Buy Property In Istanbul

Buy property in Istanbul:

Why should you buy a property in Istanbul:

Have you ever wondered what are the most important real estate active cities in Turkey?

If you aspire to buy a property in Turkey, this question is one of the most important questions that may come to your mind.

Well the answer, quite simply, is Istanbul.

The reason is due to the rapid growth of projects enjoyed by this active city. Which makes the idea of buy property in Istanbul a dream for anyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey. Either for the purpose of investment, or for holidays, or even for housing or permanent settlement.

In addition to the investment environment that the city enjoys. Which makes the search for property for sale in istanbul a great idea for every investor who dreams of expanding his business and increasing his profits.

In our article, we have collected all the information you need to help you take a step forward towards buy property in Istanbul turkey.

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The most important points that you should pay attention to during buy property in Istanbul:

1 – What are your motives for buying property for sale in turkey Istanbul? 

Will the property be for permanent or temporary housing?

Are you going to buy a property in Turkey for sale in Istanbul in order to rent it or resell it?

And how to make the best use of buying real estate for sale in Istanbul?

These questions will, in turn, direct you to your ideal property through your search for an apartment for sale in Istanbul or commercial property for sale in Istanbul?

This will help you locate the property in addition to determining Istanbul property prices.

It makes identifying the features of the property easy.

Because some neighborhoods within Istanbul are not suitable for the family atmosphere for those looking for houses for sale in Istanbul in order to settle due to the hustle and bustle. We also find that some neighborhoods may not provide a suitable commercial environment for those looking for an opportunity to buy commercial property in Istanbul.

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2 – How should you make your choices:

The process of searching for property in istanbul to buy is the ideal way to determine your choices…but it is not an easy process as many thinks. Rather, it is a complex process that requires you to take several steps. And you have to keep in mind that it may need to search personally for istanbul real estate for sale.

And the use of an expert and reliable real estate agency, especially after advertisements spread offering a fictional description of the property with excellent services and charming views for a price that may seem lower than other istanbul real estate prices.

Pictures may be completely different from reality. As a result, viewing offers in person. In addition to consulting a real estate agent, it is an important and helpful factor in determining your goal and building your final decision to buy real estate in istanbul.

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Buy property in istanbul. _ The most important real estate available in Istanbul:

1 – Apartment for sale in turkey istanbul:

One of the most important and diverse real estate that Istanbul provides, and when we talk buy apartment in istanbul, we are in front of a variety of endless housing options.

Where there are now more than 300 housing projects in Istanbul. It offers many offers house for sale in turkey istanbul and throughout the entire city. Later, we will talk about the best areas of Istanbul that provide homes for sale in istanbul.

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How are residential projects in Istanbul different?

Most residential projects differ in several respects and according to the location in which they are located. In addition to the services and means of transportation located near the project.

Also, the location in which the project is located is a key factor in determining apartment price in istanbul.

It is possible to do buy house in istanbul which is a 3 bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul in the city center.

At a price equivalent to the price of four apartments of the same area, but in the western part of the city. And 30 km from the center.

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What about the payment mechanism when buy property in istanbul?

Since the number of projects is large in Istanbul, especially residential. So, when you buy flat in istanbul within a project under construction. The payment mechanism will be convenient.

If this option is available, the installments may be over four or five years after paying your first payment.

Which often amounts to 35% of the property value. This method provides you with many offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul due to the payment methods it provides. As for buying an flat for sale in istanbul within the ready projects. The payment plan is less flexible because the project is completely finished.

In this option, house prices in istanbul is higher than the first option.

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2 – Villa for sale in istanbul:

If you want to buy villa in istanbul, the real estate market offers you several types, the most important of which are:

  • Villas designed in the Ottoman style. They are old historical villas that carry the meanings of originality and antiquity. It offers the most beautiful types of luxury villas in istanbul for sale.
  • Villas that are in modern and high-end residential complexes. These villas are often found in residential complexes on the outskirts of Istanbul. Where it provides offers villas for sale in turkey istanbul. With all the special services.
  • The third type is represented in villa for sale in istanbul sea view. And it is desired by everyone who wants to buy property in istanbul luxury. Where these villas are characterized by luxury and that villa price in istanbul in this type are the highest because of their distinctive view of the Bosphorus Strait.
  • Finally, we have cheap villa for sale in istanbul. This type of villa has witnessed a strong demand from investors. Where a cheap villa in Istanbul is bought and then resold at a higher price or rented out.


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3_ land for sale in istanbul:

We find that investing in land for sale istanbul is a guaranteed profit. There are many options available:

  • land for sale in turkey istanbul agricultural:

These are lands that are used for agricultural purposes. Be it gardens or something else.

  • land for sale in turkey istanbul residential:

Where you can buy land in istanbul and use it to build residential buildings.

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Buy property in istanbul – Where should you look?

When we talk about buy property in istanbul here… we mean buy house in turkey istanbul in particular. This is because the search for homes for sale in istanbul turkey provides you with many features that you can only find in the apartments of this distinctive city.

But if you decide to buy home in istanbul, where should you start your search?

Of course, in the beginning, you have to determine what nature flat for sale in turkey istanbul you are looking for. Is it your goal luxury apartments in istanbul for sale or cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey?

 Is appearance important to you? And you want to go towards the sea and its offers apartments for sale in istanbul sea view Here the site plays a very important role. Then you determine your budget and then start your search journey in the different regions of Istanbul.

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Some areas of Istanbul that provide condos for sale in istanbul:

Apartments for sale in istanbul city center:

1_ Taksim:

We start our stage from Taksim because it is the beating heart of Istanbul, the European side. It is intended for anyone looking for a property for sale in istanbul city center. Where we find that the search for offers apartments for sale in istanbul Taksim and buy property in istanbul Taksim. An important and irreplaceable opportunity for all investors and tourists. Especially those who are looking for originality and tradition, we find them resort to search for apartment for sale in istanbul turkey Taksim. Taksim is one of the most important historical and archaeological areas in Istanbul. Therefore, one of the most important real estate offers it provides is old apartments for sale in istanbul.

  • Taksim Historic District:

 Where most of the buildings in it date back to the Ottoman era. As a result, we find that Taksim apartment for sale in istanbul are the highest. Due to the importance of its location and its prominent position among other areas of Istanbul. However, buy apartment in turkey istanbul is still a dream for many people and for local and foreign investors.

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2_ Sisli:

. Sisli is located in the center of Istanbul and near Taksim is 2 km away. It is surrounded by the most important and famous areas. Such as: Besiktas, Fatih and Sariyer.

Therefore, apartments for sale in istanbul Sisli are at the top of the list of Istanbul real estate. Since buying property in istanbul Sisli is witnessing a great demand from investors from all over the world. Especially as it is an upscale area inhabited by the rich and famous. Therefore, it is one of the most luxurious areas of Istanbul that provides turkey apartments for sale istanbul luxury. As for home price in istanbul Sisli. We can say that average house price in istanbul in this region is the highest. Because the area has countless advantages.

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2_ Apartments for sale in istanbul bosphorus view:

  • Besiktas:

The offers Besiktas istanbul apartments for sale are among the best offers house for sale in istanbul sea view. Because of its charming view of the Bosphorus. Besiktas is also an important destination for tourists from everywhere. Either for tourism or for istanbul buy apartment within Besiktas for residence. Also, the offers sea view apartment in istanbul for sale in Besiktas attract Every investor aspires to buy property in istanbul overlooking the sea. In order to rent it or in order to resell it and make a guaranteed profit.

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3_Cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey:

Because of the tendency of most foreigners to settle and invest in Istanbul. The percentage of demand for cheap property for sale in istanbul turkey has increased. Especially offers apartment for sale in istanbul cheap.

Because it meets the desire of investors and people with limited income.

So, we show you the most prominent areas of Istanbul that provide cheap property in istanbul for sale:

istanbul cheap apartments for sale

1_ Esenyurt:

One of Istanbul’s most attractive European areas because it offers the best offers cheap flats for sale in istanbul. It is also an ideal destination for foreign students studying in Istanbul universities and who wish to search for studio apartment for sale in istanbul because of its reasonable prices.

2_ Kartal:

If you are looking for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul asian side. Kartal is your ideal destination. Where you can buy home in istanbul turkey Kartal at the cheapest prices compared to the rest of Istanbul. The reason is the distance of Kartal from the city center.

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In any case buy cheap apartments in istanbul or any other type of apartments in Istanbul from the ones we mentioned. It is a real opportunity for investment or stability. Especially since Istanbul is at the forefront of the preferred cities for housing and investment in Turkey. Real estate companies who want to buy property in istanbul help to identify the best areas and prices.

Therefore, we work in Aman Real Estate to provide all kinds of assistance to ensure that the customer gets his dream property. You can also visit our website to know more details about the most important offers and prices.

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