Why should you buy Beylikduzu Apartment for sale?

Beylikduzu apartment for sale _Important information you should know?

Beylikduzu apartment for sale has become one of the best Istanbul real estate nowadays.

And a goal that every local or foreign investor aspires to dream of increasing his money and achieving guaranteed profits.

So, where is Beylikduzu located?

Why is Beylikduzu apartment for sale so much attention?

Beylikduzu is located on the European side of Istanbul. It has an area of 11 square km.

As for its limits:

  • East: Avcilar.
  • West: Buyukcekmece Lake.
  • South: the coast of Marmara.
  • North: Esenyurt.

Beylikduzu is one of the largest municipalities of Istanbul in terms of area and population. Although the city is still relatively new.

Beylikduzu has gradually started to transform from a mere summer picnic area. An important place to live and invest.

After the earthquake in 1999, which struck Istanbul. Then the Turks moved to this area.

And after the country built the best residential complexes according to earthquake-resistant standards.

Beylikduzu apartment for sale has become one of the most important and sought-after properties in Istanbul.

After that, the area witnessed a rapid and remarkable urban development.

Beylikduzu neighborhoods:

Beylikduzu includes 10 neighborhoods distributed between areas overlooking the sea and others directly on the metrobus line. Which:

  • Barish neighborhood.
  • Al-Gomhoria neighborhood.
  • Gopinar neighborhood.
  • Marmara neighborhood.
  • Yacoublu neighborhood.
  • Adnan Kahwaji neighborhood.
  • Kafa Ali neighborhood.
  • Diriagci neighborhood.
  • Buyuksehir neighborhood.
  • Al Sahel neighborhood.

All of these neighborhoods are suitable for family housing because of their calm, organized and wide clean streets. Therefore, it provides the most beautiful offers beylikdüzü apartment for sale.

What are the advantages of buying Beylikduzu apartment for sale?

Today, we notice the great interest of residents and investors in the area in Beylikduzu.

As a result, the government is making efforts to establish more

Residential projects overlooking the Marmara Sea. Which offers many offers Beylikduzu istanbul apartments.

So, if you visit the streets and neighborhoods of Beylikduzu, you will be surprised by the large number of cranes and their presence everywhere, and the non-stop construction work to finish projects at record speed.

You will also see the beautiful towers that add great beauty to the panoramic scenery of the area.

As for the many advantages that motivate you to buy an apartment in Belek:


1_ Perfect weather and fresh air:

Beylikduzu enjoys a distinctive climate and a dry weather away from moisture. Because it is 150 meters above sea level.

Most families prefer to live in Beylikduzu because of the clean, pollution-free air.

It is far from the annoying traffic of cars and the noise of the city. Although the distance between it and the city center is not far. Therefore, we find that the residents of the area enjoy the wonderful climate, clean air and green view.

2_ The ideal transportation network:

Although Beylikduzu is a quiet area away from the noise as we talked earlier.

However, it is not far from the vital heart and important centers of the city. Therefore, Beylikdüzü has a transportation network whose parts are connected with the center of Istanbul and with the rest of the other regions. This makes navigation easy!

All you have to do is ride the metrobus and head to any area you want. The bus line extends from the far west of Beylikduzu. And up to the Asian bank to Istanbul.

3_ Distinguished services and many facilities:

 Beylikduzu has an ideal coastline for sports lovers and for early morning exercise. And all the surrounding factors help that… a calm atmosphere and fresh clean air gives you the perfect mental relaxation.

Families that have chosen Beylikduzu apartment for sale in order to live in the area. They can go for a walk with friends and family on the weekends and spend wonderful times within the beautiful nature of Beylikduzu.

Because of Beylikdüzü various facilities, you can go with your family or friends to cinemas, cafes, libraries, resorts, restaurants and many more. All of this can be easily reached in a few minutes on foot.

4_ Commercial centers everywhere to serve you:

In every corner of Beylikdüzü you will find a shopping center or a huge mall and many luxury and high-end shops that meet all your needs.

So, if you love shopping then you are definitely in the right place.

Whether you want to shop in luxury centers such as (Marmara Park) and enjoy an atmosphere of luxury, or you want to go to popular markets such as (Begah Bazaar) and experience the different pleasures of shopping. In both cases, the options in front of you are wider than the ones we mentioned and all meet all your needs.

These unique features are only part of the many advantages that Beylikdüzü has.

Which makes the search for apartment for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul a goal for many people looking for stability or investment.

What makes buying Beylikduzu apartment for sale a smart idea?

Beylikduzu is really a target for many construction companies to establish the best residential complexes that have an unparalleled charming view of the sea. Or a view of the open green spaces.

So, the idea of ​​searching for Beylikduzu apartment for sale is a smart idea for the following reasons:

  • Beylikdüzü is one of the most important and promising investment areas, not only in the European part of Istanbul, but in all of Istanbul.

It is one of the preferred options for families and people of different nationalities.

  • The remarkable development of Beylikdüzü. The government’s great interest in it. Making it one of the most elegant, quietest and safest areas.
  • Schools and universities are the most important goals of families residing in Beylikduzu. As a result, we find that the region includes Beykent University and a large number of famous schools of higher educational level.
  • Beylikduzu includes many important government hospitals and high-end health centers.
  • In Beylikdüzü, the largest fairground in Istanbul (TUYAP), which hosts many international fairs every year, in addition to many important local fairs.
  • Real estate prices in Beylikdüzü are cheaper compared to the rest of Istanbul.


price of Beylikduzu apartment for sale

What about the price of Beylikduzu apartment for sale?

Beylikduzu is a young city that is not yet 20 years old!

Although it has recently witnessed an unparalleled urban development!

However, there are still many lands that have not been used and invested yet.

And this fact may be part of the main reason why there are so many offers cheap apartment for sale in Beylikduzu.

On the other hand, Beylikduzu has two important points that are the reason for the high real estate prices near the E5 highway and near the sea. Where we find that the closer the Beylikduzu apartment for sale is to the highway, the higher the value of the apartment and the higher its price. The same applies to apartments near the sea, which enjoy a stunning view of the sea. But in general, we can say that the price range per square meter in the region is about $750 to $2000.

investing Beylikduzu apartment for sale

What is the importance of investing Beylikduzu apartment for sale?

After Istanbul Municipality presented its statistics regarding the purchase and investment of real estate. We found that Beylikduzu is an advanced mattress for many reasons. The most important ones:

1_ Commercial and investment site:

Most of the neighborhoods of Beylikduzu are located near the metrobus highway. This added the investment character to its properties, especially apartments and houses. As every property located near the artery of Istanbul is a goal for every investor.

2_ Residential complexes:

The high-end residential complexes in Beylikduzu provide an atmosphere of calm, luxury and serenity away from pollution and noise. In addition to the presence of many residential complexes that offer Beylikduzu apartment for sale overlooking the sea and in large areas that you cannot find in the areas located within the center of Istanbul.

Beylikduzu istanbul apartments

3_ The new metro line:

The Turkish government issued a decision to construct a new metro line in Beylikduzu. Which will extend from Sfakoy area to the fairgrounds (Tuyap).

There will be 5 stations in Beylikduzu for this new metro. As for the future of real estate related to the project. It is expected that real estate prices will not remain the same, but will increase and rise. As a result, we find that most investors target Beylikduzu apartment for sale in order to invest in the hope of increasing their profits in the near future.

4_ an important industrial city:

In addition to everything we talked about previously. Beylikduzu is an area of ​​great industrial importance. Where we find the largest port for commercial containers. It has two very large industrial cities. It provides job opportunities for thousands of people within the city.

apartment for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul

5_ Distinctive tourist destination:

Buying Beylikduzu apartment for sale and then investing it through tourist leasing is one of the best areas of interest and profit for investors. The reason is the large number of tourists who come to the area to enjoy its distinctive view of the Marmara Sea and enjoy the atmosphere with family and friends away from the noise of the city.


Beylikduzu is witnessing a continuous urban development that we cannot overlook! As a result, Beylikduzu has become one of the most sought-after areas in Istanbul today, whether for housing or investment. Because of its many features. We present to you through

Aman Real Estate has many offers within Beylikduzu. You can visit our website for all offers and prices.

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