Houses in Bebek Istanbul – the luxurious bride of the city

Houses in Bebek Istanbul – the luxurious bride of the city:

Days and years pass by and the city of Istanbul gives nothing but breathtaking beauty and magic, and other cities and regions fade away from their shine and fade. As for the city of Istanbul, it is becoming more bright, youthful and expanding in its modern age and development, in addition to the daily increasing desire of people to want to reside in it. And the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the city of origin. Despite the distinction of all its regions and the uniqueness of every part in it, we cannot help but look closely at the charming Bebek area and the desire of investors and tourists to search for homes in Bebek Istanbul.

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Bebek Region:

The charming area of ​​Bebek Istanbul. An area that includes all aspects of luxury and beauty. It hosts many of Istanbul’s wealthy people. The stunning coast of Bebek overlooks the Bosphorus. Where this charming area is located on the European side in Istanbul. Within the Bashiktaş area (Between the castle of Rumeli Hisar and Arnavutkoy). This neighborhood is considered one of the most luxurious and most important tourist areas in Istanbul. Contains many offers for apartments for sale in Bebek Istanbul, Turkey. And we find that this distinctive region, although there are not many historical places in it, but it enjoys great interest in Turkey by tourists, visitors and even investors. Especially for those looking for sea view apartment in istanbul for sale. The vibrant Bebek City offers them many houses in Bebek Istanbul for sale.

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 Buying a house in Bebek Istanbul provides you with the enjoyment of many things:

If you are looking for houses in Bebek Istanbul, then surely you will think of the next question: What will I see in Bebek?

Regardless of the fine dining restaurants available in Bebek, as well as the cafes and art galleries. There are few tourist attractions in Bebek or even nearby landmarks, despite this, Bebek Istanbul has a group of the most beautiful recreational tourist sites through which it attracts many visitors and investors who are looking for houses in Bebek Istanbul.

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The most important of these activities are:

1- Ashian Museum:

This impressive museum displays the biographies of the greatest artists of modern and contemporary literature in Asia and the world.

And the most important literary works that they presented.

So, if you are interested in the literary field. You can find what you are looking for by visiting this museum. Then seriously think about looking for apartments for sale in Bebek Istanbul, Turkey. It is worth noting that the Asian Museum, Bebek Istanbul, or Asean Museum. It was basically the home of the Turkish poet (Tawfiq Fikret) until 1915 AD, before it was transferred to the current museum in 1945

2- Bebek Park:

This park is the ideal destination for families and children.

It is one of the best and most popular tourist places in Istanbul overlooking the coast of Bebek Istanbul.

This park also provides tourists and visitors in the area to buy many souvenirs from nearby stores.

In addition to the experience of many distinctive restaurants and cafes. Which you can visit and enjoy the picturesque holidays on the coast of Bebek. Living a different experience will make you think of looking for houses for sale in Bebek Istanbul. This park extends over an area of ​​16,000 square meters and includes a collection of huge and interesting perennial trees.

Bebek Park

3_Ashian Park:

One of the wonderful parks that you can visit if you decide to search for houses in Bebek Istanbul to buy and enjoy the atmosphere of calm, comfort and relaxation between the embrace of its green areas and the charming view of the sea.

This distinctive park is an attractive place for sports and hiking. In addition to having fun family sessions. This is what makes investors about Bebek Istanbul houses for sale

4_Ayazma Park:

This picturesque green park is one of the best picnic areas in Bebek. Where families can take a walk with their children and take advantage of the walking paths to play sports. Children can also play in the designated areas.

5- Cadillac Yacht Club:

This upscale club includes a huge marina containing a large number of cruise ships owned by the wealthy of the region. It is one of the best high-end tourist areas in Bebek in Istanbul. As this club attracts the interest of the wealthy and investors, it pushes them to search for houses in Bebek Istanbul. Where it is possible through this club to invest yachts and boats and make amazing cruises through which you can see the sights of the region from a distance.

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Advantages of real estate investment in Bebek Istanbul:


There are many elements in this charming city that attract investors to own real estate in Bebek Istanbul and search for houses in Bebek Istanbul, the most important of which are:

1- This city is distinguished by its picturesque nature and wonderful views of the Bosphorus.

2_ a real chance to make a guaranteed profit

3_ The options on offer in the Bebek region. In terms of designs, apartment spaces, location, prices, and offers different offers for apartments. Especially if it is a specific request such as searching for duplex apartments for sale in Istanbul, then you will definitely find your request in Bebek, a city of luxury and beauty. In addition to that, the diversity of tourism activities and recreational sites.

All these factors drive many investors to search for apartments in Bebek Istanbul with the aim of investing. This region is one of the most profitable and growing regions in Istanbul. The risk ratio is relatively low.

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Sisli region – another area in Istanbul that you should take a look at:

If you are looking for apartments in Istanbul to buy, then Sisli is one of the most prominent areas in Istanbul that attracts attention. And it pays you to search for property for sale in Sisli istanbul.

Where is Sisli Istanbul located?

Sisli is classified as an important historical area in Istanbul. Located in the European part of it. It is bounded on the east by the municipality of Besiktas, on the north by the Sariyer district, on the west by the districts of (Ayyub and Kagithane ) and on the south (Beyoglu). It is one of 39 municipalities in Greater Istanbul.

Sisli Istanbul

Who distinguishes this region?

For the residents of the Sisli region. the spirit of the authentic place and the ancient history of this region. It is clearly represented in the architectural style of the cafes and shops. This is what makes life in Istanbul in the Sisli area a real pleasure that makes many visitors, tourists and even investors looking for an apartment for sale in Istanbul, Sisli.

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Sisli tour – what are the activities in it?

When we talk about Sisli’s area of activities, we do not know where to start. There are a lot of archaeological historical attractions and interesting activities within the area. Among them:

1_ Ataturk Museum:

You can visit the Ataturk Museum, which collects Turkish history in a house that includes all the memories of the first president who ruled the country.

2_Military Museum in Istanbul:

While visiting this wonderful museum. You will be able to learn about many types of ancient weapons. Which has faded away and is no longer used today.

3_ Palace (Ahlamur)

This palace is surrounded by linden trees and has large green spaces. And in many parks that you will not tire of looking at it.

4_ Hall (camel resit):

If you are a fan of culture and art and you visit Sisli region. You should definitely visit this concert hall.

5_garden (macka):

This distinctive garden provides you with a view of the Sisli region from the top. Wandering in its clear sky. Here you can ride the cable car and enjoy one of the most beautiful trips ever.


Religious places in Sisli:

1_ Sisli Mosque

2_Tshwiqia Mosque

3_ In addition to the presence of the Holy Spirit Cathedral. It is one of the largest cathedrals in Jerusalem. It is an ideal place to contemplate ancient architecture.

Sisli Mosque

All these beautiful activities and ancient monuments attract the attention of investors. Those looking for houses in Bebek Istanbul to look at the wonderful Sisli area within the Greater Istanbul. And start for apartments and houses for sale in them as well.


What is your choice – beautiful nature or ancient history?

So, whether you are a visitor, tourist or investor, and you are looking for an apartment to buy in Istanbul, Turkey. Or an apartment for sale in Istanbul, city center. Bebek and Sisli are one of the best options for you. The city of Bebek gives you the opportunity to search for houses in Bebek Istanbul and enjoy the stability amongst nature and contemplation of the city’s stunning beach and beautiful sea. In addition to the luxury that dominates the area, and the beautiful apartments designed for the wealthy with various spaces. And in case you are looking for ancient history and civilization. Sisli is your best option to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul Sisli.

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