Is buy house in istanbul a smart move?

buy house in istanbul -All you need to know about the city of magic and beauty:

No one can ignore the charm of Istanbul, its ancient history, and its varied and picturesque regions. This city is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world. One of the most popular areas for foreign investors who are trying hard buy property in istanbul, especially ( buy apartment in istanbulbuy house in istanbul ) where they can live or invest and live in an unbelievable historical atmosphere. Where nature and monuments and enjoy the unique apartments for sale in istanbul sea view. And other options and luxury offers and others at reasonable prices. Whereas house prices in istanbul are cheaper than their counterparts in Europe and other North American countries.

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Buy house in istanbul _a step towards your future choice:

 So, if you want to take your bold step towards to buy house in istanbul. And you want to know the offers, prices, various available properties, and other important topics. All you can do now is follow this article with us to help you arrange your ideas and make your future choice regarding buying house in turkey istanbul.


apartment for sale in turkey istanbul – European or Asian side:

If you choose Istanbul to search for (apartment for sale in istanbul houses for sale in istanbul). You should know that distinctive Istanbul is not like other cities, as this city overlooks the most beautiful straits in the world, the Bosphorus Strait, which divides the city into two Asian and European parts. It includes 39 districts on these two sides. And everyone looking for house for sale in turkey istanbul. He stands to choose between these two wonderful sides.

Apartments in istanbul buy 

What does the Asian and European side offer?

Where the offers of both the Asian side and the European side put him in front of many wide options about living on the European side that is full of life and the continuous urban development that encourages researchers who love the hustle and bustle of cities and active life to buy house in istanbul. Or choose offers houses for sale in istanbul asian side. And enjoy the comfort, tranquility, residential and housing in the embrace of the picturesque nature. So, in order for you to decide about buying home in istanbul, the European side or the Asian side. You have to know the details of some areas of each of them separately, and this is what we will present to you next.


The best regions of the European side for buy house in istanbul and for investment:

 The European side – what does it offer you?

This aspect provides you with many tourist historical places that attract investors looking for homes for sale in istanbul turkey. In addition to many of the best and most luxurious apartments luxury apartments in istanbul for sale. It also contains the most beautiful complexes that suit all desires. Where you can find it (studio apartment for sale in istanbulfurnished apartment for sale in istanbul). Suitable for different groups of society, young people or families. You can also search in apartments for sale in istanbul bosphorus view. Within the distinctive European side.

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The European side – an investment aspect that you cannot ignore:

and due to the great diversity in the European side offers and its innumerable features, this side has become one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul that contain property in istanbul to buy. This is what prompted many investors wishing to search for apartments to buy in istanbul turkey to search for European side offers in order to ( luxury homes for sale in istanbul turkey – sea view apartment in istanbul for sale).


Notable regions on the European side give you what you want:

Although every area in the regions of Istanbul, the European side, deserves to be visited and searched for apartment in turkey istanbul for sale. However, there are distinct historical areas in the city center that have the most beautiful views of the sea. You can only search for their offers and make a decision to buy house in istanbul.

The most important of them are:


Here in this region you can see the greatness of history, culture and art combined. Beyoglu is located on the European side and contains a mixture of different civilizations. The famous Istiklal Street is located on it. This magical combination of the point prompts every investor or visitor to search for apartments for sale in Beyoglu istanbul. In addition to providing the most beautiful offers istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view. This is what we find in the offers of the Cihangir area in Beyoglu apartments for sale in Cihangir istanbul. Add to this the finest and most luxurious offers duplex apartment for sale in Istanbul.

in this area.

apartments for sale in istanbul city center

Advantages of searching for house to buy in istanbul_ Beyoglu:

1- Beyoglu is the source of Istanbul’s economic strength and cultural identity.

2- It is located in Taksim, the most vital district in Istanbul.

3- It includes the most famous restaurants and cafes in Istanbul.

4- It has a huge transportation network linking it with the most famous areas of Istanbul.

All these features push you to take a plan towards istanbul buy house in Beyoglu. Although apartment price in istanbul in these areas are somewhat high, they are a magnet for all investors wishing to buy a house in Istanbul.

2- Taksim:

This ancient historical region catches the eye. It is one of the best areas of Istanbul on the European side for local residents and tourists. You can see the wonderful mixture of ancient historical touches with a bit of modernity reflected on the facades of its buildings. It includes the most beautiful offers (apartment for sale in istanbul turkey Taksim – old apartments for sale in Istanbul). Perhaps its archaeological landmarks and markets full of life are the best attractive for investors who want to buy flat in istanbul.

Istiklal Street:

 As for the most beautiful areas in it, we can say that Istiklal Street is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul, and in it you can buy old property in istanbul. It includes the oldest buildings and houses on the street as shows old houses for sale in istanbul.

buy old property in istanbul.

Taksim Square:

Taksim Square is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul. It includes many hotels, restaurants and archaeological sites that attract investors and willing buy house in istanbul. A visitor to this area cannot find Taksim devoid of people, events and activities. This is another motivation for lovers of lively areas to look for offers apartments for sale in istanbul Taksim.

What are the advantages of buy house in istanbul Taksim ?

1- Its advanced infrastructure

2- The presence of many services, schools and universities

3- It includes the most luxurious hotels and the largest services centers

4- There are shopping centers in it. And for that, we can say that the Taksim area. Not just comfortable housing and a luxurious life. Profitable investment attracts investors to buy home in istanbul turkey, in the Taksim area.

istanbul homes for sale

Buy house in istanbul_ European side with a distinctive commercial historical touch:


It is one of the most prestigious commercial areas in Istanbul. and attracts many of the rich and famous who are looking for luxury homes for sale in istanbul or istanbul mansion for sale. Sisli region is also considered one of the most popular investment tourist areas that attract investors to search for offers apartment for sale in Sisli istanbul.


What is life like in Sisli?

We can say that this city is the commercial heart of Istanbul. This is what earned her a lively lifestyle.

Its market includes the most famous international brands. Its neighborhoods bear the character of sophistication and originality. This is what drives local and foreign investors to this region and search for Sisli istanbul apartments for sale. Especially among the offers in Nisantasi district, which is located in Sisli_ Nisantasi apartments for sale. Where this neighborhood is a center for high-end and luxurious shops.

I add to all this the beauty of the picturesque nature in the Sisli area, which includes the famous Maçka Park, which works to attract tourists and those who want to buy house in istanbul to search for Sisli apartment for sale offers.

Sisli istanbul apartments for sale

Although istanbul property prices in this region are high, because it has a distinctive historical commercial character. However, it is still number one for everyone who dreams to buy apartment in turkey istanbul.


Areas on the European side provide _ buy house in istanbul sea view:

If you are a fan of history, art and civilizations, of course you will head to Istanbul and look for apartment in istanbul to buy. But if you have a fine taste, you are only attracted to beauty and distinct areas, what you will want to do is buy a house in istanbul bosphorus.

Where you can enjoy one of the best sea views ever. This is what pushes investors to turn towards offers turkey homes for sale istanbul that are overlooking the sea.

house for sale in istanbul sea view


 But what are the best areas of Istanbul that provide property to buy in istanbul with a view of the sea?


This is a city located on the European side. It directly overlooks the Bosphorus.

and contains many high-end neighborhoods. It provides you with the most beautiful offers (mansions for sale in istanbul – istanbul luxury homes for sale). But its best offers are istanbul sea view apartments for sale. And that is within apartments for sale in Besiktas istanbul. Although istanbul real estate prices are high in this region. However, it is still attracting many investors wishing to buy property in istanbul turkey. This is because it is considered one of the city centers in addition to being well-serviced by transportation and means of transportation.

apartments for sale in Besiktas istanbul

Also, Besiktas is one of the marine axes on the Bosphorus, from which boats depart to different neighborhoods on the shores of the Asian side.

All these wonderful features prompt everyone who wants istanbul house buy to search in Besiktas istanbul apartments for sale.



This area, which borders Besiktas, has the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul. It is one of the most prestigious and luxurious areas of Istanbul. and contains many monuments and historical monuments that date back to the era of (Ibrahim Pasha). It provides the most beautiful offers for those wishing to buy and invest (villa for sale in Bebek istanbul – houses for sale in Bebek istanbul turkey), and the advantage of all these offers is its stunning views of the sea directly. This is what Bebek istanbul apartments for sale provides.

houses for sale in Bebek istanbul turkey

Bebek Istanbul – picturesque nature and unforgettable moments:

 Also, you should know that if you choose offers apartments for sale in Bebek istanbul turkey. To search for it and made a decision buying house in Bebek istanbul. You are on a date to enjoy the picturesque nature, the clear blue waters, and spend unforgettable fun times on one of the most popular beaches in Istanbul. Even if you sit from morning to evening, you will not feel the time because of the beauty and charm of the place. This is really a sufficient reason for you to think buying apartment in Bebek istanbul.

Although average house price in istanbul in Bebek are from the highest. However, it is still a place that contains families and the wealthy and attracts investors from all over the world who want to buy house in istanbul and especially buy luxury house in istanbul. To search offers Bebek apartments for sale.

buy luxury house in istanbul

The Asian side _ Attractive urban development and competitive prices:

 Most of those who want to buy house in istanbul prefer to head towards the Asian side because of the tranquility, picturesque nature and special offers it provides turkey apartments for sale istanbul. Where we find distinguished residential complexes with the best services and reasonable prices. Whereas property prices in istanbul turkey on the Asian side compete with its European counterpart.

Here, those who wish to buy property in istanbul with excellent quality and the best services can find in istanbul sale apartment on the Asian side what they are looking for.


Districts of Istanbul, the Asian side:

The areas of this aspect are numerous, and each one has different characteristics and characteristics. And what we will mention is one of the best of these areas:


Kadikoy is a large and densely populated region located on the northern coast of the Marmara Sea. This city is the closest connection to the European side.

The visitor can see in its street’s tremendous energy and in its vibrant markets distinctive. This is what prompts everyone who wants to search for offers istanbul sale house for buying a home in istanbul to rush to search for offers apartment for sale in Kadikoy istanbul. And the various offers it provides (new apartments for sale in istanbul apartments for sale with sea view).

And other offers that attract those wishing to search for apartment istanbul buy. To visit this city and enjoy its famous markets and monuments (Haydarpaşa Station). All this prompts you to seriously consider Kadikoy apartment for sale offers.

apartment for sale in Kadikoy istanbul

Is it difficult to get offers cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey?

 Istanbul is a large city, home to nearly 15 million people. In addition to a large number of tourists visit it every year. And foreign investors who want to buy house in istanbul. With the aim of profitable investment. That is why Istanbul had to provide a sufficient number of offers that suit the budget and desires of everyone who wants to buy house in istanbul. Today, you cannot visit its streets and neighborhoods unless you see a project that has been established recently or a project that is still under construction.

Asian side _ takes into account your budget:

This is what we see on the Asian side. As is common, the Asian side offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul asian side. It meets the aspirations of those looking for cheap house for sale in istanbul.

This aspect, with all its picturesque nature, distinctive tranquility, and residential complexes that suit all tastes, have been able to break the budget fear barrier for everyone who wants istanbul apartment buy. We note that despite the quality of construction and the availability of many services until average apartment price in istanbul in this aspect is low and takes into account all the requirements. Where this part and what it provides cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey are among its offers apartments for sale in istanbul asian side.

It is one of the most suitable options for investment as it witnesses a development in its real estate market. And for housing, stability and enjoyment of the calm atmosphere.

But the most important question remains:

Can I find a cheap apartment for sale in istanbul _ the European side?

The European side is no less than its Asian counterpart in terms of the multiplicity of offers and prices, as those who wish istanbul buy apartment can move away from city centers and tourist commercial places and head towards the suburbs. These are some of the areas of the European side that are considered from its suburbs and are available in apartment for sale in istanbul cheap:



This area, which is located on the outskirts of Istanbul. is a great attraction for investors who are looking for istanbul cheap apartments for sale. After it was transformed from a rural area to a region full of life, activities and various services.

the offers Beylikduzu apartment for sale became. It is the best, because house prices in turkey istanbul in this region are after the most suitable for investment or to search for housing and stability, where the prices of apartments for sale in istanbul in Turkish lira in Beylikduzu range between 180.950 / 301.600 Turkish liras for an area of ​​100 m.

. In addition to the offers apartments for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul usually include many services and various activities that attract everyone who wants to buy house in istanbul. Go to Beylikduzu and search for Beylikduzu apartment for sale offers.

Beylikduzu apartment for sale


Esenyurt is a suburban area par excellence. It is one of the places witnessing developments at all levels in Istanbul. Which adds value to it and makes it an important real estate investment site. It attracts everyone who wants buy cheap apartments in istanbul for investment or even for housing. To search for offers apartment for sale in Esenyurt istanbul. Which includes various special offers at reasonable prices ( 2 bedroom apartment in istanbul for sale – 3 bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul.

Whereas, the prices of home price in istanbul in the Esenyurt area are considered low compared to the rest of the European regions of Istanbul. As for the diversity in its offerings, it is due to attracting young people who want to live in it because of its proximity to Istanbul University. In addition, its residential complexes attract many families.

apartment for sale in Esenyurt istanbul.

home prices in istanbul turkey – Another reason to buy house in istanbul:

If you want to search for property for sale in istanbul by owners.

 or want to buy house in istanbul through a real estate agent or other methods. Of course, the price issue will occupy all your thinking.

And your most important question will be is it really apartment prices in istanbul turkey. Suitable for housing and investment.

But we can tell you that the average house price istanbul is among the lowest in the world to buy house in istanbul, but these prices are likely to increase with the passage of time and this is due to the high demand for them by foreigners.

average house price istanbul

An overview apartment in istanbul prices:

Generally, price of house in istanbul start from 50 thousand US dollars.

and istanbul home price may reach in promising areas such as Beylikduzu to 100 thousand US dollars, while house prices in istanbul turkey rise in the center of Istanbul as in the Sisli area Or as in the offers apartments for sale in bahcesehir istanbul.


Your budget determines the best ways to buy house in istanbul :

 But of course. We can say that the more your budget increases.

the greater the chance that you will find your ideal apartment and the best places in Istanbul. Thus, you got the opportunity to live in the best city of the world if you wanted to live with your family.

Or you have got your chance in the guaranteed profit and large financial returns in case your decision is to invest. In both cases, buying a house in Istanbul will be your smart future step.

apartments for sale in bahcesehir istanbul.


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