Buy House In Turkey

Buy house in turkey_ First, what do you know about Turkey?

Buy house in turkey is an important step and a dream for many people. Especially because of the advantages that Turkey possesses.

  • It is an ancient country and has a history that extends through time.
  • The Turks are the founders of the Ottoman Empire. The most influential person at the time.
  • Turkey also enjoys a strategic location between the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia. Its nature is dominated by the seas that surround it on three sides.
  • Turkey has beautiful, temperate and warm weather in summer. It tends to get cold in the winter.
  • Turkey is a destination for international tourism. We find this is reflected in the number of tourists that come to it every year.

All these wonderful features and characteristics that Turkey enjoys made it a destination for those wishing to buy house in turkey and from all over the world. With different cultures and religions. And it made buy house in turkey the most suitable option for housing or investment.

Buy house in turkey for investment – what are the advantages?

1_Turkey is an attractive country for real estate investments. The reason is that it is home to nearly 18 million people.

2_ Turkey has a strong economy that continues to develop and grow constantly. This is what prompts investors to do buy house in turkey to invest.

3_Turkey is one of the most countries in the world, which enjoys diverse and beautiful landscapes. This is evident in its vast green forests extending on the outskirts of the city at times and intertwined with it at other times. In addition to the distinctive tourist attractions and archaeological sites. The seascape enchants with its beauty and splendor as well. All this makes the option to buy house in turkey an ideal opportunity to invest and achieve great financial returns.

4_ The percentage of real estate investment in Turkey has also increased recently. Because of the development of the infrastructure in the country.

 5_ The recent amendment to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property in Turkey contributed. Attracting investors from all over the world.


What are the factors that determine the price when you buy house in turkey?

We all know that the issue of price is one of the most important issues of concern to people who want to own real estate in Turkey.

So, what are the factors that you should know and help you determine the right home price for you?

1_ The importance of the city:

House prices in Turkey vary according to the city in which the house is located. And according to the industrial, tourist and commercial characteristics of the city.

In addition, the city’s proximity to the sea also greatly affects the price factor.

We find that Istanbul, for example, house prices in Istanbul are the most expensive because it is the most famous and beautiful in addition to the services it enjoys. In second place is the beautiful coastal city of Antalya.

2_ home location:

The location of the house within one city plays a role in determining the price of the house.

We find that the view of the house on the sea or on ancient monuments and important sites leads to an increase in the price of the house. And the proximity of the house to public services and the city center has a role in the rise and fall in the price of the house as well.

3_ The characteristics of the house:

When doing buy house in turkey, we find that the specifications of the house itself. Significantly affect its price. Here we mean the specifications:

The area of ​​the house, the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms, the number of balconies in the house, in addition to knowing the date of construction of the house. Is it ready to move in or not?

The presence of clothing and many others and so on.

Buy house in turkey _ Where do you have to start?

Turkey is a large country with a long history and diversity in various fields.

Each region in Turkey is a painting that differs from the other region. And it has its own features and characteristics.

  • During your search, you may find the most suitable Turkish region for you. On the tourist areas and start thinking, what if you decide to do buy house in turkey and spend the holidays within this pleasant tourist atmosphere?
  • You may find other places bearing a commercial and investment nature. It attracts investors and encourages them to invest in it.
  • During your search, you may come across the most suitable place for you and your family to think seriously about settling in Turkey and enjoying all the services available.
  • Of course, you will find beautiful and wonderful places, but they may not suit your dreams, aspirations, and aspirations. Or its properties simply do not match your budget!

So how do you find the right place to buy house in turkey?

Istanbul, Trabzon and other cities:

Because Turkey enjoys a strategic location linking it between Europe and Asia. As a result, we find many golden offers for those who want to buy house in turkey and within various cities.

These cities compete with each other for their beauty and quality of services. To occupy the top of the list of real estate in Turkey.

It is a city overlooking the sea and the Bosphorus. Through the historical and tourist cities. And ending with those that are characterized by calm, order and natural beauty.

During this paragraph, we show you some of the most beautiful Turkish cities that you may find your desire in:

beautiful Turkish cities

1_ Istanbul:

Istanbul has always been the most famous and beautiful city in Turkey. To the extent that some people think that Istanbul is the capital, not Ankara!

Therefore, it includes various types of real estate that meet all needs.

Because it is a city located on two continents and has 39 districts, each district has different features and services. The options for buy house in turkey Istanbul are endless.

  • We find homes that enjoy a central location in the heart of the city. Like Taksim and Sisli houses.
  • And some other houses have a wonderful view of the sea and the Bosphorus. This look is undoubtedly the most luxurious! We find it in the homes of Bebek and Besiktas.
  • And other houses enjoy wonderful views of the picturesque nature, forests and green spaces.
  • As for the quieter and more organized areas, we find them on the outskirts of Istanbul. And often the real estate is the cheapest. Like Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt.

buy house in turkey Istanbul


We can say that Antalya is a tourist country. And everyone who dreams of buying a house in Turkey for the holidays heads towards Antalya without hesitation.

The city includes blue beaches, historical places, rivers, lakes, hotels and all services.

Tourists come to the city throughout the year because of the beautiful weather that it enjoys. People in the United States, Qatar and France also prefer this area in particular.

And the houses of Alanya, which are located in Antalya, are among the best houses in the region because of their beauty that is not compared to any other beauty.

buy house in turkey Antalya


The capital, centered in the center of the country. What distinguishes it is the presence of many government institutions, universities and embassies. It is inhabited by university students and officers in particular. People go to Ankara to live or invest because it has a distinguished social life and many services and job opportunities.

buy house in turkey Ankara

4_ Izmir:

After Istanbul and Ankara, Izmir is the third most populous city. It is located in the west of the country.

Izmir has many natural, historical and archaeological wonders that Turks and foreigners cannot see anywhere else. This helped revitalize the real estate market in Izmir and encouraged investors to invest in homes in Izmir, Turkey.

buy house in turkey Izmir


Trabzon is an ancient and historical city located in Anatolia. It dates back to 4000 years ago.

It is visited by local and foreign tourists because of its monuments and picturesque nature.

As for the Turkish cuisine in Trabzon, it has a special flavor. As a result of this, we find that most of those who want to taste the most delicious Turkish cuisine go to Trabzon Kitchen.

This distinction is what made the real estate market important and made buy house in turkey a great opportunity for housing and investment.

buy house in turkey Trabzon

6_ Bursa:

Your choice of Bursa in order to buy in. It is your gateway to the world of authenticity and history.

Bursa is an industrial and historical city par excellence. It is well organized and has many celebrated means of transport. In addition to many services. We will not forget, of course, the natural beauty of the city and its rivers, lakes and natural parks. All this puts the list of Bursa real estate, especially homes, at the top of the list of Turkish real estate.

buy house in turkey Bursa

7_ Fethiye:

buy house in turkey Fethiye. It would be perfect for you if you decide to stay near the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Fethiye is a tourist city par excellence. Fethiye is famous for its beautiful beaches and beautiful nature.

Therefore, it is ideal for investment and attracts many investors from around the world.

buy house in turkey Fethiye

8_ Bodrum:

Although Bodrum is a small city. However, it attracts many tourists from all over the world. Because of its beautiful coastline and pleasant climate that extends all year round. This beautiful holiday town is famous for its European style. It has a famous port.

As for its properties, it is suitable for those who wish to spend the most beautiful holidays with the family and enjoy the pleasant climate and charming nature.

buy house in turkey Bodrum

After reviewing some of the Turkish regions, did this help you make your decision, or did it increase your confusion?

Well… It’s okay. Real estate companies in Turkey help you to reach your goal:

Real estate companies play an important and helpful role while buying real estate in Turkey. Especially since some people may face a problem in determining the most suitable area for them to buy house in turkey because of the wide variety of options. Or they may find the buying and selling process itself a bit difficult and confusing.

real estate in Turkey


In order to do it the easy way, it would be best to deal with a trusted real estate company to help display all offers, prices and areas. In addition to facilitating the buying and selling process and real estate investment. Also, be sure not to deal with fake real estate companies.

 So, if you decide to search within the Turkish cities in order to choose the most suitable property for you. Make sure to deal with the right real estate company so as not to fall victim to fraud. And to reach your goal the safe way.

Is it possible to buy house in turkey cheap?

Yes, you can, thanks to the large real estate market that Turkey owns and is distinguished from other countries. Through which it tries to provide all offers and prices to all segments of society.

Therefore, we find that Turkey houses are a suitable option for those who wish to invest or live, but have a limited budget.

As a result, those looking for buy house in turkey cheap find in front of them a variety of options with different offers and prices.

Whether it was in the most famous cities such as Istanbul. Or in tourist cities such as Trabzon. Or even in areas that witness great real estate activity, such as Bursa and Antalya.

But… Where are the cheapest home offers in Turkey?

When looking for a cheap property or house in Turkey for purchase. The factors and data that the house enjoys that control the price. It gives a criterion indicating the increase or decrease in the price of the house.

But in general, we find that the cheapest real estate in Turkey is often located in the interior regions. Such as Konya, Silivri, Izmir and Eden.

Or the states located in the south of the country, such as Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa.

Some neighborhoods of Istanbul are characterized by the availability of many offers of cheap homes for sale, such as areas that are on the outskirts and far from the city center, such as Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü and Arnavutkoy.

Finally, Turkey, as we have noted, is a large and beautiful country, and its beauty is reflected in its homes, which this article will not suffice to talk about. But we have tried to cover the most important aspects that enable you to enter this wide world and break the barrier of the first step in order to buy a house in Turkey and as commensurate with your dreams and ambitions.

Aman Real Estate helps you to enter the real estate world of Turkey by displaying all offers and prices, facilitating buying and selling processes, in addition to providing advice to customers.

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