best Turkish brands that have reached the world

 best Turkish brands that have reached the world:

Turkey has great strategic importance due to being an important bridge linking East and West. Despite that, we find that it struggled for a long period of time after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. To make itself a prominent place and name among the countries. And so, I resorted to fashion. It was her way back to the arena again. While most other countries were distinguished by many aspects. We find that Turkey has excelled in the field of fashion. Although the best turkish brands are at a good price and affordable for everyone. However, it never lacks in quality, durability and exclusivity with the latest modern and modern designs.

Towards the global:

When the twenty-first century began, a new, vibrant wave began. She moved the country’s fashion scene with her from one place to another completely. Where we began to see that most of the talents and distinguished experiences in the field of fashion and fashion began to appear in the open. Existing designers are recognized as true experts in their field. This also included designers and brands that not only appeared on the country’s streets. Rather, a new phase has begun in which they transfer their talents and experiences over the years to other countries. Thus, the best turkish brands launched to the world amazingly!

Government initiatives:

 The government’s turquality initiative the best turkish brands on the Turkish street helped them reach the world stage.

The government implemented this effective initiative in 2004. It is responsible for helping new companies create a sustainable brand. Which later helped significantly to increase export revenues and achieve a great return from abroad.

 Another aspect in which we see the distinction of the best turkish brands is the great influence of the various cultures in the country on designs and fashion. As a result, we see a great reflection of the country’s history and people’s heritage on most of the distinctive pieces.


The best turkish brands on the world stage:



One of the best turkish brands that appeared in Turkey in the late eighties in Istanbul. It has a wide reputation in many countries, such as Germany, which opened its first store in 1996. As for the countries of the Middle East. The brand began selling its first products in the Middle East in 2002. kotton has more than 480 stores. Of which 290 are in Turkey and the rest of the stores are distributed in 25 different countries around the world. What distinguishes this brand’s products are its unique designs. As for their goals, they aspire to have stores on all five continents by 2023.

2_ Sarar:

The beginning of this brand was very simple in 1944. It started with a sewing shop with an area of ​​not more than 12 square meters in the Eskisehir region of Turkey. After that, Sarar broke into the fashion world. Then it opened 3 factories. And her success began to grow gradually. Now this brand (one of the best Turkish brands) employs more than 5000 people and owns 180 stores in 75 cities within Turkey and around the world. Sarar went global. And spread in the European markets bearing the name Sarar Europe. Sarar aspires to be one of the leading brands in the fashion world.


From the famous Nisantasi district of Istanbul. Romani was launched in 1980. Because of the huge increase in sales of this brand. And it began to be recognized as the best turkish brands. Turgut Toplusoy opened his second store in 1984. Due to the increasing demand from wholesalers, the Romani brand launched into a national brand in 1990. After that, it focused on youth fashion through its famous collection, which it launched under the name (Gipsy). At reasonable prices and accessible to everyone. At the present time, Romanian owns approximately 40 stores distributed in various regions of Turkey and various countries of the world.

4_ Machka:

It was established in 2004. It took precedence as the first luxury clothing brand in Turkey. Nobility and elegance with a slight touch of romance are the motto of this brand. She often uses them in her campaigns. The Turkish fashion designer Ece Ayse Ege designs for this company and emphasizes in his designs the elegant appearance in addition to keeping up with everything that is modern and modern. Machka has 6 stores in Turkey. As for abroad, it owns 3 stores operating outside the country. Machka aspires to provide its customers with unique quality designs. Which will gain customer satisfaction.

In addition to wonderful and distinctive fashion that guarantees women a sense of confidence and distinction.

Machka Turkish shops

5_ Damat Tween:

This brand was established in 1995 by ORKA Group. This brand entered the world of men’s fashion with distinctive ideas and different styles. Therefore, it was not long before she gained fame and achieved international success with a well-deserved award in 1997. After that, she opened her own store in Switzerland. Then another 13 stores in different countries of the world by the year 2000. This brand has world famous clients. Where Michael Jackson bought a tuxedo from Damat Tween. And it wasn’t just limited to him. He has also bought Portuguese football director Jose Mourinho from them as well. And Chairman of the Board of Directors Suleyman Orakcioglu Brad Pitt presented an elegant leather jacket.

Damat Tween doesn’t consider their work just about clothes! It’s a complete lifestyle. That is why Damat Tween today is one of the brightest and best turkish brands.

Damat Tween Turkish shops  

6_ MAVI:

Mavi was launched in Istanbul in 1991. Mavi presented itself to the Turkish street as a successful global brand. By 2016, MAVI employed about 3,340 people distributed all over the world. Their goal is to sell high quality products with distinctive designs. And impose themselves as the best turkish brands. She works with leading fashion designers like Adriano Goldschmied. Mavi is the number one brand in Turkey for young people who are interested in fashion and distinctive fashion. What distinguishes this brand is its popularity on social media. Where she gained a strong following on the Internet and the number of her followers reached 3.3 million followers. Part of Mavi’s success as a Turkish and international brand is due to part. To the e-commerce line that it launched in 2013. Mavi owns many stores distributed around the world. Such as the United States of America, Canada and 34 other countries.

mavi Turkish shops

7_ LC Waikiki:

From the best turkish brands. Not only in Turkey, but in the whole world as well!

The flights of this brand took place from Paris in 1988. Led by the French designer Georges Amouyal and his partner. The company continued until the late nineties, displaying its products in more than 500 stores distributed around the world.

The company did not exclude the category of teenagers from its products. So, in 2000 she launched their teen-oriented XSIDE brand. It takes into account their age and sense of fashion. LC Waikiki went global in 2009 when it opened a store in Romania. This brand believes that everyone has the right to wear stylish and affordable clothes. It works to achieve this goal.

best turkish brands


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