Place to visit in Istanbul

places to visit in Istanbul


Istanbul is one of the biggest big cities in the world. There are two sides for Istanbul Europe and Asian side. Besides, there are many things to see in Istanbul on both sides. Istanbul founded around 900 BC. The colony of Byzantium grew into the Byzantine Empire’s significant capital of Constantinople. After that, the Ottoman conquest of the city retained its glorious place as the capital city. And the heart of their empire.

The city renamed officially to Istanbul after the founding of the Turkish republic. And who visit Istanbul will see the Historical diversity from 900 BC until 2020.
You May ask yourself wherein Istanbul tourist attractions?


Let me show you the best Istanbul places to visit and in my opinion the best istanbul touristic places :


1. Aya Sofya:

Aya Sofia Mosque

The grand old Hagia Sophia has a very complicated history, as same as Istanbul itself. Starting its life as a church (Church of Holy Wisdom). It was turning as a mosque after Ottoman conquest. And now it is a museum and the dome it is a very important simple in the old city. The building remains one of the top attractions for tourists from different regions. and one of the best historical places to visit in istanbul


My dear reader. If you check the Istanbul tourist map you will see that the Aya Sofya located in Sultanahmet. And this place is one of the best places to visit in Istanbul.

Aya sofia mosque in istanbul

in addition if you are interested with old mosque i think Aya sofya have great history and the best istanbul mosques to visit and see the old history that shown inside the mosque.

Reference : Aya Sofya

2. Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayi):

istanbul best tourist places topkapi


They were first built by Mehmet conqueror in the 15th century. This glorious palace beside Bosphorus where the sultans of the Ottoman Empire controlled the countries up to the 19th century in that palace.


The palace shows the old Islamic art. besides the excellent example of Middle Eastern architecture. It has sweeping courtyards, pools, grand gates and hundreds of rooms. The details are opulent, with gorgeous carvings, stained glass, and tiles.

turkey sightseeing -istanbul Topkapi

Here is one of the top places to visit in Istanbul the castle is massive and ancient. If you visited the palace, you would see how the sultans were living in the glory age of that century.

in my opinion if you find istanbul personal tour guide “maybe on of your friend “. he will know the Tobkapi Palace.


must visit places istanbul - Topkapi

Reference : Topkapi 

3. Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii):


most visited places in istanbul - Blue mosque

Sultan Ahmet was a beautiful significant gift to his city was this mosque. The mosque we call it a Blue Mosque today. The Blue Mosque built between 1609 and 1616. The mosque established with six minarets. Besides the mosque is one of Istanbul’s famous places.


Blue Mosque istanbul it is nice places to visit

The mosque gets its name from its interior decoration of nine thousand of Iznik tiles. The interior design for the mosque made it one of the most exceptional achievements of Ottoman architecture. The most beautiful thing you will see if you visit the place of the Blue Mosque and Aya Sofia. In addition to the gardens between both of them, until now is one of Istanbul’s famous places.


must go places in istanbul Blue mosque

If you ask any Istanbul tourist guide, Firstly will ask you: ” say did you visit Blue mosque? “, so we recommend this place for you.


4- Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarniçi):

istanbul famous places to visit Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarniçi)

The Basilica Cistern is among Istanbul’s most tourist attractions. Besides, it is one of the best Istanbul tourist places. This vast, palace-like underground hallway, supported by 336 columns in 1 2 rows. Also that this hall kept the imperial water source for the emperors, the project has begun by Constantine but finished by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century.

A number of the columns utilized in construction has been recycled from earlier classical structures. And comprise ornamental carvings. If you visit this place you will see the water around the columns with light around it will give a unique view of the place.

my dear reader, I think this place is one of Istanbul historical places you would like to visit

Location: Yerebatan Caddesi, Sultanahmet

Reference : Best place to visit in istanbul 

5- Hippodrome:


Hippodrome - sites to visit in istanbul

On the northwest side is just a fountain. It was a present for Ottoman sultan from the German Emperor William II in 1898. After that, if you go to the south. There are three monuments. The length for each of them around 20-meter top Egyptian obelisk (out of Heliopolis). Besides a stone obelisk that formerly was clad at gold-covered bronze plating until they indeed were stolen in 1204.

The Early Hippodrome was begun by Septimius Severus in AD 203 and completed by Constantine the Great. This was the scene of most games that are mythical and chariot races and the center of Byzantine life that is public. In addition to battles. Today, there isn’t a lot of that Hippodrome left to watch. Except for just a small portion of those gallery walls on the southern aspect.

Hippodrome is best places to see in istanbul

I think it is a long history and there is a lot of Istanbul tourist information and fairy-tail if you are interested in history.

My dear reader, the Hippodrome and the area around it are one of the exciting places to see in Istanbul.

in adtion if you come in December it will be generally cold so in my opinion it is of good places to visit in istanbul in december.

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6- Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çarsi)

Grand pazar famous places in turkey istanbul

My dear reader. There are many places for “istanbul tourism”. But let me tell you about “Grand bazaar”

It is one of the famous places to visit in Istanbul. It is a big covered market lined by shops and stalls selling every souvenir and handicraft you can imagine. And you can enter to the bazaar from 11 gates. Besides there are many traders make transactions insides until today. Near the bazaar’s Divanyolu Caddesi entrance is the Burned Column. This stump (still 40 meters high) of a porphyry column set up by Constantine the Great in his forum. Until 1105, it bore a bronze statue of Constantine.

Gran pazar Good places to visit in european side of istanbul

For many people, Istanbul sightseeing is as much as shopping attractions, museums, and the Grand Bazaar is where everyone comes. This vast covered market is the world’s first shopping mall, taking up a whole city quarter, surrounded by thick walls, between the Nure Osmaniye Mosque and Beyazit Mosque. The Beyazit Mosque (built-in 1498-1505) itself occupies the site of Theodosius I’s Forum and has an architecture inspired by the Aya Sofya.


7- Spice Bazaar (Misir Pazar):

Spice Bazaar one of the best tourism place in istanbul 2018 is you can get the best Turkish Candy “lokum Turkish candy,” medicinal plant, nuts, dried fruit “like Raisin, dates and more “and if you look to the sightseeing map Istanbul you will see the place near Eminunu.

istanbul tourist spots on the product at grand pazar

Before the Ottoman Empire levied Taxes on the Egyptian product to encourage the domestic product, those taxes help the empire to build this beautiful covered market. As a result, this is the main reason to call it the Egyptian market. And it is one of the entertainment places in Istanbul to visit even if you do not want to buy anything, but you will meet something new in that place.

Spice pazar on of the best place to visit in all istanbul

Because the market is very amazing places to visit in Istanbul so typically very crowded, and you will see many tourists in that place so try to go there before 11 o’clock and after four o’clock.

Some tourist guides said about it: “best tourist area in Istanbul and one of the top 10 places to visit Istanbul” but in my opinion grand Pazar is much beautiful.

Spice pazar is the best places to visit in istanbul

In the other entrance, there is a “Yani Cami “in English, which means the new mosque which built-in 1663. Sure it is old for the one of the oldest city in the world.


7- Dolmabahce Palace :

Dolmabahçe Palace - istanbul must see and do
Dolmabahçe Palace place to visit in istanbul

Dolmabace palace shown the influence between the ottoman empire and European country regarding the architected and the beautiful design of the castle in the 19th century. And today, the palace is one of Istanbul’s main attractions. Dolmabace built to be instated of Topkapi palace as the significant residence for the sultans.

turkey istanbul visiting places dolmabahce
Dolmabahce Best place to visit in istanbul

The palace located on the European side on the Bosphorus Strait, originally the area was used as a port for the Ottman empire because the water over there it is not that deep.
After the 17th century, the place changed to the big garden with full flowers, especially tulip with a couple of pavilions named Besiktas Waterfront Palace. Wich, the sultans, used to go there and relax. And today, it becomes the most popular place in Istanbul.

istanbul map sightseeing Dolmabahce
Dolmabace with the view

Dolmabace means in English “filled garden.” In 1843 sultan abdulmajed order to built a new place and change all the old buildings in that area.

Garabet and Nikogos Balyan, who was responsible for the construction they finished the palace in 1856.
After that, the palace used to be a winter palace instated of the old one.
On 110.000 SQM construction and 250.000 just a garden, sure it will be Istanbul top places to visit and see this magnificent palace.

Dolmabahce Museum it is istanbul turkey tourist attractions
Dolmabahce Museum

Today, the palace changed to the museum, and you can visit that museum and is open daily between 09:00 and 16:00 except Mondays.
If you are sitting in Taksim, you can take the metro from Taksim to Kabatas, and then you will walk around 10 Minutes there.

8. Süleymaniye Mosque

It is one of the best Istanbul historical places.

In fact the Suleymaniye  Mosque is one of the familiar distinguished milestones of Istanbul.

places to visit in fatih istanbul - Suleymaniye mosque
one of the list of places to visit in istanbul Süleymaniye mosque

Although The mosque located above the Sultanahmet district on the big hill. The mosque built for Süleyman by the legendary Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, between 1549 and 1575.

best area to stay in istanbul for tourists süleymaniye mosque
In the mosque, there are Ten beautiful balconies with four minarets.

Also the fairytale said:

The ten terraces mean that the Suleyman was the 10th sultan after the empire was started,

And 4 Minarets mean that Süleyman was the fourth ottoman sultans rule this city.

tourist places near istanbul süleymaniye mosque
place to visit in Istanbul

The mosque was huge from inside. Besides, that dome was very big, also it is almost the same as Aya Sofia with the Byzantine basilica.

Outside the mosque, there is a vast garden, and there is also a tomb for the great architect in addition to the grave for Süleyman and his wife.

9. Japon Bahcesi baltalimani (Japanese Garden)


The restoration of the Japanese Garden has enhanced Turkish-Japanese culture.

The Japanese garden located in Istanbul district of Baltalimanı

Also it restored with the help of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul (IMM).

And the government of Japan.

It was worth seeing the traditional tea ceremony and dances performed at the opening ceremony with the participation of the Metropolitan Municipality of Mayor Istanbul and the Mayor of Shimonoseki City.

Japanese garden
Japanese garden

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality designed the Japanese Garden with the aid of the Japanese government. In the renovated Japanese Garden, which had thousands of years of history, culture, and civilization, both ancient civilizations met.

Both countries feel friendly and sympathetic to each other.

Turkey attaches priority to strengthening political, economic, and trade links, while at the same time promoting cultural activities.

Baltalimanı Japanese Garden

This simple garden is the perfect place to take a relaxing walk and let your eyes rest on the unobtrusive little Little ornamental detail here and there.

Japanese garden in spring
Japanese garden in spring

Although The garden contains:

Sculptures and relics, sent as gifts from Japan as well as a variety of Japan-born trees and flowers, and sometimes even art exhibitions.

Also It contains elements of the Japanese landscape, such as botany, dry garden, waterfall, artificial pool, bridge, granite lanterns, and a Japanese Tea House that is not currently active.

Besides It is a rare implementation of the landscape, with its specific structure.

Also different from the parks that we used to.

And worth seeing even for this reason.

But it’s not inviting, because, at first sight, the walls surrounding the garden give the impression of private property. This Japanese Garden, now partly developed alongside the Baltalimanı Brook, contradicts the infamous scent of the brook, high up to heaven.

Emirgan Mah., Sakıp Sabancı Cd. No:76, 34470 Sarıyer/İstanbul

10. Chora Church (Kariye Müzesi): 

Chora in Greek means “country” originally called the Church of St. Saviour of Chora and it was a church before and located out side the walls of Constantinople’s city.

In fact we think that the Church was probably built in the 4th century.

As a result, what we see today is a building from the 6th century. The worth mentioning my dear reader, is the Church destroyed completely in the 9th century and went to several facelifts from 10 to 14 th century.

church Istanbul

This church has a very long history. Besides the long age and it may equal to Istanbul itself.

The church (now a museum) is world-famous for its vibrant 14th-century mosaics.

It is maintained nearly complete in two narthexes. Besides, fragmentarily in the nave,

Also the frescoes together the walls and domes.

These extreme cases of Byzantine artistry cover a wide variety of themes, from the genealogy of Christ into the New Testament stories.


chora-church Istanbul



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