cheap houses for sale in Istanbul turkey _ Your choice of Istanbul reflects your high taste:

cheap houses for sale in Istanbul turkey _ Your choice of Istanbul reflects your high taste:

We can learn about people’s tastes by knowing their choices in life. Especially those matters related to their housing and lifestyle. As the house in which you live is considered a lifestyle that expresses the people who live in it and their happiness and comfort. This is why you must properly and carefully study your options before deciding which area to buy your home in. So, most of the people go to the exciting and charming city of Istanbul. To search offers cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey. Where you can enjoy comfort, stability and an ancient historical atmosphere. In addition to the promising and encouraging investment opportunities that Istanbul puts in your hands.

cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey

Why should you buy cheap property for sale in istanbul?

 Istanbul is a distinctive city full of features that attract investors and owners alike. Visiting and living there is an exciting and endless journey. Starting from the ancient history to its ever-moving markets and its views of the beautiful sea and the distinctive Bosphorus. So, if you are hesitant about taking the step of searching for its apartments and properties, take a look at the most important reasons that lead you to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey:

cheap apartments for sale in istanbul

1_ The distinctive geographical location of Istanbul:

Istanbul is considered the economic and tourism capital of the country. Indeed, its vibrant artery. This is what makes many investors prefer to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.


2_ There are many job opportunities in Istanbul:

 The investor or the person who wants to buy cheap apartments in istanbul. He will not have to worry about securing his job opportunity in Istanbul. Because of the great diversity of opportunities and in various fields. Especially important investment opportunities. Turkey has given foreign investors great attention and freedom to invest in various fields.

cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey

3_ A diversified transportation network and a strong infrastructure are in place in Istanbul:

This is one of the most important incentives to search for apartment for sale in istanbul cheap. In this city, construction of major projects is like building the largest airport in the world. And Istanbul Water Canal. In addition to that, there are many important services such as universities, schools, institutes and transportation that attract many investors to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.

apartment for sale in istanbul cheap

4_ Low prices for apartments available for sale in Istanbul:

This is an important factor. If we compare the prices of cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. With the rest of the important real estate capitals in the world. We will find that the quotations are istanbul cheap apartments for sale. Starting at 50 thousand dollars. This price is considered low in relation to the rest of the cities in the world. This is the amount, which is worth 50 thousand dollars. He can secure a suitable and good apartment in Istanbul. Of course, the higher your budget, the higher your chances of finding the perfect apartment and in the best areas of the city. The higher your chances of achieving a greater return on investment if your desire is to buy for the sake of investment.


5_ The costs of life in Istanbul are low and acceptable:

As the costs of living within this city are acceptable. For investors or people who want to buy cheap apartments for sale in istanbul for the sake of stability. This makes them not worried about expense insurance for themselves and their family.

istanbul cheap apartments for sale

cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey – your most important opportunity for housing and investment:

Istanbul is nowadays a city that sits on the throne of tourism. Where we find many tourists and visitors who come to Turkey only in order to go to Istanbul and spend holidays with the family and live unforgettable moments.

This is what drives many investors to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey offers in order to invest and ensure great financial returns.

As for housing, Istanbul, with its markets, educational and health services, and including gardens, forests and green spaces. In addition to many residential complexes that are suitable for families and provide the best family atmosphere. This is an important motivation for those looking for cheap flats for sale in istanbul for housing and stability.

cheapest property in istanbul

That is why we find that many foreigners prefer to search for (cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul). For several reasons, the most important of which are:

1_ Invest in the best places at the cheapest prices and take full advantage of the offers cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.

2_for permanent housing and stability within this charming city.


Can we find cheap apartments for sale in istanbul asian side?

This distinguished side in Istanbul offers many cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. Despite its urban development and continuous prosperity. And the presence of the most important and largest projects in it. However, it still meets all desires and needs in terms of ordering and purchasing offers. It considers the price aspect and provides the best offers. This side of Istanbul includes the most areas that offer cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. What we will mention next are some of the distinctive projects located in Istanbul, Asia. Which offers inexpensive apartment deals:

1_ Brooklyn Project:

 This project is located in Kadikoy on the Asian side of Istanbul. It is only 3 km from the beach. And about the main center, about 8 km. The airport is 27 km away. As for its proximity to services, it is located close to Marmara University and the Goztiye Mall.

The project is characterized by that it includes many services, green spaces, sports stadiums, cinemas and parking lots. And other housing supplies needed by any residential complex. And this project also has a 24-hour security system.

Prices for apartments in the Brooklyn project:

Apartment area of ​​47 m: estimated price 75 thousand dollars.

56m2 apartment: its price is 97 thousand dollars.

cheap flats for sale in istanbul

2_ Project  (Chemakoy Orman):

The project is located in chemakoy area on the Asian side. This project is about 10 km from the beach. The airport is 18 km away. The main center is 16 km away. We can say that the project is surrounded by many services. And that is because of its proximity to shopping centers and the coastal road, in addition to its proximity to the metro station chemakoy. It is through the third bridge.

The project includes many activities, the most important of which are:

1_Children’s playgrounds

2_ fitness centers

3_ Green spaces and landscapes.

4_ a heating and cooling system

5_ a security system

Apartment prices within the chemakoy Orman project:

The price of an apartment of 52 square meters starts from: 82 thousand dollars.

buy cheap apartments in istanbul

These two distinct projects offer the best inexpensive apartment deals.

If you want to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey, the Asian side. You should start with your search trip from them.


cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey _ European side:


Offers luxury apartments in the European side with high prices. Of course, this does not mean that you, as an investor looking for cheapest property in istanbul. will not find your way in this aspect. There are even many offers and apartments at low prices. Which if you compare it with the prices of its counterparts in the rest of the capitals of the world. You will find it most suitable in terms of prices. And in terms of the convenient payment method.

cheap house for sale in istanbul

Istanbul European regions take into account your desire and your budget:

If you want to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. And I chose the European side. You have to bear in mind that apartment prices start to decline the further you move away from the city center and towards the quiet suburbs with a rustic style and picturesque nature.


The best options that the European side offers you:

1_ Beylikduzu:

Just mentioning cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. Beylikduzu area will be offered as one of the best options and regions in European Istanbul, which offers through its real estate projects many apartments that take into account the buyer’s desire and budget. It is also the most beautiful views of the wonderful sea.

This region in the west of Istanbul provides comfort to its residents with a rustic welcome touch for visitors and investors. It provides wide open spaces bordered by trees and various green areas.

Beylikduzu – for housing, stability and profitable investment:

Beylikduzu is one of the ideal options for those looking for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. For housing, stability and enjoyment of the family atmosphere in the embrace of quiet nature. It is also an area that attracts investors looking for profitable real estate investment opportunities. Because of the increase in the value of apartments and real estate in them day after day. Where you can find the apartment at an affordable price. Then sell them and take advantage of the profits. The increase in the values ​​of its real estate is due to the presence of the increasing housing projects, cultural centers, picturesque nature, educational and health services and others. In addition to its wide streets, neighborhoods, and parks.

All this prompts investor to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. offers within the Beylikduzu area. In order to obtain opportunities for fruitful investment.

According to regional reports, the prices of apartments with an area of ​​100 square meters in Beylikduzu range from 180.950 / 301.600 TL.

cheap apartments for sale in istanbul asian side


This region which is located next to Beylikduzu area. West of Istanbul. It is one of the largest municipalities in the city in terms of area. It is divided into two parts:

1_ Section one: It is a popular area with cheap prices.

2_Section Two: An upscale area that includes residential and commercial towers, gardens, and upscale markets.

So, if you are a researcher cheap apartment for sale in Esenyurt istanbul. Esenyurt in its first section offers you the best offers cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.

istanbul apartments for sale cheap

Why should you choose Esenyurt?

1_ all services are available in it (schools – universities – banks – hospitals – markets)

2_ It is considered one of the municipalities with a modern design and competitive prices.

3_ An emerging investment area that is witnessing a great urban development.


Esenyurt real estate, low prices and high quality:

There are many new properties with different offers in Esenyurt. It is available at different prices and in good conditions. And with options that attract the interest of those looking for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.

As Esenyurt has managed to attract investors in addition to those who wish to live and settle in recent years. This has positively affected the region in general. As services increased from schools, universities, and others. Nowadays, Esenyurt is getting more and more popular among real estate builders. And among those wishing to take advantage of the special offers provided by the region.

cheap property for sale in istanbul

3_ Basaksehir:

One of the areas of the European side adjacent to the Esenyurt area from the southwestern side, which offers istanbul apartments for sale cheap.

It was established in 2007. Although it is a modern area. However, it drew attention to it due to the rapid urban development in it. Not a day passes by you while you are in Basaksehir, and you do not find an area that has become full of projects and residents.

Its residential complexes with a classy and elegant floor. And the government’s interest in it and the establishment of important projects in it. It gained the interest of investors and people looking for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.

 It is bordered from the north by large tracts of forests, which are striking (Belgrade Forest). This made it clear, fresh and quiet air that is comfortable and comfortable for you.

And to complete the beauty of the scene, we find a river that passes through it, which flows into Lake (Kucukcekmece).

cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey

Advantages that push you to search for your cheap apartment in the famous Basaksehir:

1_ It is considered one of the quiet areas

2_A newly emerging area. Urban projects are active in it, which gives it the advantage of providing many offers and appropriate prices.

3_ It has all kinds of vital facilities and important services for any investor or person who wishes to settle in it.


Investment advantages cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey:

After talking about the areas and projects of Istanbul that provide the best offers cheap house for sale in istanbul. We must explain the most important advantages enjoyed by the investment field in the charming city of Istanbul. And specifically knowing the reason behind the flock of investors from all over the world to invest in the most beautiful city in the world, Istanbul.

 Among these features:

1_ Istanbul is ranked seventh in terms of population. With a population of nearly 15 million people. This is an important motivator for any real estate investor.

2_ Turkey’s largest tourist city. And the most attractive areas currently in place for tourists. Because of its history and distinctive tourist attractions.

3_ Istanbul is the second capital of Turkey. Because of its important economic and political position.

4_ One of the most important features of real estate investment in Istanbul. The Turkish state provides investors with all the requirements and information for the success of the investment project. But it facilitates the way for them and monitors and reduces tax fees for them. Sometimes it cancels it completely if it obstructs the investment process.

5_ Istanbul offers its investors the advantage of full access to their properties. Where they can buy and sell real estate and property inside and outside the country freely and without restrictions.

cheap apartments for sale in istanbul

Advantages for the investor and his family:

It also grants the investor and his family accommodation and special care. It provides them with health insurance. They may be treated in public or private hospitals as desired. And without paying any additional fees.

All these features prompt investors to search in Istanbul for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey offers. And enjoy investing with all the incentives and incentives available.


What is the best way to get the cheapest property in Istanbul?

In case you are looking for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. And are thinking about the most appropriate way to buy a property in the best possible way and at the best price. We can help you by saying that the most appropriate way may be to go towards properties that are under construction. Being much cheaper than ready and completed properties. Where investors and owners can get real estate 30% cheaper than those properties that are completed construction and immediately ready for delivery.

cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey

Have you thought about investing real estate under construction?

 And in the event that you want to invest in such real estate, you must rest assured. Because the financial returns from these projects may be large and satisfactory for you. Especially after the great development in Istanbul in terms of construction, construction and mega projects. The granting of residency and Turkish citizenship to investors is also one of the most important things that Turkey has provided to the category of investors looking for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. This is to encourage them to invest in the region.


Istanbul city – its competitive prices take away your worry of your limited budget:

Istanbul and all its real estate, offers and competitive prices. Encourages the search for (Istanbul cheap apartments for sale). And it tells you in its way that whatever your budget and whatever your motive for buying (housing_ investment_…).

It will provide you with many satisfying offers that meet your desires. And that within its Asian and European sides. And the best areas and prices. The low price does not mean the quality of the building or the poor services surrounding it. Istanbul, with its special offers at low prices, proved this. So, whatever your wish:

(Coastal apartments – apartments in quiet suburbs – apartments in commercial centers – apartments close to the city center).

Istanbul offers cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. It opens up many doors of endless options.

cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey

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