The city of history and civilization contains luxury apartments for sale

The city of history and civilization contains luxury apartments for sale :

Constantinople, or what people know recently, the city of Istanbul

It is the largest city in Turkey, and Istanbul is the seventh-largest city in the world, with a population of approximately 15 million people. It is the cultural, financial, and economic center adopted in the country.

Also, Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world that fascinates you with its beauty, nature, and distinguished history.

The visitor and contemplating its streets, buildings, and nature cannot feel the grandeur of the scene, as every detail in it tells a story from the ancient history stories.

So how if you are someone who wants to buy one of the luxurious apartments in this wonderful city Enjoy these breathtaking details.

This is what we will talk about in this article …

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 Why should you buy an apartment in Istanbul? :

The beautiful city of Istanbul has all the amenities and luxury that anyone needs in their daily routine.
In addition, the good educational opportunities, businesses and health services available in it attract people from all over the world to live in this wonderful city And it makes luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale an irreplaceable opportunity

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 What are the criteria for choosing apartments? 
If you are looking for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul or any beautiful apartment for sale in Istanbul, you will follow some important criteria to have the apartment you are looking for that will provide you with a beautiful and stable life … For example:
The area of the luxury apartment for sale in Istanbul in addition to its size in terms of (number of rooms and bathrooms), the proximity of the apartment to services and the city center, and the beauty of the environment and vitality.

The picturesque nature surrounding the apartment plays an important role in the way you choose your apartment.

luxury apartments in Istanbul

Criteria for choosing luxury apartments in Istanbul offers many options :

if you take a comprehensive look at these criteria, you will find that:

  • the nature of its modern residential projects provides those wishing to buy apartments many options.
  • As the city offers many luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul within luxury residential complexes With a distinctive level of comfort and luxury.
  • where you will find the best specifications and conditions that any buyer dreams of places for relaxation, comfort, corridors and cycling.
  • as well as playgrounds and gardens for children.

These complexes also include:

  • playgrounds for football
  • basketball 
  • volleyball
  • and there are special places for tennis and billiard
  • as well as video games. All designed according to international standards with the highest levels of safety.
  • In addition to beautiful residential apartments for sale in Istanbul within residential complexes that include
  • fitness halls
  • saunas
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools that merge with the picturesque nature

All these factors giving the viewer the most beautiful scenery that he can ever see. And indoor and outdoor parking is also available in most residential complexes that include Luxury apartments are for sale in Istanbul.

There are also luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul in distinctive areas that are close to public services and facilities.
Recently, the focus has been on building modern real estate projects in order to be close to public facilities, services, and transportation in Istanbul.

real estate companies

What are the criteria for choosing apartments in most real estate companies?

if you are looking for a luxury apartment for sale in Istanbul, you will find it in most modern real estate projects located in Istanbul the following criteria:

1_ Most of the apartments are close to various means of transportation (metrobus, metro, tram, bus stations and highways)

2_ Most of the apartments are close to public facilities such as universities, schools, hospitals and markets

3_ Apartments are located in important areas that represent attractions for tourists such as (Fatih, Kabatas, Besiktas)

4_ Apartments located in areas with a modern character such as (Bahcesehir, Basaksehir)

5_ Projects located on the coast and their apartments enjoy stunning sea views such as (Zeytinburnu, Beylikduzu)

6_ The services provided by the residential complex have an important role in pricing apartments.

so we find that increasing the services available in the residential complex leads to an increase in the level of residents’ welfare, and this leads to an increase in the prices of these apartments more than others.

7_The method of cladding apartments and the materials used in construction also has an important role in pricing apartments, so the more building materials used are of high quality and conform to international specifications, the higher the price of the apartments.

8_Most modern real estate projects in Istanbul follow security and safety factors.
and although these factors also play an important role in pricing apartments, the state imposes these standards and does not grant licenses while the building violates these standards.
some residential complexes impose higher safety standards for themselves than those imposed by the government.
This is what makes the prices of their apartments higher than others.

real estate companies

Companies’ plans and their role in facilitating payment processes :

We can notice that most construction companies choose the best locations for real estate in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for those wishing to buy luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Finally, you can find apartments for sale in Istanbul that have a modern, sophisticated and distinctive character that can meet most needs and tastes.

house for sale in istanbul asian side
house for sale in istanbul asian side

How do construction and real estate companies deal with the criteria for choosing apartments?
(Follow your heart, but take your brain with you) We can see the importance of this rule in our daily life.
so real estate companies and construction companies in Turkey in general and in Istanbul, in particular, follow this rule in choosing the best areas and sites to establish the most important residential complexes that include the most luxurious apartments and enjoy international specifications.

investment property

Luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale _ not only outside, but also inside: 

In beautiful Istanbul apartments, it depends on the choice of the area and the location, but even further, as we find that the absence of luxury apartments in Istanbul for sale have begun to pay attention to the interior parts of the apartment and have given it great importance … So, the nature of the luxury apartment in Istanbul meets a wide range of options and features.

homes luxury for sale
luxury estate homes for sale

The most important features of Istanbul’s luxury apartments, both internal and external:

1_ We find that apartments are being built with the latest building materials and the most compatible with international standards.

2_ The interior and exterior designs of Istanbul apartments achieve high efficiency and quality.
so we note that there are projects that have won a number of international awards.

3_ The distribution of apartments from the inside is of great importance.
so we find that the way the rooms are distributed inside the apartment makes great use of the available spaces.

4_ the kitchen is an essential and important part, so kitchens and bathrooms are prepared with a set of multi-use accessories, which are carefully chosen to meet the aesthetic value in addition to the practical value when used.

5_ Special care is provided for every part of the house alike (parents ‘bedroom – kids’ bedroom – reception room – kitchen – bathroom).

6_ Balconies are an effective and beautiful part.
so a group of luxury apartments for sale are available in Istanbul that contains balconies that have distinctive views of the spacious gardens and beautiful water ponds.

7_Technology is an important part of our time.
so luxury apartments for sale are available in Istanbul with the smart home system.

8_ Apartments in Istanbul also contain early warning devices, heating, and cooling systems.

9_Luxury apartments are also available in Istanbul for sale that contains fire extinguishing devices, and these apartments are designed appropriately in case they are exposed to earthquakes.

10_ Most of the luxury apartments in Istanbul contain a technology whereby guests are recognized by video.

In the end, we can see the beauty of luxury apartments in Istanbul and the way to care for them from inside and outside in line with the growing needs of residents and to achieve their happiness.

house for sale in istanbul asian side

What are the areas of Istanbul apartments? 

Construction companies are working on the great interest in apartments in Istanbul in all respects.
perhaps the most important aspect to which attention is paid in a distinctive way is the issue of spaces.
as the area of the apartment plays an important role in choosing the apartment that suits him.
for this we find many housing projects trying to diversify as much as possible With apartment spaces.
in a way that meets the desires and needs of different classes and segments.

If you are looking for a luxury apartment in Istanbul for sale or for any apartment of different sizes.
the options that will be available to you will be many so that you can choose comfortably.
as there are beautiful apartments in Istanbul whose area does not exceed 30 meters and apartments with large areas up to an area of   300 meters and more.

In terms of dividing the apartments from the inside, this will be according to the buyer’s desire.

Speaking of apartment areas and their division, we can divide apartments according to the following areas:

  • An apartment consisting of a salon or one-bedroom and its amenities, and this apartment is of the studio type and it is the smallest of the apartments


  • The presence of apartments consisting of a room with a salon in addition to (kitchen and bathroom)


  • There is another type in which the apartment consists of two rooms with a lounge in addition to the kitchen and bathroom


buy luxury homes in Istanbul

Choose your apartment space comfortably:

These types are the most common for apartment models.
there are also other types with different sizes and prices.
and the buyer can choose them according to the nature of his needs and in the way that meets his desires

It is possible to find luxury apartments in Istanbul consisting of 5 bedrooms and perhaps more than that.
in addition to the presence of bathrooms, kitchen and other additional parts

In general, if you take the step to buy luxury homes in Istanbul or any type of apartment.
you will definitely find the type that satisfies you and meets your request.

The apartment can also be changed and modified to suit future needs by placing some removable and modifying materials on the walls to provide the spaces in the best way.

For example, you can convert a hall into an office room or vice versa, and that can be done smoothly, easily and without problems

بيوت في اسطنبول للبيع

 What are the prices of apartments in Istanbul? :

This topic is very important for people making the purchase.
which is something that is very well looked after by real estate companies in Turkey.
so we find Istanbul, because of its overcrowding, contains many real estate projects.
so if you want to search for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul or for any kind of Residential apartments with different sizes and prices, Istanbul is among the cities that can offer you this.

You can find in Istanbul the most luxurious residential apartments for sale in high-end areas such as (Basaksehir and Arnavutkoy) , where you can find luxury apartments for sale in addition to commercial activity, while you can find cheaper real estate in popular areas where there are many beautiful apartments. For sale that is suitable for low-income people, this matter is flexible and depends on several factors.

the most important of which are:

    • The type of property, the buyer can find apartments for sale in Istanbul, for example (Esenyurt at a cheaper price than Basaksehir.)


    • Proximity and distance from the apartment to the main streets and transportation …Therefore, we find that apartments located on the main road and near the means of transportation are more expensive for those a little far from the means of transportation.


    • The proximity and distance of the apartment to services and the city center.
      the closer the apartment is to the city center, services, education, and universities, the higher its price..


    • The proximity and distance to the apartment from the coast .. This plays an important role in the pricing of the apartments.
    • The more the apartment is close to the beach and enjoys a wonderful view of the sea.
    • the price is higher than that which does not have such a wonderful view.

And Since the issue of price is a sensitive and important issue.
we find that contracting companies are working hard to develop plans that make the payment process a comfortable process for the buyer.
so most companies rely on the principle of installments.
Where the buyer pays the first payment and then pays the rest of the amount in installments.
this is what makes the purchases fit the needs of everyone

homes for sale AM-104 project
real estate for sale AM-104

*Do Istanbul apartments achieve many goals? *:

You can see that … Istanbul apartments have multiple uses
A person can find great investment opportunities in it
Therefore, you find that the apartments for sale in Istanbul achieve the goal of investment for investors as well … Not only the people who live within the city of Istanbul.
But also investors from all over the world can benefit from the beautiful apartments for sale in Istanbul. 

Istanbul real estate provides investors with very profitable investment opportunities.

Why Istanbul real estate provides investment opportunities?

Because there are many factors that the wonderful city of Istanbul enjoys.
We find the city of Istanbul an important link between Europe, Asia, and the continents, as well as one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and we cannot forget that it has embraced many cultures and religious backgrounds throughout the ages, which led to the creation of a healthy environment for every human being on the face of the earth.

All these factors make the idea of investing in luxury apartments in Istanbul offered for sale a good idea.
that attracts investors from all over the world.

The Turkish government also plays an important role as it focuses at the present time on the investment side.
and gives it great importance due to the matters that benefit the state.

One of the main factors in the establishment of the modern state and an important factor in the state’s renaissance

أفضل العقارات في اسطنبول

The Turkish government’s role in facilitating investment operations:

Therefore, the Turkish government is working permanently to issue laws that help investors in Turkey and ease restrictions on them.

It also provides support to them and facilitates all operations and administrative procedures.

Today, we find the establishment of a company in Turkey that does not It takes only a few days.
thanks to the facilities and support provided by the government.

in addition to that, the Turkish government, according to the amendment it made in the investment law.

investors are able to obtain Turkish citizenship if they invest in an amount equivalent to 500 thousand US dollars.

قوة الجواز التركي

Turkish citizenship is within reach:

Under the recent amendments in the law, it became possible to obtain Turkish citizenship. This is through owning real estate in accordance with the law.

Where the Turkish government has now granted citizenship to everyone who owns real estate. And for an amount of not less than 250 thousand US dollars.

provided that the property is not sold before 3 years from the date of purchase.

From the beginning of the law amendment and until this day, we find many people who have obtained Turkish citizenship. And with their families without any problems or obstacles

 Did you find what you wanted? 

After reading this article and viewing many possibilities, we hope that the vision has become clear.

to those looking for a luxury apartment for sale in Istanbul, the city of history and beauty.

and that the possibilities have greatly helped in finding the right type of apartments that the buyer is looking for.

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