Houses For Sale In Bosporus Istanbul

Houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul – your suitable choice for housing and investment:

Houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul:

Istanbul city has beautiful landscapes. Make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Whether the landscape is the vast forests that sometimes spread around the city. And sometimes it overlaps with the city in a wonderful way. Or it was through the wonderful historical monuments and monuments that tell the original tales of the city. But perhaps the greatest scene that Istanbul offers us is its location on the Bosphorus Strait, which contains a beach at the foot of the continent of Asia and a foot on the continent of Europe.

This scene gives the city’s residents a panoramic sea view par excellence. Therefore, the option to search for houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul will be one of the best options, but for housing and investment. This is what we will talk about in this article.

istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view _tops the list of real estate:

In general, Istanbul tops the list of Turkish cities in its splendor and sea views. istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view tops the list of real estate within the city. It is the first choice for those looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul. From high altitude areas overlooking the picturesque seascape to Istanbul homes overlooking the sea. Down to the luxury apartments and villas that have a very beautiful view of the Bosphorus.

All these attractive properties, not only the first on the list of Turkish real estate, but also the most attractive to investors from all over the world.

istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view

Investment houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul:

Reports have proven that the homes offered by Istanbul are the most popular real estate in the city, which arouse the interest of investors in general. Especially the offers apartments for sale in istanbul bosphorus view, which enjoy great interest and privacy among local and foreign investors. As a result, we find that the prices of these properties are constantly rising due to the continuous demand for them. This leads to increased profits and financial returns for investors.

The Turkish government plays an important role alongside private sector companies in encouraging real estate investment. By providing features and facilities that make it easier for investors to own houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul. These houses have charming views of the sea and the Bosphorus. In addition to its competitive prices compared to luxury real estate worldwide.

Investment houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul

Why should you invest houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul?

1_ The distinguished location that these houses enjoy, which is full of vitality and tourist activity.

2_ Availability of a transportation network near these projects of all kinds.

3_ The houses overlooking the Bosphorus are among the most luxurious and prestigious properties in Istanbul.

4_ The houses and residential complexes overlooking the Bosphorus have the highest levels of luxury and many services that meet all needs.

5_ The charming view of the houses on the Bosphorus.


6_ Permanent government interest in housing projects overlooking the Bosphorus.

7_These houses have high rental prices.

8_ The relative increase in the growth rates of real estate prices that have a view of the Bosphorus.

9_ Most of the vital and service facilities of interest to foreigners are located near the houses overlooking the Bosphorus, such as: malls, banks, parks and foreign consulates.

10_ The conversion of real estate pricing from the dollar to the Turkish lira helped provide real estate opportunities at encouraging prices.

All these features helped and encouraged investors to buy a house in istanbul bosphorus for investment.

So, in case you are a bit hesitant about investing such properties within the city! You have to think about this very well.

houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul _ Where should you start your search?

1_ Sariyer:

Sariyer is located in the European part of Istanbul, and is characterized by its vast forests that cover a large part of it, the largest of which is the Belgrade Forest. And next to it to the north lies the Black Sea. To the west is the Bosphorus Strait. It is one of the most charming places in Istanbul, which is characterized by its view of the Bosphorus.

Therefore, its properties that include houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul are considered one of the most beautiful and sought-after properties in Istanbul. Which made it an important destination for investors because of its high level of sophistication and luxury. As for the residents of this region, it is inhabited by the wealthy due to the high prices of real estate.

Sariyer is one of the most beautiful and oldest areas of Istanbul. So, you can also buy a house in istanbul bosphorus within Sariyer. Enjoy the distinctive beaches of the region and the practice of fishing.

Distinctive attractions within Sariyer:

  • Belgrade Forest
  • Emirgan Park
  • The Kirchorno coast
  • Rumeli Castle Siege
  • Restaurant and municipal facilities
  • The neighborhood of old houses and villas


If you are looking for Istanbul’s most vibrant and attractive neighborhood. In addition to enjoying a charming view of the waterfront of Istanbul. Ortakoy is the perfect place for you to start your search for istanbul house for sale bosphorus. It is 2 km from the port of Besiktas. As a result, it is an attractive tourist destination for many tourists who come to enjoy holidays and spend enjoyable times with family and friends.

The reason for its popularity and attractiveness is that it combines Turkish originality with modern touches. It offers an unforgettable atmosphere for visitors.

As for its real estate, it has an investment environment that makes it a destination for investors looking for houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul to invest in. Especially as it enjoys a sea and mountain view and fresh and clean air.

Distinctive tourist areas in Ortakoy:

  • Yildiz Palace
  • Chiran Palace
  • Ortakoy Coast
  • Yıldız Park
  • Famous Ortakoy Bazaar

Famous Ortakoy Bazaar

3_ Bebek:

Bebek is located within the Besiktas region, between the famous Rumeli Hisar and Arnavutkoy. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul and one of the most prestigious areas ever!

Its tourist importance is not only at the level of Istanbul. But on the level of Turkey as a whole. Although there are few historical places in it. However, it did not lose any of its value. The reason is due to the care of the residents and the municipality. In addition to the most important reason, which is its wonderful coastal climate and its location on the Bosphorus Strait. So, buying a house in Istanbul Bosphorus is Bebek. It is an ideal opportunity for those who want to spend more time on the shores of the Bosphorus. Enjoy the beautiful blue waters and golden sands.

Distinctive attractions in Bebek:

  • Bebek Coast
  • Ayazma Park
  • Asia Museum
  • Bebek Park
  • Asia Park
  • Cadillac Yacht Club

All these distinctive features make searching for houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul an unmissable opportunity!

apartments for sale in istanbul bosphorus view

4_ Uskudar:

Uskudar is located in the Asian side of Istanbul. What really distinguishes it is its privileged location on the shores of the Anatolian shore east of the Bosphorus and north of Kadikoy. That is why its view of the Bosphorus gives it a special beauty and a charming attraction that attracts tourists and real estate investors.

Uskudar is one of the oldest and most famous tourist areas in Istanbul. The real estate on the coast of Uskudar overlooking the Bosphorus, especially the offers houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul that many investors desire. Because of the great financial returns and guaranteed profit.

Distinctive attractions in Uskudar:

  • Maiden’s Tower
  • Yildiz Palace
  • Hill of Brides
  • Princesses Islands
  • Mahramah Mosque

istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view

5_ Besiktas:

It is one of the most important areas that overlook the Bosphorus and is located on the European side. It is a lively area full of restaurants, cafes, markets and important tourist places. Therefore, many people want to seize the opportunity to live and invest houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul in Besiktas.

Distinctive attractions in Besiktas:

  • Yıldız Park
  • Bebek Park
  • Besiktas Bazaar
  • Sinan Pasha Mosque
  • Dolmabahce Palace

Besiktas istanbul

houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul _reflecting the grandeur and beauty of the city:

Because of Istanbul’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Istanbul was able to top the list of promising real estate markets in Europe. It presents a wonderful and irreplaceable opportunity for real estate investment and safe housing.

Especially Istanbul real estate that guarantees houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul that reflects the grandeur and beauty of the ancient city. Owning such real estate and living in it or even investing in it is a dream of many people around the world.



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