Living in Istanbul and what you should know about it?

Living in Istanbul and what you should know about it?

Just thinking about visiting Istanbul would be a big change in lifestyle, openness to different cultures and a new world full of charm and beauty. So, what if you are seriously considering living in Istanbul. Well you are not alone thinking about it! Many people from different parts of the world are thinking of settling in this wonderful city, and for the most important reasons:

1_ Low cost of living.

2_ The unique culture of the city.

3_ The night life is lively and full of markets and shops.

4_ The presence of many important historical monuments.


What are the options for living in Istanbul?

Some people are considering moving and living in Istanbul to cherish their career. And to exercise different functions. Especially since Istanbul is a large city that includes many companies with different specializations, and this increases the presence of various job opportunities. While there are those who choose to live in Istanbul. To spend your retirement exploring this city full of wonders. Which has astonished the world throughout history.

Despite all that, your decision to live in Istanbul is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. So, it is a step that needs to be thought and planned well. Instead of telling you to pack your bags and come immediately to Istanbul. At the outset, we will tell you the most important things that you should take into account when moving to Istanbul. In order for the idea of moving to be a good idea and a smart move, you will never regret it.


1_ Best places to live in Istanbul:

Before looking for housing in order to living in Istanbul, you must define your exact goal. Do you want a property to rent or to buy?

Most people prefer most of the rent at first to explore and explore the place. While others want to buy a property immediately. Since Istanbul is a large city that includes 39 different and distinct areas. This gives you an infinite number of options. Each district in Istanbul has a different and distinctive character.

places to live in Istanbul

For example, we find:


A popular commercial area with workers and professionals.


It attracts residents due to its distinctive coastline and famous seafood.

Besiktas and Bebek:

Areas for the rich and prestigious families.


Located on the Asian tip has many students.

As for the prices, we can generally say that the most expensive properties are those located near the Bosphorus.

Therefore, you should also determine your budget before you start looking for any suitable property for living in Istanbul.

Levent istanbul
Levent istanbul

2_ Residence and health care visas:

This is one of the most important topics related to living in Istanbul as a foreigner. The importance of applying for residence visas comes after the importance of finding suitable housing.

People entering Turkey can stay for 90 out of 180 days on a tourist visa.

Therefore, you must start working to obtain residency as soon as possible. One of the important things that you have to print on is that the approval of the residence application will last for a year.

For healthcare:

All arrivals to Turkey over the age of 65 do not need health insurance. However, many of them get health insurance just for peace of mind and reassurance. Most people coming to choose the state health care system (SGK) for foreigners to stay away from private policies that cost more.



3_ What about working in Istanbul?

As we talked about in the introduction to the article. Living in Istanbul attracts foreigners in order to get important job opportunities. Therefore, we find some expatriates teaching in the teaching profession. Especially teaching English. Here, too, in order to work legally, you must obtain a work permit. It should be noted that if you work without a permit, the penalty will be either a fine or deportation from the country. The responsibility of obtaining a work permit in order to work rests with the employer, who must comply with laws such as (employing 5 Turks for each foreigner).

There are some jobs that foreigners cannot practice, such as: health care and all matters related to security or customs.

working in Istanbul

4_ Means of transportation in Istanbul:

When talking about transportation in Istanbul. We can only advise you to avoid travel at peak times. Istanbul’s roads are not without congestion. For smaller neighborhoods, the main means of transportation are minibuses. Although it looks really cheap, it can also be crowded. Istanbul has 400 bus lines that travel between the different regions of Istanbul.

Plus, there are yellow taxis. On the European side of the city. The importance of the trams that roam the important areas of Istanbul.

The metro within the city has seen a lot of expansion and interest in recent years. This is what prompted many residents to use it. So it seems a good choice for transportation if you decide to live in Istanbul. As Istanbul Located on the Bosphorus, the ports, which are abundant in the Kadikoy region on the Asian side, are no less important than other means of transportation.

As a final tip on transportation:

We advise you to purchase Istanbul Kart and load it with your credit card. This will save you a lot of money.


5_ The language barrier in Istanbul:

Istanbul is the number one tourist destination in Turkey. Therefore, we find many locals who speak many languages ​​in addition to Turkish, such as: German, English and Russian.

There are many examples of foreigners who have lived in Istanbul for many years and yet do not speak Turkish fluently.

That is why the barrier of speaking Turkish should not be one of the biggest fears preventing you from living in Istanbul. During your stay in the city, you will learn some familiar Turkish sayings. Which will help you with your daily tasks.

 For real estate purchase:

Notary offices and title deeds require foreigners to use an interpreter in accordance with the law. You can also download the translation application on your phone to avoid getting into trouble while you are wandering around the city.


6_ Cost of living in Istanbul:

We can consider the cost of living in Istanbul as appropriate and reasonable. If we compare it with its counterparts from other European joules. However, the cost of living seems a bit high for someone who wants to live in Istanbul.

For example, we find real estate prices in the city center are the highest, such as real estate in the area (Taksim). So, all you have to do is head to the suburbs and get away from the city centers to cut your expenses in half!

If you are one of those who want to live in Istanbul on their own. They own property and do not have to pay rent. Then you can allocate an amount of 5000 liras per month for other expenses.


You can also use your brain wisely to save some money. Here are some tips:

1_ If you feel hungry, all you have to do is stay away from the expensive tourist restaurants. And go to restaurants frequented by locals.

2_Find out when the local weekly market is in your neighborhood. And I mean to buy your needs and supplies for small amounts!

Cost of living in Istanbul

7_Weather in Istanbul:

Since Istanbul is a city that extends over a large area. We will find that it includes many different climatic zones. We can say that the climate in Istanbul is very similar to the climate of the rest of the coastal areas located on the Mediterranean Sea.

Istanbul’s climate can be described as a transitional medium weather.

Where we find that the winter season in Istanbul is:

Fairly cold with rain and sometimes snow. But not so cold as some other Turkish regions.

Rainiest months:

From December to February, snow may fall during this period.

As for the summer:

The weather is hot, sunny and humid with a little rain from time to time.

Hottest months:

They are the months of July and August. During these months, the temperature can reach 35 degrees Celsius.

And if you want to live in Istanbul, all you have to do to face the winter and summer conditions is to use the air conditioning units as the locals do. Which provides you with hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer.

Weather in Istanbul

8_Is Istanbul a safe city?

There is no big city with a large population and no crime of any kind.

The issue of security is an important issue on the minds of many who are planning to move and live in Istanbul. A report issued by the US Consulate General in Istanbul recently issued a report on this subject saying:

“Although Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, the crime rates in Istanbul related to foreigners are very low.”

The most important piece of advice on this subject is to simply do what you do with common safety measures. For example: Do not use unlicensed taxis

Do not accept drinks or any kind of food from strangers.

Use a shoulder bag instead of a handbag to reduce potential theft. And many more.

It is reassuring that the Turkish authorities are working day and night to maintain the safety and security of citizens.


Moving and living in Istanbul may seem like a dream to many foreigners. But in order for this dream to become a reality free of problems and stress. Before moving on, you should plan well and know the details of this charming city in which you may spend the rest of your life as a foreigner. So, we tried to discuss in this article all the basic things that you should look at, starting with daily matters, living costs, housing and language, to the most difficult challenges that you may face and how to overcome them.


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