Houses In Istanbul, What Do You Know About Them?

Houses in istanbul – what do you know about them?

Houses in istanbul are located in the most important place in the world. Where Asia and Europe meet. Istanbul has been an important center for thousands of years.

Wealth is transferred from Asia to Europe only through Istanbul. And what the West produces reaches Asia through Istanbul as well.

Istanbul is the most developed city in Turkey. So, we find that buy property in istanbul. It is a favorite not only of the Turks, but also of the residents of neighboring countries. Where many of them prefer to search for houses for sale in istanbul because of the social opportunities, natural beauty and cultural and historical diversity that the city enjoys.

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Why should you choose houses in istanbul specifically?

Buy house in istanbul is an ideal choice for many reasons:

  1. Istanbul is characterized as possessing the most important elements of an ideal life. In addition, it is a lively and active city. The movement is varied.
  2. Many people find that buy house in turkey istanbul is an important opportunity to discover the endless options of luxury apartment offers istanbul luxury homes. And many other distinctive properties.
  3. The offers homes for sale in istanbul turkey are characterized by that the houses are modern in style and equipped with the most luxurious equipment. It has high quality finishes.
  4. Istanbul has many important schools and universities. Which meets the requirements of every family who wants to buy flat in istanbul.
  5. The main advantage that offers house for sale in turkey istanbul offers is the price. Where we find that house prices in istanbul is cheap. If we compare prices with many other European countries.

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If you choose houses in istanbul for housing, are there any downsides to the city that you should consider?

First of all, you have to know that there is no city in the world that does not contain negatives. But the cons buy home in istanbul are not an obstacle to you. where it is gradually resolved. Perhaps the most important problem in the city is the traffic. Traffic can be difficult and heavy in downtown Istanbul coinciding with the beginning and end of business hours. But don’t worry!

You can buy apartment in turkey istanbul and live in the city without fear of this problem. As this problem is gradually reduced with the radical investments of the government.

Therefore, there is no part of the city that cannot be reached through the available transportation.

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Houses in istanbul _ endless options:

The journey of searching for istanbul homes for sale is an exciting journey that takes you to a wide world of options, offers and prices.

Especially since Istanbul is a large city that includes an Asian side and a European side. And each of them is competing in the real estate market to rank their homes at the top of the best list houses in turkey istanbul.

In addition to the charming views of the city.

The most important of which is its view of the Bosphorus. Where houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul is at the top of the list of offers luxury apartments for sale in istanbul.

Next, we will talk about the most important offers apartments in turkey istanbul offered by the European and Asian sides in the city:

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The main axis and the beating heart of European Istanbul.

Tourists and investors consider apartments for sale in istanbul Taksim one of the best offers Beyoglu istanbul apartments for sale. It is one of the best offers house istanbul for sale in general.

This is due to its proximity to all services such as schools, markets and hospitals.

In addition to the importance of the ancient historical area. Tourists flocked to it from all over the world in search of old apartments for sale in istanbul within Taksim Beyoglu. That is why investors especially want to invest in offers apartment for sale in istanbul turkey Taksim because of the region’s tourism and historical importance.

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When we mention offers luxury houses in istanbul. The Sisli and its offers apartments for sale in istanbul Sisli. It is undisputedly at the top of the list. Sisli is located in Istanbul, European Side, 2 km from Taksim.

It is one of the ancient historical areas. Therefore, we find that buy property in istanbul turkey Sisli. Perfect win and opportunity. Although the apartment price in istanbul within this region is the highest.

You may get studio apartment for sale in istanbul Sisli at a price up to 4 times the price of the same offer, but in areas outside the city center, and Nisantasi apartments for sale is one of the best offers Sisli istanbul apartments for sale.

apartments for sale in istanbul bosphorus view

3_ Bebek:

One of the most luxurious and elegant European areas of Istanbul. Bebek istanbul houses has a unique view of the Bosphorus. Therefore, the best offers apartments for sale in istanbul sea view are found within the offers of Bebek istanbul apartments for sale. This makes it an important destination for investors and businessmen who prefer istanbul buy apartment overlooking the sea from the most luxurious areas of Istanbul. Bebek sea view apartments in istanbul are considered. An opportunity for housing, investment, and even holidays.

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One of the best areas of Istanbul on the European side. And one of the most important centers of the city. It has the most beautiful offers istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view. Among its offers Besiktas istanbul apartments for sale.

This is due to its amazing view of the Bosphorus. It includes many important and varied historical monuments.

The most important of them is the famous Dolmabahce Palace. Therefore, it is a destination for investors wishing to buy apartment for sale in turkey istanbul in order to invest and benefit from the large financial returns. Besiktas achieves this goal for investors because of its vitality, activity and importance.


As for the Asian side of Istanbul. We find Kadikoy one of the most beautiful and best areas in this side. It is a tourist area par excellence Kadikoy istanbul apartments for sale are in great demand from those wishing to own property in Istanbul. Because of its charming view of the Marmara Sea and its proximity to the Bosphorus Bridge.

The option to search for Kadikoy apartment for sale is the first choice for tourists. Also, Kadikoy apartments in istanbul is a great opportunity for investors.

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And in case you made up your mind and decided to buy apartment in istanbul. You should know that the options and available areas that provide houses in istanbul for sale are much more than what we mentioned. But it requires extensive research and knowledge of all offers and regions. Here, you can seek help from estate agents istanbul in order to determine the offers that suit your requirements and budget.


Cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey:

Your budget is no longer an obstacle to your purchase apartment for sale in istanbul. Because of the availability of many offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul. Especially after the high demand for it by investors and tourists.

That is why today you can search for cheap apartments in istanbul to suit your budget and requirements.

For this, let’s get acquainted with the areas of Istanbul that offer the best offers cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey.

apartments to buy in istanbul turkey

1_ Basaksehir:

One of the most famous new European areas of Istanbul. It was founded less than twenty years ago.

Today it is one of the largest districts of Istanbul in terms of area and population. It is one of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul that offers cheap houses in istanbul as part of its offers Basaksehir istanbul apartments for sale.

Recently, houses in istanbul Basaksehir witnessed a strong demand from investors. Especially foreigners, because of the region’s advanced infrastructure and distinguished services.

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2_ Esenyurt:

Esenyurt is perhaps one of the most famous areas of Istanbul that offers cheapest property in istanbul. Although it has a vital location on the European side of Istanbul.

This is what prompted many investors. In addition to the various groups of society to search for esenyurt istanbul apartments for sale. Especially those with a limited budget and a class of students.

Esenyurt has many features that encourage housing and residency in it. Among the most important of these features:

  • their good services
  • Its vital location
  • It is close to Basaksehir and Beylikdüzü, the two famous modern districts.
  • A wide road network serving the entire region.

But what is really encouraging is that home price in istanbul Esenyurt is low compared to other areas of Istanbul.

3_ Beylikduzu:

Although this area is located in the European suburbs of Istanbul. Many houses in istanbul are offered cheap. However, Beylikduzu is considered one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul today. This is due to its clean streets and large green parks. Therefore, we find that many people want to own apartment for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul for the sake of housing and stability.

Beylikduzu combines the countryside and the city, but in its own way. It provides many services and facilities that encourage investors to invest cheap apartments in istanbul turkey Beylikduzu.

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Are the investment houses in istanbul profitable?

Istanbul is one of the most important economic capitals in the world. And it has a great place in the global economy.

So of course, the answer will be that an investment apartment in turkey istanbul for sale is a profitable investment!

Especially since Istanbul has an important geographical location and has great historical value.

It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. So, it is a very important tourist center also. As a result of all this, we find that real estate investment in Istanbul, especially investment a house to buy in istanbul, is a non-losing investment, except in exceptional and rare cases. As the value of your property will increase every year by 3%.

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 How has legislation helped the government?

 Perhaps the most important role played by the Turkish government regarding investment is to grant Turkish citizenship to investors when buying a property worth $250,000. Or obtaining Turkish citizenship through a bank deposit of 500.000 USD, And for 3 years in a Turkish bank.

Average house price in istanbul in US dollars:

 Cannot set a fixed price for turkey apartments for sale istanbul. Because istanbul property prices varies according to the exchange rate. We find that the average house prices in turkey istanbul in dollars is constantly changing. This depends on the rise and fall of the exchange rate. So, if you want istanbul buy house. Do not calculate the price of the apartment in dollars because it is not a fixed price. I’m looking for apartments for sale in istanbul in turkish lira. As istanbul real estate prices in the local currency is constantly rising. While foreign currencies are not fixed. But in any case, it is possible to put average house prices in Istanbul in US dollars for one bedroom apartment in istanbul with an area of ​​50 m2

  • Standard building: 22,000-30,000 USD.
  • Residential complex: 38,000-60,000 USD.

But you have to bear in mind that these prices may change. It can rise or fall according to the exchange rate of the dollar against the Turkish lira. But the apartments in istanbul prices remains close to this value.

Where you can find an offer apartment for sale in maslak istanbul, for example, with an area of ​​50 m2, for 80,000$. Or in offers house for sale in istanbul sea view in general.

In conclusion, if you decide to search for houses in istanbul in order to buy. You can consult our real estate experts and inquire about all offers and prices within Istanbul.


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