraction for investors wishing to buy real estate in Istanbul. This area is witnessing a rise in real estate prices located near the lake. As a result, observers expect real estate prices to rise to about 50%. This is after the completion of the new metro project.


We can summarize the most important motives that make housing and investment in Bahce sehir an ideal opportunity as follows:
1_ The important and vital location of bahcesehir and its proximity to the important sites in Istanbul.
2_ It has a strong infrastructure.
3_ It provides green spaces and gardens and enjoys a beautiful nature.
4_ Availability of educational services and health facilities.
5_ The presence of luxury residential complexes that provide all amenities and security.
6_ The large spread of shopping and entertainment centers.
7_ It includes many popular markets.
8_ Not inhabited by dignitaries and high-class people.
9_ Availability of different types of real estate that everyone dreams of.
10_ We find many families prefer to live in it because of its beauty and calmness.

Real estate prices in Bahce sehir:
We notice how local and foreign investors are starting to aspire to invest in bahcesehir. As attention was drawn to the real estate of the region with the beginnings of the emergence of projects in it. The reason is due to the profits and good financial returns that real estate investments achieve in them.
Compared to real estate prices in other vital areas of Istanbul, such as (City Center – Bosphorus Bridge).
We find that real estate prices in Bahce sehir are appropriate and reasonable.

The following are some of the investment values of the bahcesehir:
_Average return of real estate capital in bahcesehir: 15 years
_ Annual return on investment from real estate in bahcesehir: 7%
_Average price per meter of bahcesehir real estate: 1500 US dollars.


Bahce sehir is still waiting for many promising and important investment opportunities in the future. This will increase the odds of winning. This area had the distinctive ability to transform from just an area located on the outskirts of Istanbul. To an important vital area that attracted attention to it.

Bahce sehir


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