Buying property in Turkey

Buying property in Turkey is it a proper investment?

Buying property in Turkey is an excellent opportunity for investment for a lot of reasons.

The decision to buy a property in Turkey is a hard one, especially when there are a lot of choices.

So which is the best property investment in Turkey.

Contacting a real estate agent in Istanbul, Turkey, to help you make the right investment is the right first step to take.

Is buying property in Turkey is an opportunity for a good investment?

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Foreigners have been buying properties in Istanbul, Turkey, for many years now. Real estate investments in Istanbul Turkey have proven to be profitable. So, is buying a property in Turkey is an opportunity for a good investment?

In a short answer to this question:

We can say yes, buying a property in Istanbul, Turkey, is an opportunity for a good investment.

We can consider it as the best property investment in Turkey.

Buying property in Turkey is an excellent opportunity for an investment because:

First Property Tax in Turkey:

Tax In Turkey

The most encouraging tax exemptions were the tax of the added value.

The Turkish government is always issuing new property tax now and then to announce constant tax cuts and facilitation.

These kinds of laws encourage investors to come and buy investment properties without worrying about paying loads of money to Taxes, so we can say that buying property in Turkey will cost the investors less than buying a property in Europe, due to the tax that the investors will pay when they are buying property in Turkey.


Second the Urban Revolution in Istanbul Turkey:

Investment property sea view

Istanbul has been one of the world’s most thronged cities, with a huge population which is around 18 million Turkish people and more than 7 million foreigners living in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey becoming the second home for foreigners.

That drive the urban market increased the demand for real estate in general and especially in Istanbul city.

Turkish Construction companies are expanding their residential and commercial assets in the city with government assistance to build cities in the town of Istanbul.

Also under Turkish government guarantee projects have been expanded, in a simple words buying property in Turkey as a foreigner under Turkish government, guarantee will make it in the safe side investment.

House prices in turkey are reasonable, affordable, and you can choose from various choices, which may start from 50.000 to 60.000 $ less or more.


Third Reason Guaranteed Investment Returns:

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Buying property in Turkey can generate a yearly renting income that reaches up to 6-8% of the total estate price.

The revenue is generated in Istanbul, Turkey, due to the high demand for rental properties.

Choosing the right type of property that generates a stable income.

Is better if the investor takes advice from an Istanbul real estate agent. 

We can say that buying a property in Turkey will give you a stable rental income and you can choose whether you buy an apartment in Istanbul with a rental guarantee or you can buy an apartment in Istanbul and rent it.


Forth Buying Property And Residency In Istanbul Turkey:

When the investor becomes a property owner in Istanbul, Turkey, He is entitled to a residency permit, which enables them to enter Turkey without a visa.


Fifth – Buying property in Turkey and Gain Turkish citizenship:

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By purchasing a property or more than one property for an amount investment of 250k U.S. dollars,

The investor and his family will have the right to gain and have Turkish citizenship.

The Turkish citizenship is strong citizenship with many benefits.

So if you seek for investment opportunity then buying a property in Istanbul have a new advantages which is Gaining a Turkish citizenship so by holding the property for three, four or five years there will be a high ROI (return on investment) and stable rental income and Turkish citizenship.


Sixth Full ownership:

Once the investor has bought his property in Turkey, he has the right of full ownership, which means he can rent it out or pass it on to his heirs. 

Turkey is one of the top 10 destinations worldwide for real estate investment.

Also, Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in 2019, more than New York Most.

Investors choose it over Europe, because of the cheap properties in Turkey.

when we compare it to the European real estate market.

Aman Real estate agency in Istanbul Turkey will make it easier for foreign investors to come and choose the right real estate investment.

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As we mentioned before, in previous articles that buying a property in Turkey has a lot of choices,

depends on what you are looking for.

Various prices depending on the project location, so if you choose apartments for sale in the Istanbul sea view, that may cost you different from the decision to buy property in Istanbul with a city view.

Finally, we can say that is Buying an apartment in Istanbul have a lot of investment advantages (great price, under government guarantee, stable rental income and Turkish citizenship)

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