Mall of Istanbul, Your new shopping experience

Mall of Istanbul a new concept of shopping and entertainment:


largest shopping mall in istanbul and one of the city’s most prominent tourist destinations. It is intended for tourists in general, Arabs and foreigners.

It is mall of Istanbul and the best mall in istanbul without a doubt.

This is simply because it contains everything a person needs. Where you can take your family and go to mall of istanbul shops and get all the requirements of life from food, clothes, gifts and more.

It takes more than a day to visit this mall and discover all its secrets… This is according to the opinion of many visitors.

Mall of Istanbul opened its doors to visitors in 2014.

As for mall of istanbul opening hours, they are from 10 am to 10 pm, throughout the week.

212 mall istanbul


What does the design of mall of Istanbul look like?

This mall, which is considered the best mall in istanbul consists of 7 main towers. Its design is inspired by the charming city of Istanbul. An office tower, a large hotel, and a huge shopping mall. As for the complex, it consists of 4 residential towers.

akbati mall istanbul

Where is mall of Istanbul located?

Within the Basaksehir district on the European side of Istanbul. And on the main artery that connects the famous Ataturk Airport and the TEM highway with the northern Marmara highway. At this particular important point is located the best shopping mall in istanbul, mall of Istanbul.


How do I get to mall of Istanbul?

This question is very important and asked by everyone who wants to visit mall of Istanbul.

So, to get to this mall by means of transportation. You can ride metro mall istanbul via mall of istanbul metro station. M1 from Yenikapi or Aksaray using M16 line to Kirazli station. After that, you can take the free train to get to Basaksehir. And at a distance of 800 meters on foot, you will find the mall in front of you.

 You can also reach the mall by using public buses from several stations. For example: via the metro bus line, you can reach YENIBOSNA station. Then take the bus 98H or 78B

And get off at the industrial city station. And right there you can find this mall before the bus station.

In addition, there are many taxis with drivers that you can ride to reach the mall.

doremusic mall of istanbul

What are the sections of mall of Istanbul?

As we talked about in the introduction to the article, this famous mall consists of 4 main sections:

1_ Residential complex: mall of istanbul high residence _ Istanbul apartments.

2_ Hotel with hotel apartments: mall of istanbul _ hotel.

3_ Commercial offices: mall of istanbul office.

4_ istanbul shopping mall.

mall 212 istanbul

1_ Residential Complex_ Mall of Istanbul:

With its distinctive architecture mall of istanbul. In addition, it combines luxury and originality. This building is not only considered the best shopping center in istanbul! It is also one of the best residential complexes.

The Mall of Istanbul project is considered the largest mixed-use project in Turkey. It is one of the main attractions in the city.

212 outlet mall istanbul

If you take an external look at the project, you will find that the selected building materials in the construction of istanbul mall. It provides comfort and elegance at the same time.

And we can’t ignore the smart home system that provides remote access. And control all the features of your home with one control center.

interior details:

In addition to all that, we find that the unique interior details of the complex achieve the highest levels of refined design taste.

From wooden doors to clear glass panels to insulated parquet floors.

So, you will eventually find yourself living within the beautiful architectural details.

merter istanbul shopping center

2_ Hotel apartments in mall of istanbul:

Here, luxury and elegance come together to make you happy.

This building consists of 25 sq.

As for the available options:






As for the space, it ranges between:

58 square meters to 251 square meters.

istanbul mall shops

3_ Commercial offices in mall of istanbul:

This is the right place for you if you decide to start launching

A new business. Here you can find luxury offices with a wide range of display options within the interior spaces, shopping, entertainment and services.

palladium mall istanbul

4_ Shopping centers in mall of istanbul:

This mall is undisputedly one of the the best shopping mall in istanbul!

It houses more than 350 stores and thousands of luxury brands locally and internationally. Here you can see how mall istanbul shopping combines shopping, entertainment, culture and art.

torium mall istanbul

Details of shopping center istanbul:

Mall space and layout:

The area of ​​the mall is about 156000 square meters. As for its design, the center extends distinctly over 4 floors.

As for the precise architectural details of Mall of Istanbul, they are derived from the architecture of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the historic Taksim Square and the Ottoman Yildiz Palace.

We see this clearly through the mall’s spacious halls, glass ceilings, and other beautiful details.

pelican mall istanbul

mall of istanbul shops list:

The shops in this mall are different and varied. We find stores of fashion, electronics, home furniture and toys. And many more mall of istanbul stores that will attract your interest. Such as shops schafer mall of istanbul for the sale of household appliances.

If you are shopping and want to eat a meal or some kind of local or international sweets, you may have to try the various and luxurious mall of istanbul restaurants. Where you can try eating one of the fast foods in midpoint mall of istanbul or popeyes mall of istanbul restaurant.

hilltown mall istanbul

Or try the famous restaurant krispy kreme mall of istanbul and taste the most delicious seafood at sushi mall of istanbul. In addition to delicious sweet shops such as mall of istanbul donut. And a lot of other shops and restaurants that cater to all tastes.

It also includes mall of istanbul, which is considered the most beautiful turkey mall istanbul. Many international brands that display the latest fashion, women’s and men’s fashion, bags and shoes, such as sephora mall of istanbul or rossman mall of istanbul and marks and spencer mall of istanbul and the famous mall of istanbul brandys.

And buy the most luxurious shoes from the store barrels and oil mall of istanbul.

mall jawahir istanbul

Entertainment activities in mall of istanbul:

In mall of istanbul you find an exceptional and different life.

Many activities and facilities are available to you.

mall of istanbul cinema – the largest in Turkey:

It includes this mall the largest cinema complex in Turkey.

It is a cinetech cinema. This cinema was established for the first time in 2006. It changed the cinematic concept in Turkey and added new and interesting dimensions to watching movies.

The first branch of this cinema was in Antalya. Then in Bursa and recently opened the largest cinema complex in Istanbul in this mall.

mall of istanbul rossman

What does cinetech cinemas offer?

1_ Attention to the selection of employees and the quality of the service provided.

2_ Provides a real experience of watching movies according to the highest international standards.

3_Provides the latest innovations in the development of cinematographic engineering.

Theater mall of istanbul:

This theater represents art and culture in the most beautiful way. Within city mall istanbul. Here, artists and bands present popular and international performances to the audience live.

capitol mall istanbul

In addition to various other activities such as:

Circus shows – puppet theater and children’s theater – seasonal sports entertainment.


You can also, during your experience of recreational activities, try moi park mall of istanbul. The largest amusement park in Turkey.

apple store mall of istanbul

To learn more about mall of istanbul and know mall of istanbul address accurately. You can search on the Internet for mall of istanbul wikipedia.


Other notable shopping malls in Istanbul:

1_ Emaar square istanbul:

In 2017, the opening of emaar square mall istanbul in the Asian side of Istanbul. With an area of ​​150 thousand square meters. by Emaar, the UAE company.

Emaar shopping mall istanbul consists of 3 huge floors containing the best local and international brands. And within the atmosphere of the ancient historical city. To become emaar mall istanbul one of the most important malls in Istanbul. It is one of the most important places that attract tourists to the country.

mall historia istanbul

2_ Venezia mall istanbul:

When you visit istanbul venezia mall, you will see the beauty and charm of the Italian city of Venice, which is reflected in the most beautiful picture of the design of this imaginary place.

vanessa mall istanbul is located in the Osman Gazipasa district on the European side of Istanbul. The attention to the minute details of this shopping center is one of the most important reasons that make venicia mall istanbul the first destination for visitors to Istanbul.

venice mall in istanbul

venezia shopping mall istanbul:

Also known as venice mega mall outlet in istanbul.

outlet venezia istanbul includes more than 180 different stores.

While you are wandering in venice mall istanbul, you will marvel at the beauty of this place, which is a copy of the city of Venice.

mall venice istanbul consists of a large courtyard with a tower and around it the famous Italian restaurants and cafes.

brandys mall of istanbul

As for venezia mall istanbul shops, it is located on the banks of the amazing waterways. Many different products are offered.

In addition to the open floor, there is another underground floor within istanbul venice mall. There are many venezia mall istanbul stores that sell clothes, toys, home furniture and much more.

 In addition to this, there is a complex venezia outlet mall istanbul. Which includes the most luxurious apartments.

All this makes venezia istanbul mall the best outlet mall in istanbul.

tommy hilfiger mall of istanbul

3_ cevahir mall istanbul:

istanbul cevahir mall or we can say jawaher mall Sisli as it is located in the ancient Sisli district.

It is one of the best Sisli shopping mall in the area.

This interesting center the largest mall in istanbul is considered in Europe and the second largest in the world.

mall of istanbul wox

The area of mall cevahir istanbul or the so-called jawaher mall istanbul is about 620,000 square meters and extends over 6 floors.

It includes istanbul cevahir shops 280 shops and 34 fast food restaurants. And 14 exclusive restaurants in the center.

Under the roof of jawahir mall istanbul, endless activities are located. Where there are 12 IMAX 3D cinemas. It also includes a children’s cinema and many other recreational facilities.


Famous brands in jawaher mall istanbul stores: Zara – Adidas – Converse – Starbucks – McDonald’s – Kentucky – Pizza Hut.

kadikoy mall

4_ olivium mall istanbul:

mall olivium istanbul is considered one of the best outlet mall istanbul.

olivium outlet mall istanbul was opened in 2000 to be an integrated commercial entertainment center. It is located on a large area of ​​45 thousand square kilometers.

olivium istanbul mall includes many special events and activities such as:

Cinemas _ game centers _ restaurants _ cafes _ parking lots _ various types of stores.

5_ forum istanbul mall:

forum of istanbul mall is one of the top 10 shopping malls in the city.

It is a famous and popular shopping center not only in Turkey but also in the whole of Europe.

And because forum istanbul shops contains a variety of international and local brands. So, it is suitable for different strata of society.

6_ zorlu mall istanbul:

zorlu shopping center istanbul is one of the most beautiful newest malls in Istanbul in the Besiktas district of the European side of Istanbul. It offers many services that attract large numbers of tourists around the world. It is considered one of the best istanbul outlet shopping in Istanbul and Turkey.

7_ Istinye mall istanbul:

Istinye park mall istanbul is one of the most beautiful shopping malls in ISTINYE district in Istanbul, Turkey. With 291 stores. And the first IMAX track. And the best brands within istinye park istanbul shops in addition to many restaurants and cafes. So, within all this we can say that estenia mall istanbul is a great city of wonders. The mall istinye park istanbul was also able to spread a new concept of shopping in Turkey. To become estenia park mall istanbul an indispensable address for those looking for luxury and distinctive shopping.

8_ Viaport outlet istanbul:

viaport mall istanbul is one of the largest complex’s outlet istanbul mall. Tourists come to it from various places to enjoy various activities, and the amusement park that includes viaport istanbul outlet is one of the largest amusement parks in Istanbul.

The center includes 250 stores spread over 4 floors, a parking space for 4,000 cars, in addition to 10 theaters, and a wide range of restaurants, cafes and stores displaying various products.

9_ Kanyon mall istanbul:

kanyon shopping mall istanbul is the most exclusive shopping center in Turkey. This center was opened in 2006.

It includes 26 floors of tower offices. And 179 luxury housing.

kanyon istanbul mall is a different and new integration of shopping and entertainment.

It is a mixed-use project in the center of Istanbul.

It includes kanyon center istanbul:

160 stores – 9 cinema screens – a fitness center.

And a large number of restaurants, cafes and shops carrying the best local and international brands.

10_ optimum mall istanbul:

optimum outlet mall istanbul is an important and distinctive shopping center in the Asian side.

Specializes in selling vintage collections of famous brands. In addition, optimum mall istanbul shops list includes many restaurants and cafes.

11_ wadi istanbul mall:

wadi mall istanbul is one of Istanbul’s most important malls and commercial markets. This Center is located in Sariyer district in the European part of Istanbul. And vadi istanbul shops includes many products and clothes of international brands. In addition, vadi istanbul shopping mall includes a group of the most famous and popular restaurants, a children’s playroom and many different activities.

bakirkoy mall

12_ Nisantasi mall:

city mall Nisantasi is luxury mall istanbul representing the center of fashion and life in the city. It is one of the most shopping centers in Turkey and Europe. Nisantasi city mall has a unique architecture, and the design of Nisantasi shopping mall is harmoniously integrated with the original Nisantasi architecture. It features many local and international brands. In addition to the presence of a large number of the most famous restaurants and cafes.

city’s mall Nisantasi istanbul can be reached within 5 minutes from Besiktas and Taksim area.

mall turkey istanbul

13_ Ozdilek mall istanbul:

ozdilek park mall istanbul appeared in 2009.

In Levent, the heart of Istanbul. One of the most vital areas in the city.

It has 3000 employees, international hotel chains and many conference and meeting rooms. In addition to özdilekpark istanbul shopping mall.

mall of istanbul popeyes

14_ Marmara mall istanbul:

marmara park mall istanbul is one of the largest gathering’s mall istanbul outlet and one of the most popular places for tourists to spend the most beautiful times in Istanbul. This is due to the fact that it is a big mall in istanbul. It has 3 floors and contains 250 stores. marmara shopping mall istanbul is located in the famous Esenyurt district. It includes the most important stores that display the best local and international products.

15_ star city mall istanbul:

If you are looking for the cheapest shopping mall in istanbul turkey then starcity outlet istanbul is your ideal choice. This mall is one of the most popular malls among tourists and locals. Although it is far from the vital centers of Istanbul, it is easily accessible.

16_ levent mall:

levent mall istanbul or city mall istanbul is one of the most distinguished tourist destinations in Istanbul.

It is located in Levent district within Sisli. It is considered the best mall in Sisli istanbul. Founded in 2003 with a skyscraper. levent istanbul shopping mall includes many istanbul mall stores and shops that offer various products such as clothing, electronic products and cosmetics. In addition to many Turkish restaurants and famous international restaurants that are located on the last floor of Sisli mall Levent.


Shopping in mall of istanbul:

Istanbul is not only famous for its historical monuments and beautiful natural places! Rather, its wide fame includes entertainment venues and markets that transport the visitor to the city on an exciting journey in which he lives various experiences between the atmosphere of heritage and civilization sometimes and modernity and development at other times.

As a result, we find that shopping in mall of istanbul or any other shopping center in the city. No longer to buy necessities and daily requirements. Rather, it became a pleasure in itself and a means of entertainment that every visitor and tourist in the city would like to live in its details.


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