Istanbul real estate from A to Z

Istanbul real estate from A to Z

Istanbul real estate and Turkish real estate in general is very huge. And there is a lot of choices and option if you want to invest in this market.
In this blog, we will discuss the following points and questions. Especially if you want to buy a property in Istanbul:
Buy a home in turkey ” Istanbul homes for sale ” .
types of luxury villas in Istanbul for sale.
Is there a villa for sale in Istanbul sea view option at a reasonable price?
Buying a house in Turkey as a foreign is it useful?
How much is an apartment in turkey?
Is there a studio apartment for sale in Istanbul?
Is there a cheap flat in Istanbul?
Where will I be purchasing commercial property or investment property for sale and How to invest in property?

Most of these questions have been asked a lot. But after we will read this article you will be able to choose the right decision.
in addition that you will see the big picture of buying an apartment in Istanbul.

Let me start from the biggest subject Istanbul city

Istanbul city

Istanbul City at night
The picture for Istanbul city at night


Istanbul city is the capital of economic Turkey.

As a result of characteristics that it’s considering Istanbul as the most significant industrial city within the world. Because of its geographical location, that creates it the destination of the many investors. Moreover, Istanbul is the purpose of the convergence of the East with the West.

The Black Sea borders Istanbul to the north, the Sea of Marmara to the south. The Phosphorus Strait divided into a European section and an Asian section.
Istanbul is currently one of the foremost essential tourist cities within the world as a result of tourist attractions. And historical landmarks that attract tourists from everywhere the globe.

Noteworthy everyone who is looking for a property in turkey to buy or a commercial property for sale in turkey may have a lot of massive choices.

Questions :

Frequently asked questions

How to buy property in turkey?
Where to buy apartment in Istanbul?
How to buy property in istanbul turkey?
Are you looking for houses in turkey to buy?
And where to buy property in turkey?
And how to buy a house in turkey?
What are the choices for an apartment for sell in Istanbul I have?
And is buying a property in Istanbul is a useful as an investment property?


A lot of houses for sale in Istanbul. Consequently we advise you to look wisely before you buy. And take a look real estate istanbul sale market.
because real estate Istanbul turkey market is vast market, due to the demand that has been risen.


Istanbul real estate

So you may take a look on istanbul real estate market with an expert real estate agency. That will help you to make the right decision.

You may will be looking for property for sale in istanbul turkey. Which is a vast category in addition to the real estate agency will help you to make the right choices.

We can say that Istanbul turkey is one of the best choices for buying a property in turkey. According to the location that Istanbul city has.
Also if you’re looking for a commercial property for sale in Istanbul we recommend you Istanbul. Because where the rental income is higher than any other city in turkey.
In addition that the property istanbul for sale market is getting higher every year. According to the demand that leads the increase of turkey property market.
Property in turkey Istanbul have vast choices you may choose wisely. Moreover you have a cheap property in Istanbul, and cheap property for sale in turkey.

So we recommend you at first when you want to buy home in Istanbul to contact a real estate agency. In addition to the experience to purchase property in turkey.
Noteworthy that they have the ability to give you remarkable choices, And lead you to the cheapest place to buy property in turkey.

My dear reader, i think if you saw before ” project under government guarantee “. Let us tell you what is the meaning of the project under government guarantee. And what is the advantages from it.

Turkish government guarantee :

The Turkish government has additionally worked on developing the istanbul real estate market.

Projects under government guarantee consequently therefore Turkish government established residential complexes in Istanbul. And has offered a range of housing choices for sale in Istanbul.
These complexes are located in numerous areas of Istanbul. There is a complex in Maslak which is the most finest area in istanbul. in addition to projects Bahçeşehir and more.

Frequently asked questions

My dear reader, perhaps you are looking for an investment property or real estate investment opportunities, Or you may seeking on how can you buy an investment property with a rental investment?.
In addition, What is the safest way for property development investment? and How do you buy an investment property?
moreover, is there a cheap investment property in Istanbul, Turkey? Where is the best investment property?
Is buying a property in turkey a good investment? Where to buy property in Istanbul?


My dear reader all of these questions have been asked a lot for every real estate agency. Let us tell you a brief answer for all of these questions. We can say that in turkey investment property our opinion we consider the income property investments under the government guarantee is one of the best opportunity, since the government is selling investment property. At the same time, real estate investment turkey has a lot of choices. We recommend our investors to take the safe side of any investment.

We consider it as a proper property investment opportunities. So buying an investment property which is under construction with a government guarantee or buying a commercial investment property for sale from the government (commercial property investment) this will lead to high ROI (return on investment), so the real estate development investment has been increased by the Turkish government. So the invest in turkey property is an excellent investment opportunity.

Turkish real estate investment

Where to buy an investment property? Of course, from the government. Moreover, this is where to find an investment apartment for sale, and that is precisely how to buy investment property as a safe investment property opportunity.
Also, selling property in Turkey would be easier if you make a strategy that your property will be suitable for Turkish investors like (1+1, 2+1, government project, public transportation, ETC…).


istanbul property prices also vary according to their locations. Property in turkey for sale Istanbul has a lot of investment advantages. As we mentioned before, property turkey Istanbul, istanbul real estate market is vast, and buying a property in Turkey for foreigners for an investment is a profitable choice and affordable, and real estate in turkey for foreigners comparing to Europe real estate market.

And the property in istanbul European side is better than the Asian side in general. In the end, buying a property in turkey 2018 and 2019 had been increased according to the demand that leads to raising the price of the istanbul property market. Buying property in turkey and citizenship gaining is one of the most interesting things in investing in istanbul property market.

The projects located in Basaksehir and Bahçeşehir , Maslak and other district, which is under government guarantee, offer a cheap flat for sale in istanbul.

property for sale price in istanbul

In addition There are apartments available in Istanbul in new regions and apartments for sale in old neighborhoods belong to big companies like any other city in the world.
There also are options for residences for sale in Istanbul with sea views , definitely the prices of houses in Istanbul vary from one area to a different. But the prices for Istanbul real estate can be consider according to many factors including:


  • Proximity and distance from transportation.
  • The quality of internal and external finishing.
  • Services inside the project.
  • Proximity and distance from traveler places.
  • The views of the project cause the costs of apartments in Istanbul for sale. With a sea view are more than the apartments for sale in Istanbul with views of the city.

In this article we’ll mention Istanbul real estate prices inside the residential complexes for the most critical areas in Istanbul. wherever apartments are available for sale:

Istanbul real estate :

Apartment costs vary in Istanbul by region.

My dear reader, let me start from the cheapest area in Istanbul.

Esenyurt Istanbul district:
Esenyurt on google map from aman real estate
Istanbul – Esenyurt On the map

Esenyurt Istanbul is one of the first modern areas. That contain residential complexes in Istanbul, with numerous apartment square meters and different designs.
The area divided into two regions. Firstly popular area with solely old buildings and secondly a new city with residences available in Istanbul within high-end residential complexes.

These residences also are placed in residential complexes in addition to privileged location close to the Metrobus station.

It is additionally expected that the subway will reach the Esenyurt istanbul district by the end of 2020. So which can increase the value per meter within the area.

The price per meter within the apartment for sale in Esenyurt istanbul area starts at 3,500 Turkish lira, and up to 5,600 Turkish lira.
actually the distinction in value is due to the factors already mentioned.

In a simple words. When you’re looking for an apartment for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul. You would have a different variety of prices depends on the factors that we mentioned before.

In conclusion if you want to buy cheap property in turkey. Or you’re looking for property to buy in turkey with a low budget so here you can find a cheap property in turkey. And it is a cheap places to stay in turkey.

Bahçeşehir Istanbul district:
Istanbul Bahcesehir on Map
Istanbul Bahcesehir on Map


Bahçeşehir Istanbul features a distinctive location on the international E-80 line. And is near to Istanbul’s third airport. It’s one among the most promising areas in Istanbul. That has witnessed a real estate boom in terms of high prices. And increased demand for apartments for sale in Bahçeşehir Istanbul.
The metro, which can reach Bahçeşehir Istanbul, is one of the most critical factors driving the increase in the prices in the region.

And there is a big mall for the local and international brands in the area “Akbati AVM”

Akbati Mall in Bahcesehir
Akbati Mall in Bahcesehir

Where I can find a cheap apartments for sale in turkey?

We consider this area under the cheap houses for sale in turkey category. Turkey cheap houses for sale are few if we are talking istanbul new apartments for sale. And with great locations. So if you consider to looking for a cheap flat in turkey for sale Bahçeşehir Istanbul. Indeed, it will be a excellent choice to search for your needs.
Bahçeşehir apartments for sale price of a meter start from 4,500 Turkish lire. On the other hand, some projects reach up to 7,800 Turkish lire.


property for sale in istanbul bacesehier
                Examples about the project in the area AM-101

So Bahçeşehir apartments for sale also have a price range at different prices. Besides, we consider you have an under-construction opportunity. If you want to buy house in turkey with a price that is below the market price. In addition to luxury homes for sale in istanbul turkey Bahcesehir.
That will lead you to a proper investment and getting a great price with high quality near public transportation.

Başakşehir Istanbul district
Başakşehir on the map
Istanbul – Başakşehir on the map


Basaksehir apartments for sale have several factors, creating it one of the fascinating districts for Turkish investors and foreign investors. The subway line to Başakşehir Istanbul and also the massive transportation network that feeds the region as a result have created the prices of apartments in Başakşehir Istanbul perpetually rising.

And we will not forget the biggest mall in turkey Mall of Istanbul. If you came to Istanbul we are sure that you visited. Because one of the biggest mall in istanbul and there is a lot of international brands and internal brands. in addition to the restaurants.

Mall of Istanbul in Basaksehir
Mall of Istanbul in basaksehir


Basaksehir apartments for sale are characterized that they’re under the guarantee of the Turkish government. in addition to fantastic internal and exterior finishing.Prices for apartments in Başakşehir Istanbul start at 7,000 Turkish lire per meter.

Basin express district : 


Basin express district from aman real estate
Istanbul – Basin express district on the map


Which is currently considered the new centre of Istanbul, the apartments for sale Basin express – Istanbul are close to the Ataturk airport and also the exhibitions city. Basin express area currently headed by massive industrial corporations to open their branches there, the region has seen a significant rise in price within the past years.

Prices of apartments in Istanbul Basin express starts at 7.500 Turkish lire per meter.

Beylikdüzü Istanbul district:
Beylikdüzü on the map from aman real estate
Istanbul – Beylikdüzü on the map


There is two part we can talk about it in this area one of the typical homes and villas because Beylikduzu near the sea I will explain it to you later. But let me tell you about the area and the homes in this area.

AM-115 one of real estate for sale in istanbul and the project from outside
             property in istanbul Beylikduzu AM-115

In Beylikduzu there are many malls one of them is Marmara park which is a big mall, and there are many brands inside, the other one is perlavista it is a normal mall and Torium mall also it is significant, and there are many brands inside.

Marmara park mall in beylikduzu
Marmara park mall in Beylikduzu

There is a university near the area. The name of that university is Beykent university which is very old and famous in turkey.
Secondly to my favorite part is the Villas over there.

villas in istanbul Beylikduzu

Where can I buy villa in turkey? Where can I buy villas for sale in turkey with private pool?

If you are looking for villas for sale in turkey Istanbul. Beylikduzu is one of the quite places for looking for cheap villas for sale in turkey in minimum budget.

This is where you can find luxury property for sale; It is one of the most important coastal areas in Istanbul. The properties in Beylikdüzü Istanbul have affordable prices and a privileged location, with fascinating views of Marmara sea, and also the residences are for sale in Beylikdüzü Istanbul, it considered as holiday apartments in turkey. Have sensible internal finishing and high-quality materials.

property turkey with a marina for boat
                                                Marina in Beylikduzu

So if you are looking for luxury homes for sale or a luxury villas in turkey with private pool, (luxury villas for sale), it will be with amazing as a property for sale in istanbul sea view on a Marmara sea with high-quality building materials.

in addition to a great location 20 to 25 minutes to the middle of Istanbul, it is a beach homes for sale. So we can say that the luxury property Istanbul will also be located in this area with affordable prices. Also, istanbul luxury real estate market is a vast market in an enormous city. And if you consider looking for a cheap villa for sale in Istanbul, Turkey you may look into the used villa property.

Aman real estate Am-116 the picture for outside view
                  Property in Istanbul with full sea view  AM-116

At the least but not the last. The price per meter in Beylikdüzü Istanbul starts at 5,300 Turkish lire. As a cheap luxury homes for sale are available in Beylikdüzü Istanbul. But if you’re looking for cheap villas in turkey, it will be located in buyukcekmece and silivri district.

So if you are looking to buy villa in Istanbul, beylikduzu Istanbul is one of the choices that you might have it is property sale turkey with sea view.
These prices are approximate for viewing only and that they could change as a result of several factors throughout the progress of time.

Maslak Istanbul districs:
Maslak on the map from aman real estate
Istanbul – Maslak on the map


Why investors looking for property for sale in Maslak Istanbul?
Because we can consider it as looking for an apartment for sale istanbul city centre

Maslak Istanbul, the investment center of Istanbul, is one of the most valuable real estate development areas within the city. The area is found in one of the first essential sites in Istanbul, near to shopping centers, public transport, main roads, arts, and sports and cultural centers.
Maslak is just minutes far from Taksim and Levent.


Taksim istiklal street
Istiklal street in Taksim – istanbul

So we can say Maslak istanbul apartments for sale is one of the best opportunity for investment. Besides less than 5 minutes from the Bosphorus and twenty-five minutes from Istanbul’s third airport, they are giving it strategic

and investment importance. Maslak apartments for sale is the most vital residential complexes and shopping malls, just like the Istanbul valley, overlooking Belgrade’s forests, and 15 minutes from the Asian section of Istanbul. Also, the rental income that comes from investing in a real estate market according to the renting price is high, and Maslak apartments for rent is one of the most expensive amounts for renting.

the Complex from Outside
              one of our project in Maslak AM-109


The price for the SQM started from 10.000 Turkish Lire.

Buying a flat in Istanbul turkey might be hard due to the wide range choices that might be offered for you, and if you find your need, you may take it before someone else does.

Sisli Istanbul district:


Sisli on the map from aman real estate
Istanbul – Sisli on the map


It is real estate Istanbul Bosphorus view to make you feel special, which is a house for sale in istanbul European side category.
Sisli Istanbul is an unprecedented area of Istanbul, with its gorgeous architecture, luxurious social customs, high-class atmosphere, and international brands.

Sisli Istanbul found inside the center of Istanbul. And it’s directly accessible from all areas in Istanbul. Also, it’s close to Taksim, and it includes the famed Nisantasi district. It also has the most competent residential complexes and shopping centers and public transportation. The investors who are looking for an apartment for sale in sisli Istanbul will have a lot of advantages according to the location, and looking for a property for sale in Sisli Istanbul as istanbul new apartments for sale will have a high rental income and a luxury life concept.

AM-147 sea view outside
                                       Project in Sisli with sea view AM-147

in the area there is a lot of 5 stars hotels in Sisli turkey. And that would be better than looking for an old house for sale in Istanbul. It considered as Beyoglu apartments for sale and also istanbul Bosphorus houses for sale category from the houses for sale in turkey Istanbul that available in the Istanbul real estate market, which is in the middle heart of Istanbul.

These are houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul in remarkable locations. Also, there is a studio for sale in Istanbul sisli which will be the last building in Istanbul with a studio. Which make your buy as a commercial real estate for sale in Istanbul category according to the stable rental income you will get.


In the end.  we may see that Turkish cheap property for sale is available in few areas Like Esenyurt, Bahçeşehir , or near the new Istanbul airport. If you want to buy real estate in turkey, you may look at first at the location of the project that your welling to buy. And that satisfies the needs that you’re looking for.
If we are considering to look for a cheap apartment for sale in Istanbul, we recommend you to look at the projects that are under the Turkish government guarantee.

Note that not every cheap house for sale in Istanbul is an excellent opportunity, istanbul cheap apartments for sale is affordable. Still, the location might not be proper for an investment property opportunity. And the cheap apartments in turkey prices with an excellent area within the under-construction project may start from 50.000 us dollar. And we can say that it is a cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.

Note that apartment price in Istanbul can be different from project to another due to, location, materials, public transportation and other factors. That you will take a look at your visit to the the cheapest houses in turkey istanbul can be located in some areas like Esenyurt and Bahçeşehir .

On the other hand, we can say that if you are looking for a luxury apartments Istanbul, in istanbul luxury apartments for sale category, we recommend you to look for a new project in Maslak And Sisli. Luxury houses for sale in Istanbul near the luxury hotels turkey istanbul are suitable for foreigners and Turkish investor’s needs (luxury apartments turkey).

While we can say that looking for a luxury villa in turkey Istanbul we recommend you a beylikduzu districts, which also considered as apartment for sale in beylikduzu Istanbul with a sea view with high-quality living.

Our company Aman Real Estate can offer you an opportunity to buy cheap apartment in Istanbul, and the cheap flats in istanbul for sale that we offer in a new houses category.
The cheap apartments in Istanbul can also be located in buyukcekmece and silivri. Which we consider it as a very cheap houses for sale, and the cheap villas for sale are located in the same areas as we mentioned before.

So if you’re looking for a cheap houses to buy and invest in a great location, we recommend the several districts that we mentioned earlier in our article. The Turkish home for sale and the flat in Istanbul is useful as an investment property, and the flat price in Istanbul is reasonable, and looking for flats for sale in turkey will be more comfortable with an expert agency.

That was a brief information about turkey real estate market to help you to buy houses in turkey Istanbul or buy apartment in turkey, and give you an idea about the house prices in turkey for istanbul luxury homes, because turkey home prices might be different as we mentioned before, and you may find a cheap apartment for sale in Istanbul turkey.

So do you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul? Or are you looking for property to buy in Istanbul?
Let’s buy a home in Istanbul.

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