Healthcare in Turkey is your safe choice

All you need to know about healthcare in Turkey:

The level of health care turkey varies according to your location and whether you use the public or private system. Although turkey universal health care is considered good quality, it competes with most of its European counterparts. However, the costs and prices are not as high as other countries. We notice how healthcare in Turkey has improved dramatically during the last period. This has made it an important regional provider of healthcare services. It is also a destination for thousands of patients from the Middle East and European countries. To obtain medical care in turkey.

health care in Turkey


What has Turkey done to improve the medical level?

 And we can see how Turkey has devoted its efforts to improving the level of health in turkey. And to achieve the highest degrees of medical progress by supporting its cadres and medical institutions and working to provide the necessary health care to patients and create an atmosphere of comfort for them.

So, if you are planning to make a trip to Turkey to receive medical treatment, there are some things that you should look at as a foreign visitor coming to Turkey for the available health and medical care.

How much does healthcare in Turkey cost?

Like all other countries, the Ministry of Health in Turkey is responsible for all health and medical services in Turkey. But what really distinguishes Turkey is that it is in addition to its strong competition for other countries in the medical field, such as: The United States of America, England, and others.

However, statistics show that healthcare in Turkey is offered at low prices if we compare it with prices in the United States of America and European countries.

Where we find, for example, that a surgical procedure in the heart costs:

In the United States of America: $ 27,770.00

 England: $ 129,750.00.

In Turkey, we note that this process costs 15000 _12000 dollars, which is considered a low price compared to other prices.

Does a decrease in healthcare in Turkey costs mean a decrease in quality?

Low costs healthcare in Turkey does not necessarily mean a decrease or decrease in the quality of the care provided. In Turkey, we find 60 competitive medical colleges in the world. Which is training thousands of Turkish and foreign medical students. This provides extensive training to quality certified doctors (medical care in Turkey). Thus, ensuring the highest successful medical results. Turkey has many hospitals equipped with the latest technologies and the best medical personnel. Which provides services to visitors, foreigners and residents. Low prices in Turkey, in addition to the quality of medical and health services, make Turkey the first destination for those wishing to travel for medical purposes.

healthcare in turkey for foreigners

healthcare in turkey for foreigners:

If you are thinking of coming to Turkey to get health and medical care, but you are still hesitating about it. We will pose some issues to you that may help you in resolving your matter.

1_ Can medical care in turkey provided to expatriates be considered of a good standard?

 At first, we can consider healthcare in Turkey to be well and ideally advanced. Whereas, both government and private healthcare provide expatriates with special and exceptional health care for expatriates. At reasonable and low prices compared to the rest of European countries.


_ Pay by SGK (General Health Insurance):

Expatriates can choose to pay via sgk if they have a residency of at least one year. Although public health insurance fees increase regularly. However, it provides coverage for all family members. Children under the age of 18 and guardians who are eligible for health insurance can also benefit from the available medical services.

Where public health insurance covers private clinics and medical centers in Turkey. It is also possible to shorten a lot of time by arranging appointments in medical clinics through applications on smartphones.

Public health insurance also provides coverage for treatment costs and prescriptions. Patients who have general health insurance can get the medication they need by paying a small nominal amount.

medical care in turkey

 Services provided by public health insurance:

We can summarize the services provided by the general health insurance. It can be used for free:

1_ Treatment expenses

2_ drawings of the examinations

3_ Surgery and organ transplantation

4_ Biochemical diagnosis, disease examinations and radiological examination.

5_Physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery.

6_ long-term treatments: such as chemotherapy

7_ In addition, home care services for the elderly and chronic patients.

Specialized health centers:

There are many specialized health centers that provide medical services to foreigners and expatriates at competitive prices. Especially since the spoken language is English in general.


_Emergency cases

Governmental hospitals provide healthcare in turkey for expats and foreigners in cases of emergency and emergency treatment. However, it should be noted that there will be a fee to enter. Patients may also be referred from government hospitals to private hospitals to receive specialized treatments. Although government hospitals provide a high level of services and treatment. However, it may be difficult for tourists and expatriates, due to the general condition somewhat chaotic in addition to the fact that the language in these hospitals is Turkish, which may be a hindrance for foreign patients who speak English.

healthcare in turkey for expats

2_ Are there private hospitals in Turkey that provide first aid and emergency treatment?

There are also private hospitals in Turkey such as (American Hospital in Bodrum) that provide emergency treatment and aid to foreigners and other residents. But it charges fees that may be more expensive than government hospital fees.

  In any case, tourists and foreigners must fully make sure that their insurance will cover them completely.

 Private hospitals in Turkey that provide health care to foreigners, expatriates, and even residents, with high standards and modern technologies with low prices compared to services provided in hospitals in other countries such as the United States of America and Europe. This is a good motivation for those who want to come to the country and obtain healthcare in Turkey with all health services in turkey.

Health information you should know in the event of a medical emergency:

If you are one of those who are planning to come to Turkey soon, there is some health information that you need to know in case of any medical emergency.

1- You should look into travel insurance. Because if you do not take this step you will have to bring a lot of money to pay for any medical visit that takes place during your trip. Although medical services are considered to be of low cost, it will be difficult for you if you are not prepared for such cases.

2- If you want to come to Turkey, try to stay near a private hospital for several reasons, the most important of which are:

1-These hospitals have a lower cost

2- It has short waiting times

3- The ability to speak English, unlike many public hospitals.

3- Equipped with the latest technologies and high-quality services.


 Other ways to benefit from healthcare in Turkey services as a foreigner:

As a foreigner, you can benefit from health and medical services in Turkey. By investing in real estate in Turkey. As buying a property worth 250,000 USD in Turkey gives you an opportunity to benefit from all services in the community. Especially medical services, where foreign people who have bought real estate worth 250 thousand dollars can benefit, together with their families, in the benefits of the health system, which will last for a long time.

Can foreigners benefit from public health services with the Turquoise card:

Turquoise Card This document gives foreigners the option to live and work in Turkey. In addition, it provides them with accommodation. It is similar to the green card that is used in the United States of America and is very famous. Or the Blue Card used in the European Union. This document allows individuals to work and live in Turkey without giving up their original national citizenship. Where foreigners can, through this card, enjoy healthcare in Turkey just like the Turks without discrimination, in addition to many other rights except for the right to vote, military services and run for work in the public institution.

healthcare in Turkey

Wonderful cities that you should choose to get health services in turkey:

People who want medical visits and spend their retirement time in Turkey tend to go to Istanbul and Antakya, where they find good health and medical care in these areas. In addition, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Aydin are among the top ten cities for health tourism in Turkey.


Why should you choose healthcare in Turkey?

The quality of health services in Turkey is high, the geological and vital region and the moderate atmosphere that characterizes Turkey puts it at the forefront in terms of the medical field.

Also, one of the most important components that make Turkey one of the best countries in the world in terms of medical and health care is the expertise and competence of Turkish doctors. Because of the density of housing in Turkey. Therefore, the specialists deal with a greater number of cases compared to other countries, and this gives more scope for on-the-job training.

The advantages that make Turkey a suitable country in terms of healthcare in Turkey can be summarized as follows:

1- Affordable and competitive prices.

2- An innovative framework.

3- Modern treatment techniques.

4- Number of qualified institutions and associations.

5- The number of doctors and different experiences.

5- Short waiting times.

Each of these highlights attract travelers who wish to travel in order to benefit from medical and health services. To choose Turkey as their first destination.

healthcare in Turkey


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