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places to visit in turkey do not forget to put it on your list:

If you ask us about the most beautiful places to visit in turkey, we will not stop giving your ideas. No wonder that! As turkey is a beautiful country and vast country. It is the largest home to beautiful landscapes. So, the idea of ​​searching for turkey places to visit is not difficult. You will even be surprised how long best bucket list places to visit in Turkey. Which you must definitely see during your stay in Turkey even once. From green mountains to golden sands, Mediterranean beaches and everything in between. Everything from nature and ancient civilizations is an extra place for anyone who came to Turkey in search of excellence and beauty.

best bucket list places to visit in Turkey

beautiful places to visit in turkey _You will never forget them:

Whereas best places to visit in turkey are far from the famous and well-known places. It takes a lot of travel time to get there. However, it is considered an important attraction for tourists from all over the world. While there are many turkey beautiful places that are worth visiting. However, we have chosen for you a list of the most beautiful places in turkey. Which you’ll really want to put at the top of your bucket list places.

best places to visit in turkey

1_ Pamukkale Calcium Ponds:

This place is not only beautiful! Rather, it is one of the wonders of nature. These puddles look like cotton castles from afar. One of the most visited places in turkey. These pools were formed due to the formation of thin white calcium. These calcium deposits were formed in the same way as limestone. These are ponds filled with warm, mineral-rich water. Every month thousands of people from different parts of the world flock to this place in order to get to know best places in turkey and enjoy the mineral waters.

Pamukkale various activities:

And to take advantage of the natural properties of the treatment in these ponds. In addition to the various activities that you can do, such as:

Hot air balloon rides that let you see the landscape from above. Or paddle in the water pools while enjoying the wonderful natural surroundings and stunning landscapes. And before you finish, do not forget to go to the city of Hierapolis to enjoy swimming in the natural waters within the Cleopatra Pool, which covers the pillars of the ancient city.

2_Cappadocia_City of History:

Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful cities in turkey. And the most prominent tourist destinations in the country for those interested in history and ancient civilizations. This impressive area contains a group of archaeological monuments dating back to different eras and civilizations. This makes it one of the most visited cities in turkey and it is actually more than just one place. Exploring the entire area takes 3 to 4 days. But the most characteristic of the region is the presence of unique nature. In addition to the fairy chimneys that were formed thousands of years ago. due to weather and wind factors.

Cappadocia an ancient history and an experience of imagination:

 These magnificent sculptures left by time as a natural and historical evidence of civilizations established on this earth. She had another role since ancient times. Where the locals carved houses and churches in it. They built hundreds of small underground cities to protect against enemies. Therefore, this place deserves the title the most beautiful turkish cities.

As for the best time to see the landscape of the area. It is through living the experience of riding a balloon during the early morning hours. And seeing the place from the top as a wonderful scene that takes your breath away. You can also visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites located in Cappadocia, Goreme Open Air Museum.


3_ Oludeniz Beach – Fethiye:

If you are looking for the most beautiful places to visit in turkey. You will find in Oludeniz what you are looking for. This small village has been transformed into a wonderful resort overlooking the turquoise coasts in the southwest of Turkey. Foreigners in particular come from everywhere to see the most beautiful landscapes and enjoy the color of the clear blue water. In addition to the presence of many types of plants and trees.

And since its beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We find photographers come to it to capture stunning images. As a result of the picturesque scenery and distinctive colors, Oludeniz Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

Parachute jump experience:

And if you have the opportunity to visit Oludeniz. You should not miss the opportunity to jump from the parachute from the top of Mount Badagh. And enjoy watching the blue lake from the top. Which is characterized by beauty and tranquility. It is the first destination for those who wish to explore the turkey beauty places.

turkey best visit places

4_ Butterfly Valley Nature Reserve:

Butterfly Valley or Butterfly Garden. It is a Turkish nature reserve that is the largest in the European continent in terms of area. Because of its charming beauty, picturesque nature, and the presence of many flocks of butterflies, we can classify it as one of the best places in turkey. As for its location, it is located in Konya, in the middle of the Anatolian Plateau in Turkey. We can consider the waterfall that descends from the narrow valley to a sweet and beautiful river watering the trees and lavender flowers. One of the scenes that makes you sure that turkey is beautiful country is really!

Butterfly Valley can be reached on foot or by taking a water taxi in the Oludeniz region, which speaks twice a day.

Activities in the Valley:

The valley also includes many paths leading to a series of waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes. You can really walk around and enjoy the scenery, see the beautiful butterflies and take many souvenir photos of the clear blue water. This is what makes Butterfly Valley a beautiful place with unparalleled nature. As a result, we can put Butterfly Valley in the list of the most beautiful places in turkey to visit.

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5_ Patara:

If you visit Patara. You will not feel the luxury and sophistication of the place. However, we can only add it to the list of the most beautiful places to visit in turkey. Perhaps the secret behind this is its natural, rustic beauty that fascinates you to return to it again and again. Perhaps the most important characteristic of the long sandy beach. It is the longest beach in Turkey and one of the best places to go in turkey.

It is an ideal destination for lovers of peace and tranquility due to its calm atmosphere far from the noise and crowding. Then you can go smoothly to the heart of the city, which is the best cities to visit in turkey. And explore the ancient ruins located in the lap of nature. You can also ride horses, roam around the city, and try another type of excursion.

turkey beautiful places to visit

6_ Antalya Falls:

You can visit Antalya Waterfalls one of the best places that you can put on your bucket list locations. Watch the stunning scenery and take many souvenir photos. Start by visiting the Lower Duden Falls located near Lara Beach. As for the best way to see them in full view, a boat is a good way. After that go to the upper Duden Falls. Which is one of the most popular turkey places to go for locals and tourists during the summer. Finally, Kursunlu is another very beautiful waterfall that you can pass by during your visit to the region and passing through the best places to go in turkey.

turkey country beautiful places

7_ Lake Van:

The famous Lake Van is located 5 km east of Van best cities to visit in turkey. The lake is the largest lake in Turkey and one of the pretty places in turkey. It is a volcanic lake formed as a result of the eruption of Mount Nemrut volcano. It has unparalleled beauty in the world. But what distinguishes the lake and makes it one of the best places to visit in turkey. It is the taste of breakfast meals during your visit to the lake, which the Turkish people say is the best.

If you suffer from asthma or chronic lung disease. You will find in the waters of Lake Van the cure. Where studies have proven that lake water has the ability to heal such diseases. This is another reason why you should put the lake on your bucket list places to visit.

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8_ Mardin Old City:

This beautiful city is one of the most beautiful cities turkey. It is truly the undisputed gem of eastern Turkey. When you visit the city, you will realize that the thing really special about it is not its beautiful nature. Rather, the city’s ancient architecture. And make it one of the best places to visit in turkey. You will find that the civilization of the ancient city is embodied in everything. Even in the air and nature prevails. So, the locals are keen to preserve their cultural heritage which you can feel in every nook and cranny of the city.

turkey country places to visit

9_ Mount Nemrut:

One of the best places to visit in turkey. The most attractive for tourists. Archaeological works on the ancient structures on the mountain have revealed the heads of statues dating back to the first century BC. It was confirmed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. So, when it comes to antiquities. The Mount Nemrut climbs to the top of the most popular places to visit in turkey.

Although its location is far from compared to other historical sites. However, many people who want to explore turkey best places to visit put it in their itinerary for its scientific value.

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10_ Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque:

Not just two places! But they are important historical buildings. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the Blue Mosque are among the most beautiful examples in which the visitor can feel the architecture in the most beautiful picture. How can humanity put an architectural masterpiece with their heart and soul together! That is why we find such buildings are among the most beautiful places to visit in turkey. Aya Sophia shows the splendor and beauty of the great Islamic calligraphy. As for the Blue Mosque, we find its splendor and beauty, which highlight the interior design and decoration of the mosque. Which adds an atmosphere of calm and psychological peace. Thus, we are witnessing two architectural masterpieces that are considered one of the most beautiful of the most beautiful places to visit in turkey and among the most charming turkey cities to visit Istanbul.

most visited city in turkey

11_ Sumela Monastery:

If you decide to go to Sumela Monastery. You should know that in addition to that, you will visit one of the turkey best places to go. However, the beauty of the nature surrounding Sumela Monastery and the presence of many archaeological rooms will require you to spend a great deal of time to see everything and give each part of the place its due. This Orthodox monastery is amazingly carved in the rock amidst the picturesque nature. Therefore, the site is an ideal place to take souvenir photos. Sumela Monastery includes a small cafe where the visitor can have his meal in conjunction with watching one of the most beautiful and wonderful views in Turkey. And enjoy the landscape that is the most beautiful in turkey.

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12_ Ayder Plateau_ The picturesque nature:

Most of the people who come from abroad to look for places to visit in turkey and to see the most beautiful cities in turkey tend to head to the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. But for people who prefer turkey best places for visit in the lap of calm nature in order to relax and live moments of calm. You can put Ayder Plateau in the best bucket list you can get.

Ayder Plateau is located in the pine forests of the Kakar Mountains. Spend your vacation in the lap of nature and see its sarcastic waterfalls and homes made of local materials. It is like a dream vacation that you will not be able to forget.

Ayder_ a hidden treasure:

 Whereas, the Black Sea region is a hidden treasure. We find that the most popular destination among the plateaus of the Black Sea region is the Ayder Plateau. Which one visit will not be enough for you to see all its beauty and explore all its secrets.

most beautiful city of turkey

13_Uzungol_Long Lake:

This beautiful lake is located in the Trabzon region the most beautiful city in turkey and the most attractive for tourists. When you visit Uzungol Lake, you will really feel the grandeur and beauty of Mother Nature. So, tourists put it at the top of their list beautiful places in turkey to visit. Visiting the village of Uzungol is an excellent opportunity to enjoy watching the scenery and walking long distances. And an opportunity to explore turkey most visited cities. Then you can take a walk and relax on the banks

The charming lake. And take many souvenir photos. The restaurants and accommodations in the area are reasonably priced. So, don’t worry about this.

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14_ Camlihemsin in Rize:

Here we can highlight the little-known northeast of Turkey. Such as Camlihemsin, known for its historic old stones and Ottoman bridge. You can also see the wonderful waterfalls, wooden bridges, many mosques and mountain villages that make Camlihemsin one of the beautiful cities of turkey and one of the best places to visit in turkey. Visiting the place in the summer will make you feel the joy and splendor of the colors of nature. Firtina Valley is the most beautiful in the region. It is an ideal place to live the experience of exploring the Black Sea region.

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places to visit in turkey _ The bucket list places to go Will Never End:

In addition to mentioning best cities in turkey to visit. The country is full of many important sites, which are no less important than the sites we mentioned. This is not surprising! Looking at the history of Turkey and the rise and fall of many empires in this country. This includes the Romans, the Ottomans, the Persians and the Turks. And even Iskandar, who conquered many countries, including Turkey. But we tried to include in our list most beautiful turkish cities that attract tourists from all over the world to see it. So, visit turkey soon in case you are not there and add these areas to your beautiful bucket.

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