Why Should You Search For Cheap Apartments For Sale In Istanbul?

Why should you search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul?

Recently, apartments and real estate in Istanbul have become one of the most famous and successful investment projects in Turkey. This is due to the low prices of real estate and apartments in this city. And providing the opportunity for investors and those wishing to buy apartments for housing and stability by searching for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul turkey. In addition to the absence of restrictions or problems that hinder the buying and selling process, especially for foreigners. We can also add an important reason, which is the spread of many modern residential complexes, the best areas, and the best services, which are provided to investors through them cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. Whether it is on the European side of Istanbul, which is vibrant and interesting, or on the Asian side, which is preferred for housing and stability.

cheap apartments for sale in esenyurt istanbul

Who is looking for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul?

cheap apartments for sale in istanbul are the focus of attention of many segments of society. Especially those people who want to settle with their families in the city and Istanbul. But they have a low budget. That is why they resort to searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul cheap offers.

We also find students who want to receive education from Istanbul universities. They prefer to search in offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul. In addition to local and foreign investors who want buy cheap apartments in istanbul. In order to rent these apartments or in order to sell them after a period of time when their price has increased in the real estate market.


Where can we find cheap apartments for sale in istanbul?

Among the areas of Istanbul that are increasingly searched for (cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul) are: Beylikduzu and Esenyurt, which are considered among the modern areas distinguished by their calm and modern character. In addition to the availability of transportation, transportation and many services. And many other details that we will mention in our article on talking about these two areas in detail.

cheap apartments for sale in istanbul

Search advantages for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul:

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. The cultural diversity in it, which gives the city an exceptional character. As the extension of Istanbul between two continents led to a mixing of eastern and western cultures. Which made Istanbul a distinctive city that attracts investors and those looking for istanbul apartments for sale cheap.


cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey _Diverse offers that attract attention:

Every day, many people search for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul. On internet search engines. During their search, they find many diverse offers and real estate projects that include within its modern residential complexes scattered around Istanbul offers cheap flats in istanbul for sale.

It is worth noting that Istanbul is a city characterized by a variety of projects, offers and interest in providing offers that fit the budget and requirements of everyone wishing to buy real estate in Istanbul.

Cheap Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

Therefore, we find that when investors want to search for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul. They usually resort to those popular areas and to the areas that are located on the outskirts of Istanbul, and they provide many distinctive offers at competitive prices. This is actually a smart move and a guaranteed chance to win. Especially since these areas are the real estate investment destination in Istanbul.


Residential complexes providing cheap apartments for sale in istanbul:


Istanbul has many residential complexes that provide istanbul cheap apartments for sale, and in the most famous areas of Istanbul: Esenyurt – Beylikduzu – Basaksehir – Kadikoy.

Even as far as other cities are concerned, we notice that they are growing rapidly. Where the Turkish government is making every effort to provide these cities with everything necessary to complete their various real estate projects and provide the opportunity to provide researchers and investors with a wide range of offers that fit their budget: (cheap apartments for sale in istanbulcheap villa for sale in istanbul – cheap homes for sale in Istanbul).

Cheap Apartments For Sale In Istanbul

Is it possible to invest cheap apartments for sale in istanbul?

In terms of investing cheap apartments for sale in istanbul you can generally find many cheap properties in Istanbul that you can invest. There are many options of cheap homes and apartments available to both local and foreign investors. For example, you can buy cheap apartments in Istanbul within the completed or under-construction projects.

 Most of the investors prefer to invest in real estate that are in the first or middle levels of construction, because it provides them with profit in the future. Also, the prices of these unfinished apartments are cheaper than ready and completed ones. The reason for this is that construction companies start selling at the basic price in projects. Then, with the progress of construction and the start of the number of housing in the project to decrease, prices start to rise.

Purchase from a completed project:

However, there are also advantages to buying cheap apartments for sale in istanbul from a completed project. The most important of them are:

1_ You will not have to wait for the project to complete until you receive your apartment.

2_ You do not have to visit the project many times to see it in its final form.

3_If you want, after a few years, to sell the property that you bought. The market value is added to the price you bought and your profit increases.

cheap flats for sale in istanbul _ European or Asian side?

Often everyone looking for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul asks this question:

Where should I search and what are the best areas of Istanbul that provide affordable offers and good services?

In fact, Istanbul in general, on its Asian and European sides, offers a wide range of offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul and good living conditions. In addition, it provides the best conditions for life and housing, with its distinctive architecture, ancient history and distinctive beaches.

However, there are still areas that attract attention and are the best to search for low-priced apartments in Istanbul.

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Istanbul, Asia – a residential side with distinction that offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul:

If you want to live in Istanbul, in the most calm and stable area, away from the noise of cities. Or looking for a profitable and secured investment. So, Istanbul in Asia is your ideal choice to start your search for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul.


 The best Asian areas of Istanbul that offer cheap apartments for sale in istanbul asian side:



If you intend to reside or invest in Istanbul, Asia. Or you decide to move to a new place within Istanbul, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the area that you decided to choose. Kadikoy is a lively area, with its markets, monuments, stunning landscapes and wonderful sea views. It provides you with cheap apartments for sale in istanbul asian side. Make it one of the most important Asian regions, attractive to those looking for stability or investment.

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Advantages of living and investing in Kadikoy:

1_ Its distinctive geographical location with the availability of many means of transportation.

2_ The wonderful Kadikoy port, which is considered a center for transportation in the city between the Asian and European sides across the Bosphorus.

3_ The Kadikoy region makes it one of the most habitable areas in Asia.

4_ The development of infrastructure and the increase in the number of mega and development projects and modern projects that provide many apartments at reasonable prices.


All this made this area the first choice for those wishing to live in safety. And for investors looking for important opportunities to invest in Istanbul.


The most important places to discover in Kadikoy:
Baghdad Street:

Which is one of the most famous streets of Istanbul and a shopping center in Kadikoy. On this street there is a variety of restaurants, cafes and various shops.


The most important ancient historical monuments in Kadikoy:
Station (Haydarpaşa):

It is the station where the first trip to Baghdad was launched in 1908 AD. And that after laying the foundation stone for this station by Abdul Hamid II. Then this station constituted the first start of the railway that would connect Istanbul and Baghdad.


The most beautiful streets in Kadikoy:
Umbrella Street:

One of the most beautiful streets in Kadikoy. The reason for its name is that the shopkeepers decided to hang a large number of beautiful, colorful umbrellas on the ceilings. To reduce the sun’s rays for tourists and visitors.

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Kadikoy profitable investment and safe housing:

 All these advantages that Kadikoy offers you, prompt you to search for cheap flat for sale in istanbul in this region. Whether for housing and enjoying stability with family or for investment. As this region is witnessing continuous development in terms of increasing the number of projects and the high demand for them by local and foreign investors.


European Istanbul – an interesting artistic and historical aspect that includes cheap apartments for sale in istanbul:

Although this aspect is livelier than the Asian. It includes the most important commercial centers in Istanbul and embraces the most important landmarks and monuments of the city and is considered a destination for tourists from all countries of the world.

However, it offers many offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul just as the Asian side does.

But before you start searching for your cheap apartment on this side, you should get to know some European Istanbul regions that offer the best offers and the best prices, which will facilitate the search process and save you time and effort in order to reach your goal by buying cheap flat in istanbul.

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The best areas of the European side that offer cheap apartments for sale in istanbul:


1_ Beylikduzu:

 Beylikduzu is located in the European section of Istanbul, on the north of the Marmara Sea and on the south of the Esenyurt region.

The residential complexes in this region are many and varied, and their prices are reasonable.


The advantages of searching for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul Beylikduzu:

1_ Beylikduzu is an upscale area with very good infrastructures.

2_ The wide variety of means of transportation available in Beylikduzu.

3_ owns many recreational and service places.

4_ It has a beautiful coastline and a beautiful sea view.


All this prompts you to search for your cheap apartment within this distinctive area.

cheap flats in istanbul for sale

2_ Basaksehir:

This area recently appeared on the real estate scene as a modern town with an independent interior in 2008.

But it was able to prove its worth and find a place for itself within the best areas of Istanbul in terms of services, many features, various offers, and like any new city that aims to develop. Basaksehir tried to rely on its most important attractions, which are not available in other Istanbul municipalities. It is the tranquility and picturesque nature in addition to its low-priced real estate offers that attracted investors looking for cheap house for sale in istanbul and heading towards the distinctive Basaksehir.


Factors of price difference in Basaksehir:

Despite the availability of opportunities cheap apartments for sale in istanbul within the Basaksehir area. However, there are still factors that differ in apartment prices according to these factors, the most important of which are:

1- Near and far from the apartment, with the vital means of transportation

2- Is the project completed or is it still under construction?

3- The huge projects that surround the area increase the price of the apartment

4- The building materials used and their quality also play a role in the rise and fall of the apartment price.

All these factors control apartment prices, up or down. Therefore, if you want to search for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul in Basaksehir or in any other area in general. You have to pay attention to these factors and take them into account.

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This distinctive area located on the European side of Istanbul encouraged investors who wanted to search for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul to search within the offers cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt istanbul.

And that is through its modern residential complexes and the acceptable prices of its properties and apartments. In addition to its good services and its proximity to modern areas such as Beylikduzu and Basaksehir.


Advantages of housing and investment in Esenyurt:

1- Availability of many modern projects and residential complexes in them

2- Real estate in this region is relatively affordable

3- Its proximity to modern vital areas

4- Its strategic location, as it is located near the E5 E80 highway.

5- Availability of many services required by any residential complex

All this makes Esenyurt the undisputed best place to search for cheap apartments for sale in istanbul for housing and investment.

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In the end, what did he offer you buying cheap apartments in istanbul?

Istanbul is a strategic center that meets all the tastes of investors and others who want to own real estate in Istanbul.

And provide them with what suits them in terms of items and site prices. Also, Istanbul is the only real estate capital in the world where you can find cheap apartment offers at reasonable prices. Also, the residential complexes in Istanbul that you may want to own an apartment in one of them will provide you with many advantages.

The most important of them:

1- Various apartment spaces that meet all desires

2- Attractive beautiful engineering designs

3- The privacy and tranquility that it provides for its dwelling

4- Residential complexes in Istanbul close to transportation.

These are additional reasons that assure you that whatever your budget, in case you want to buy a cheap apartment. This does not mean low quality services. You can even own and invest at the best prices. And among the best areas and services available in the city of diversity and beauty Istanbul.

Istanbul city


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