6 National Parks in Turkey You Must Visit

 National parks in turkey Do not miss the opportunity to visit:

Turkey has many tourist attractions. Some are historical and some are cultural. A visitor to this country can enjoy looking at its museums, mosques, palaces and castles. He can also enjoy the experience of eating in its restaurants and staying in its hotels. But if you really want to spend an unforgettable time during your stay in Turkey, you should try national parks in turkey.

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National parks in turkey you have to know:

Turkey has 42 official national parks that are rich in enchanting landscapes. The importance of national parks in Turkey lies in their vast areas and their incubation of many rare and endangered animals and plants. And your visit to this kind of gardens in Turkey, rich and interesting, is a great opportunity to seize.

Now let’s get to know together the 7 most beautiful national parks in turkey:

 1_Goreme national park turkey:

This park is not only one of the oldest (national parks in Turkey) but one of the oldest in the whole world. It is located in the center of Turkey in the province of Nevşehir. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Under the name göreme national park and the rock sites of cappadocia.

This park is famous for its high plateaus and hills. Its winding rocky landscape takes the form of a chimney.

rock sites of cappadocia

The visitor can notice the large number of shelters and tunnels dug in the middle of the surrounding mountains. The reason for this is that the Goreme Protectorate was located in the midst of conflicting empires, among which there were many wars. Like the Greek and Persian empires. These wars were the reason behind digging these tunnels in the middle of the mountains so that people could escape through them.

goreme national park of cappadocia

From this it becomes clear that goreme national park of cappadocia is one of the most beautiful and strangest national parks in turkey. Within this garden there is a hotel for visitors to stay, located within the garden’s caves. You can also enjoy a balloon ride to see the garden from above. It is a breathtaking scenery, especially at sunrise.

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2_ Yedigoller national park turkey:

Yedigoller Garden or Seven Lakes Garden. One of the most national parks in turkey that is worth visiting.

It is located in the Turkish province of Bolu, near the coast of the Black Sea.

This park contains many animals such as mountain cats, squirrels, foxes and other distinctive animals.

In addition to many plants and trees. Citizens and tourists consider this park one of the best because of its beautiful landscapes.

The park consists of 7 lakes formed by rockslides and water accumulation. Each of these lakes reflects a charming natural painting. yedigoller turkey Garden offers a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy unlimited green spaces and landscapes.

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3_Saklikent national park turkey:

This national park is located in the Mediterranean region. Within the borders of Sugla and Antalya provinces. We can consider it one of the most popular national parks in turkey. This park, located in the vicinity of the valley, is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty. You can enjoy the most beautiful picnic ever if you go to the park between April and November. We also note the main reasons that make this national park popular. It is really ideal for exciting water sports.

iğneada floodplain forests national park

We can consider Saklikent and its surroundings with fresh natural springs, high mountains, green valleys and long rivers. It is one of the most attractive places for tourists and visitors who want to enjoy exciting water games in the open air. Ex: river rafting.

And while you are roaming within this park down the rivers of the valley. You will see many distinctive and interesting plants.

And if you visit the park in the winter. Do not worry, then you will be able to enjoy the experience of the wonderful ski resorts within the park.


4_ Iğneada floodplain forests national park:

This unique park covers an area of ​​3.155 hectares and is located in the town of iğneada on the Turkish-Bulgarian border.

This park is considered one of the national parks in turkey and constitutes a nature reserve in its own right. It is managed by the Directorate General for Nature Conservation and National Parks.

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The park constitutes a rare ecosystem. It consists of swamps, lakes and coastal sand dunes. In addition, this garden embraces many different plants. It is under protection by an international agreement.

Visiting this park is an adventure like no other. A fun trip to explore different patterns and types of plants and animals. Thus, for visitors, the forest will not be just a pleasant journey among the trees and plants. Rather, it will be a scientific and knowledge journey that will certainly enrich your culture.

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5_ Birds Paradise National Park:

This park is located within the city of Balikasir in the Marmara Sea region. It is one of the national parks in turkey, which is characterized by being a path for the convergence of migratory birds from Anatolia to Europe.

It also includes Lake Manyas Kush, which is a natural source that fluctuates the water level during the seasons of the year.

 national parks in turkey

Visitors to this park can enjoy watching flamingos, ostriches, peacocks and birds of prey. And other different birds. This park has been designed according to international standards. This is in order to provide the birds with a suitable environment similar to the environment in which they live.

You can also see different types of trees such as lemon, willow and pine. This makes the park a special attraction for tourists from all over the world.


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6_ Soğuksu National Park:

It is considered one of the best national parks in turkey. Contains 160 different species of birds. The most important of them is the black eagle placed under global protection. The black eagle is also used as a symbol of the area.

This park is located 80 km from the Turkish capital, Ankara. In the area Kızılcahamam. The park contains a lot of hot and cold hot springs. We can consider it as one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the country.

It is also one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that give its visitors an opportunity to enjoy many activities, the most important of which are: walking, hiking, swimming in warm waters and climbing mountains. And preserve special moments with family and friends by taking memorial photos.

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Why national parks in turkey?

In the end, after reading the article, you may really discover the importance of these parks and why you should choose them as your first destination if you are lucky and visit Turkey. The Turkish government has made parks and gardens among the most prominent areas distinguished by its nature and scenic beauty for visitors, citizens and tourists alike. By protecting the national parks in Turkey, they are fully prepared to be a destination for tourists from all over the world.

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