Istanbul homes for sale

Istanbul homes for sale:

Istanbul is one of the best political, artistic and historical centers in the world. And for more than 2000 years. And property turkey istanbul is the best real estate in the world. Frankly, there is no need to talk about the importance of this great city. Despite that, if you want to search for istanbul homes for sale within property for sale in turkey istanbul, we can offer you in this article many reasons that will prove to you the correctness of your decision. In addition to the best places and best offers.

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Reasons that emphasize the importance of searching for istanbul homes for sale:

  • When you decide to search for property for sale in istanbul you will find how this city differs from any other city in the world. And how Istanbul will offer you a different and active lifestyle.
  • Istanbul occupies the eighth place as the most famous city in the world. So, when you do buy house in istanbul. You will appreciate the importance of living in housing in one of the top 10 cities in the world, according to 2018 statistics.

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  • When thinking about buy property in istanbul. The issue of security is very important. Especially in a city of 16 million people. That is why Istanbul provides security precautions. Even in small projects. So many people want to buy home in istanbul for this reason.
  • Interesting services and transportation in Istanbul. Although you may find it crowded during peak daylight hours. However, it has an amazing transportation network and many services that encourage everyone to buy house in turkey istanbul.

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Another reason to buy property in turkey istanbul?

Turkish citizenship laws came in exchange for real estate ownership, to increase the number of foreign investors looking for real estate for sale in istanbul. And increase foreign investment in the country. It has identified recent amendments to the Turkish Nationality Law. The value of the property required to apply for Turkish citizenship. Where it stipulated that the property be worth 250 thousand dollars. This opened the way for a large segment of investors looking for property in istanbul. To take advantage of the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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property in istanbul turkey:

Searching for a property in turkey for sale istanbul is one of the most interesting and attractive things for investors. As real estate in Istanbul enjoys views of the scenic landscape. Whether the vast forests or the archaeological monuments that are embraced by the ancient historical areas. Or even the charming views of the sea and the Bosphorus.

What we will talk about now is the best places through which you can buy property in istanbul turkey, whether the property is apartment for sale in istanbul or villa for sale in istanbul.

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apartments for sale in istanbul sea view:

  • Besiktas:

If you are looking for the most beautiful areas of Istanbul that provide the most beautiful offers houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul. Besiktas, which is located in the European Istanbul, is your ideal destination. The area has an attractive view of the famous Bosphorus. So, it is famous for its fish markets and restaurants serving seafood. This is what attracts many people and investors to search for Besiktas istanbul apartments for sale, especially apartments for sale in istanbul bosphorus view.

The offers apartments for sale in Besiktas istanbul attract investors from all over the world because of the features that the area has. In addition to its various cultural, recreational and service activities. It is one of the most vital areas within Istanbul, which provides luxury villas in istanbul for sale overlooking the Bosphorus. This is within the offers of property for sale in Besiktas istanbul. This is due to the fact that it is one of the finest and most beautiful areas of Istanbul at all.

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  • Bebek:

One of the most beautiful areas of Istanbul that offers istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view. It is also considered one of the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, inhabited by the rich and famous. As a result, we find among the offers Bebek istanbul houses offers luxury apartments for sale in istanbul. Bebek is an important residential area for those looking for istanbul homes for sale. Due to its privileged location and its charming view of the Bosphorus.

It is also a destination for many tourists. That is why Bebek offers house for rent in istanbul, especially those overlooking the sea. In addition to the offer’s villa for sale in istanbul that every rich and investor desires.

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Advantages of investing Bebek istanbul apartments for sale:

1_ Its charming view of the Bosphorus makes every investor want to buy apartment in istanbul Bebek.

2_ The presence of offers istanbul luxury real estate, especially villas for sale in turkey istanbul. It makes it a destination for the wealthy and capitalists.

3_ An ideal place for those who have a budget and a high income. Businessmen can buy flat in istanbul or buy villa in istanbul in Bebek and live an ideal life.

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Can you find a cheap property for sale in istanbul turkey overlooking the sea?

 Istanbul is characterized by its strategic location and real estate diversity. So, you can find special real estate deals and offers in it. The most important of them are cheap property in istanbul and especially offers cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey overlooking the sea.

So, house prices in istanbul are no longer an obstacle to you.

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Where can you find cheap apartments for sale in istanbul overlooking the sea?

  • Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu is located in the European side of Istanbul. It is bordered on the south by the Marmara Sea, where we find a beach and a sea port, which is one of the most important ports of Istanbul. This increases the chances of having house for sale in istanbul sea view. Within the offers of Beylikduzu apartment for sale. To the north, there is Esenyurt, to the west, Lake Buyukcekmece, and to the east, the Avcilar region is concentrated.

 Although istanbul property prices within Beylikduzu are considered low, this did not affect the quality of the services available. And the fact that apartment for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul offers are among the best offers istanbul real estate for sale.

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This is due to several reasons, the most important of which are:

1_Beylikdüzü has clean and wide streets. Fresh air away from the city noise. And a healthy environment that attracts those looking for istanbul homes for sale to come to Beylikduzu and search for houses for sale in istanbul Beylikduzu.

2_ Whoever decides to search for Beylikduzu apartment for sale will find that this area includes many tourist, social and recreational facilities. Which makes up for going to the city center permanently.

3_Beylikduzu suburb is more developed and modern compared to other municipalities. Because of the real estate projects that have been recently worked on in the region. This is what attracts investors to invest house for sale in turkey istanbul Beylikduzu.

4_ average house price in istanbul are low compared to other areas within the city. That is why we find cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey Beylikduzu.

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The most important projects of Beylikduzu:

  • Deniz Istanbul Project:

One of the most important projects of Beylikduzu overlooking the sea. It has its own marina, beach and 1.5 km coastline.

The project consists of 5100 houses. So, it is an ideal place for those looking for apartment for sale in turkey istanbul with sea view. It also offers 330 units of villas. As a result, it offers many offers cheap villa for sale in istanbul Where Deniz istanbul villa prices starts from 900,000 dollars.

As for house prices in turkey istanbul Deniz, we find that:

One bedroom and a hall, starts from: $140,000.

Two bedrooms and a hall, starts from: 200,000 dollars.

3 bedrooms and a hall, starts from: 280,000 dollars.

4 bedrooms and a hall, starts from: 375,000 dollars.

If you want to search for new apartments in istanbul for sale and at the same time have an attractive view of the sea. But you are hesitant about the prices. The Deniz project provides you with the best offers apartment for sale in istanbul cheap in addition to offers a villa for sale in istanbul sea view. With the best available services, amenities and security.

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2_ apartment for sale istanbul city center:

If you are a fan of archaeological areas and prefer to live in city centers. And you want to search for homes for sale in istanbul turkey within the offer’s property for sale in istanbul city center. Here are some of the best areas that offer you the best offers istanbul homes for sale City Center:


  • Taksim:

The first area targeted by investors and people who want istanbul buy apartment in the most ancient and authentic areas of Istanbul. Therefore, we find that apartments for sale in istanbul Taksim includes many offers old apartments for sale in istanbul in the Ottoman style. Accommodation in Taksim is lively. The reason for this is due to the availability of various major life and recreational activities. Which makes the idea of ​​searching for apartment for sale in istanbul turkey Taksim a good idea. Especially the idea of buy old property in istanbul Taksim and then renting it to the tourists who flock to the area every year. Although property prices in istanbul turkey Taksim is the highest. However, this did not prevent it to be the best real estate property in istanbul.

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  • Fatih:

buying apartment in turkey istanbul Fatih is the dream of every person looking for istanbul homes for sale. Fatih is located in the very heart of Istanbul. The offers property for sale in Fatih istanbul offer many offers turkey apartments for sale istanbul within the city center. In addition to the offers old houses for sale in istanbul because Fatih has a distinctive and ancient historical character.

Fatih district has many historical buildings, mosques, museums and churches. Therefore, it is visited by many tourists from all over the world. As a result, many offers house for rent in turkey istanbul are available from Fatih.

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  • Sisli:

This region, which is located in the heart of European Istanbul, is the home of luxury and a center for the gathering of the upper social classes. Therefore, we find many celebrities and businessmen looking for luxury homes for sale in istanbul turkey within the offer’s property for sale in Sisli istanbul.

Proceeding from the distinguished site of Sisli, we mention the most important

features of istanbul buy house in Sisli:

1_ Sisli includes attractive historical and tourist sites.

2_ She has a modern life and a sophisticated society.

3_ Excellent infrastructure and high-level services.

4_ A large variety of shopping options. Especially within the upscale Nisantasi neighborhood. Where Nisantasi apartments for sale is one of the best offers istanbul homes for sale Sisli.

5_ Various options for apartments. Where you can investment property istanbul Sisli and achieve great financial returns.

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istanbul homes for sale _ An opportunity you shouldn’t miss:

Either for housing or for investment. You can search for istanbul homes for sale in the most prestigious and beautiful areas of Istanbul. With endless different offers. So, whatever you choose cheap property in istanbul turkey or luxury property in istanbul. Istanbul will present you with many opportunities that you should seize.


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