Istanbul Gardens and why you should visit them?

Why should you visit Istanbul gardens?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when mentioning Istanbul is the Istanbul Gardens. These parks are considered one of the best tourist places in Istanbul. No wonder it is.

As Istanbul gardens, its beaches, museums, hotels, and scenic nature. It is a magnet for tourists from all over the world. In addition to the great fun, comfort, and recreation it offers to its residents.

 Istanbul is the most visited Turkish city by tourists and visitors from all over the world. Perhaps one of the most important reasons is the picturesque Istanbul gardens. This is what we will address in this article.



What makes istanbul gardens an attraction?

Istanbul offers its visitors a number of tourist places that you can never bypass. Especially the gardens. Istanbul gardens is the most popular destination in the city. Which residents and tourists are keen to visit and enjoy its beauty and see many species of rare plants and distinctive animals. Istanbul gardens attract families greatly. Where they prefer to pass through the gardens and enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and stunning views of the city. In addition to the presence of safe and fun play areas for children at the same time.

What we will mention next is the most important and most beautiful istanbul gardens, which is one of the architectural masterpieces in its own right. Which will definitely attract you to start your trip within Istanbul.

 List of the most beautiful istanbul gardens:


1_ Gulhane garden:

One of the most beautiful istanbul gardens, which provides a charming view of the Bosphorus Strait and a wide extension of green spaces and picturesque nature. Where the visitor can enjoy watching the bright colors of harmonious plants and flowers. That makes this park the perfect setting for spring carnivals every year.


It also includes this park located in the famous Sultanahmet district. Many statues and memorials to the most influential figures in Turkish history. This is what makes it so special to many visitors.

You can also tour the popular Istanbul markets near the park. And if you are a tourist, you may prefer to stay in the distinguished garden house istanbul hotel or rose garden istanbul hotel located in Sultanahmet area and close to the park.

istanbul gardens

2_ Garden Emirgan Istanbul:

One of the most famous Istanbul gardens favored by locals and tourists alike. It is considered a quiet green spot in the Sariyer district. Far from the noise of the city. Among the various categories of flowers of distinguished historical origin. In the morning people go for a walk. Families visit it to enjoy special family gatherings.

The visitor can also see various types of bird and animal species. The management of the park organizes an annual festival of spring flowers during the summer. So, your visit to the park in the spring will be your perfect opportunity to take memorial photos and live unforgettable moments.

3_ Istanbul Zoo:

The best Istanbul gardens attract the attention of families and children. Where they can play with the animals, take pictures and see more than 150 different species of animals and birds. In addition to the presence of nearly 19 different species of aquatic life, which is one of the most interesting things to watch in the park. The visitor can also learn about 350 different and rare species of distinctive and beautiful plants.

This is what makes visiting this park a scientific and cognitive visit, in addition to the great fun that you will get.

istanbul gardens

4_ Yildiz garden, Istanbul:

It is one of the largest and most beautiful Istanbul gardens within the Besiktas region. A tourist destination par excellence. Where it is led by the Turks, Arab tourists and foreigners from everywhere. This park is distinguished by its historical character that dates back to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate. It has a charming view of the Bosphorus. It includes rare and diverse plant species from around the world.

Perhaps the most important activity that you can do while wandering inside the park is to visit the historical palace (Yıldız Palace). Which is located in the vicinity of the park and dates back to the era of Sultan Abdul Majid II.

You can also feed the fish, ducks and geese being at the lake. Near the enchanting waterfalls.

wyndham garden istanbul

5_ Miniaturk garden:

This unique sculpture garden is one of the best Istanbul gardens. With its heartbreaking view of the Bosphorus and its vast green spaces. It is ideal for family visits and outings with friends. Here you can learn in an interesting way the most prominent landmarks in the city through the small models in the garden. Like an anthropomorphic (Al-Fath Mosque – Aya Sofia).

You can also get acquainted with many famous Islamic historical structures such as Al-Aqsa Mosque.

For children, it is a play area full of fun, excitement, and knowledge. Where they can enjoy many games such as the maze _ the Ottoman castle and others.

menalo suites garden istanbul airport

6_ Freedom Park in Istanbul:

One of the distinctive gardens for family picnics. This park is close to the bus arrival point, which makes it easy to reach. The park has safe and distinctive play areas for children. In addition to special places to do walking and cycling.

istanbul gardens

The management of the park hosts many artistic troupes to create concerts and festivals. Perhaps the most important feature of this garden is its wood and metal sculptures. The most important of them is the statue of the hand that releases a dove. All this makes Freedom Park a distinctive park from other Istanbul gardens.

istanbul gardens

7_ Brides Hill Garden:

One of the best Istanbul gardens located in the Uskudar area within the Asian side of the city. It has a breathtaking panoramic view of the attractions in the area. In addition to its magical view of the Bosphorus.

This garden provides its visitors with an ideal atmosphere of rest and relaxation among orchards, flowers, and green spaces. All away from the noise of the city. Precisely for this reason, it is considered an ideal area that attracts lovers of tranquility and photography.

8_ Forests of Belgrade Istanbul:

Extensive green spaces and thousands of different varieties of plants and trees. These are the most important advantages of this park, which is considered one of the largest and most beautiful Istanbul gardens.

It is witnessing an increasing number of visitors and tourists due to the beauty and diversity of its landscapes. There are many features of the famous Belgrade Forest. Where it does not stop when it is considered one of the tourist destinations only. In addition, this park hosts many open wedding parties in the middle of nature.

element garden istanbul

9_ Ataturk Park:

In addition to the beauty and charm of this picturesque garden. It is also one of the parks that have historical significance. Where it bears the name of the first president of the Turkish Republic. Your visit to Ataturk Park is located within the Sariyer district on the European side of Istanbul. Your perfect opportunity to visit the historical (Kirazili) Arboretum attached to it. Which is one of the oldest nurseries in Turkey. You can also walk around the garden and listen in depth to the sounds of birds that are abundant in the garden. In the end, you cannot visit Turkey and overlook this distinctive historical park.

10_ Florya Garden:

This popular park is an ideal destination for middle- and low-income earners. This is because it is one of the few Istanbul gardens that provide free access to it.

This park is located in Florya district, west of Istanbul.

It is elegant in its design. That’s why it’s a foyer area for weddings and meetings. Within the wonderful garden atmosphere and among its various flowers. You may get lucky when you visit the park to attend one of these events.

Istanbul gardens within your itinerary:

Visit istanbul gardens, learn about its history, enjoy its atmosphere, take memorial photos and live unforgettable moments with your family and friends within the arms of its picturesque nature. This is, of course, your chance.

So, whatever the purpose of your visit to Istanbul. You must make visiting Istanbul gardens on your bucket list.

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