What drives you to buy a property in istanbul?

What drives you to buy a property in istanbul?

Istanbul has been home to humans for thousands of years.

Since then, many people have considered it the most beautiful place to live. Istanbul has always welcomed visitors. Therefore, property in istanbul today is the official home of at least 15 million people.

Residential istanbul real estate is spread all over Istanbul. Which consists of 39 residential areas. It includes the best types property for sale in istanbul.

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What Determines istanbul property prices?

Because Istanbul is a big city. It is no wonder that it includes different types property turkey istanbul and different prices.

Some offers are centralized, such as offers property for sale in istanbul city center.

And some others enjoy charming breathtaking views, such as houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul offers.

And other offers that we find in places where there are many means of transportation and public services and enjoy a high level of luxury. Like offers istanbul luxury real estate.

This all depends on the location and the width itself, in addition to the quality of finishes and proximity to transportation. All of these things go into determining the house prices in istanbul. It can vary average house price in istanbul between high and low depending on the presence of a property in istanbul within the city center or in the suburbs.

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Istanbul real estate prices:

The price per square meter may range between $500 buy property in istanbul in the suburbs. To thousands of US dollars when buying homes in istanbul in the modern or central neighborhoods close to the center. Such as offers property for sale in Sultanahmet istanbul, which is a central area within Istanbul.

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What are the types of residential property in istanbul?

Today in Istanbul there are a lot of offers property for sale in turkey istanbul. Which includes many offers houses for sale in istanbul and offers villa for sale in istanbul and many more.

This is due to the great diversity of the vast city of Istanbul. real estate turkey istanbul has a great diversity and attractiveness that attracts many people and investors from all over the world. Starting with old real estate offers old apartments for sale in istanbul. And the latest real estate new apartments in istanbul for sale.

1_ Apartment for sale in istanbul:

apartments in turkey istanbul are the most popular housing in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general.

And offers apartments in istanbul are available all over Istanbul with different prices and offers.

Where you can buy flat for sale in istanbul in individual buildings or within residential complexes.

And if you choose to search for apartment for sale in turkey istanbul within the complexes. This will provide you with a complete lifestyle and not just a place to stay or live. Most of the residential complexes that provide houses in istanbul are offered for sale. Minimum security services which include:

  • 24-hour security.
  • security cameras
  • Portals.

In addition to cleaning and maintenance services, which include all buildings, common facilities, landscapes, landscaped gardens, and closed parking lots.

The complexes also provide:

  • Fitness centers.
  • Sauna and Turkish bath.
  • Children’s playgrounds.
  • Swimming pools and sports fields.

Based on the offers house for sale in turkey istanbul, the facilities that are inherent in the residential complexes may differ from one place to another.

Most families prefer buy apartment in istanbul within the complexes because it provides security for them and their families.

It also saves them time, effort and money. Because there are all services near them.

Where are these complexes located?

Although it is difficult to find istanbul homes for sale downtown. Within the complexes, however, there are many offers houses in turkey istanbul for sale within the complexes if we head towards the suburbs and move away from the middle of the money. We find that the smallest size provided by the apartment complexes is studio apartment for sale in istanbul or 1 + 0, where the number 0 refers to the number of rooms and the number 1 to the hall.

As for the most common residential offers property in turkey istanbul. It is a 1+1 offer (one bedroom and salon). This offer meets the basic needs of the population at the lowest cost. So, it is the most demanded and popular offer. Larger slit sizes are also available as we head towards the suburbs. Where large families can find offers (3 bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul). that fit their needs.

2_ villas in istanbul:

villas for sale in turkey istanbul offers have always been the first goal for anyone who dreams of buying a luxury property in istanbul. As for the features and characteristics that you get when buy villa in istanbul, it is the wonderful natural view and the large area. As a result, luxury villa istanbul cannot be built anywhere. However, in the wonderful city of Istanbul, we can find offers luxury villas in istanbul for sale almost everywhere in the city except in the city center, where offers villas in turkey istanbul are less.

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Best Offers Villas:

  As for the best offer’s villa for sale in istanbul sea view are those located on both sides of the Bosphorus. There are also many offers cheap villa for sale in istanbul in different areas of Istanbul, such as Beylikdüzü offers, which are characterized by the fact that the villa price in istanbul Beylikdüzü fits everyone’s budget. Especially the villas in Deniz istanbul project within Beylikdüzü, where Deniz istanbul villa prices is considered one of the best villas offers in the region due to its sea view.

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3_ flats in istanbul _Penthouse:

Penthouses are the perfect choice for anyone looking for homes for sale in istanbul turkey. It is available in modern complexes and towers. Such as the offers of the famous Maslak area with its amazing towers that provide maslak istanbul apartments for sale. In the near future, most of the new residential complexes will have duplex apartment offers among their options. Either on the lower floors or on the upper floors.

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Why choose property in istanbul to buy:

Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey and for many reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Istanbul is the largest commercial center in the country. Therefore, most companies are located in it, the most important of which are real estate companies that help you buy house in istanbul in proportion to your needs.
  • The most important tourist city in the country. Because of its picturesque nature and beautiful landscapes, the most important of which is its view of the Bosphorus Strait. Therefore, apartments for sale in istanbul sea view is one of the most sought-after offers in the real estate market.
  • Istanbul is one of the most advanced Turkish cities in the country in terms of modern transportation. And its advanced and powerful infrastructure. All this drives people to search for homes for sale in istanbul turkey.
  • Recent studies tell us that the demand for istanbul real estate for sale. Especially the offers istanbul condos for sale have increased dramatically in the recent period by local and foreign investors.
  • Istanbul is also a city that is expanding day by day. Therefore, many new residential projects are being built in it that offer the most beautiful offers property in istanbul for sale.

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Istanbul regions offer the best offers property in istanbul for sale:

  1_ Real estate istanbul Taksim:

apartments for sale in istanbul Taksim is a goal for everyone who wants to search for property in turkey for sale istanbul the city center. Taksim is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul and one of the most popular with tourists.

So, it is considered buy flat in istanbul Taksim. A dream for every domestic and foreign investor.

Also, furnished apartments for rent in istanbul Taksim offers are among the most sought after offers by the tourist’s category.

Although apartment price in istanbul is the highest. Because of the area’s location, good services, and transportation that connects all the area together. Therefore, we find that buy house in turkey istanbul Taksim is still increasing day by day.

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2_ Nisantasi apartments for sale:

Nisantasi, which is located within the famous Sisli district on the European side of Istanbul. It is the ideal place for those looking for istanbul luxury apartments, as this area is characterized as one of the most prestigious and luxurious areas of Istanbul.

One of the best offers apartments for sale in istanbul Sisli is Nisantasi istanbul apartments.

Many tourists come to Nisantasi because of its luxurious distinctive markets. Which includes the finest stores and international brands. So buy property in istanbul turkey Nisantasi. It is a destination for many tourists and investors. Although the house prices in turkey istanbul Nisantasi is considered high and expensive. However, istanbul luxury homes within the region is still on the list of the best property in istanbul.

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What about cheap apartments for sale in istanbul?

There is no doubt that the real estate property in istanbul market is a vibrant interactive market that attracts real estate investment and investors.

So, it offers many offers cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. But first, before we talk about the most important areas of Istanbul that offer cheap property for sale in istanbul turkey.

We will talk about the three sections into which it is divided property in istanbul:

1_ Property in istanbul _high value:

These properties are represented in the offer’s luxury property in istanbul, which are located, as we talked about previously, in old Istanbul and its neighboring centers, historical places and areas overlooking the sea. Such as the offers of Sariyer district sariyer istanbul apartments for sale or offers Bebek istanbul houses.

In addition to istanbul estate within Taksim and Sisli. And other important central places.

As the home price in istanbul is high. We find that buy apartment in turkey istanbul consists of one room and a hall, estimated at approximately $130,000. Of course, this value is subject to increase as the price of luxury houses in istanbul varies according to several factors.

2_ Property in istanbul – average value:

flat for sale in turkey istanbul The average price is mostly located in the areas near Ataturk Airport and the third airport. Such as the performances of Basaksehir and Kucukcekmece.

And because these areas have great investment value. We find many investors wanting to buy real estate in istanbul within these areas.

land for sale in istanbul

3_ Cheap property in istanbul:

property in istanbul cheap is located outside the city within the new construction projects. Which are often in the suburbs, such as: Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü.

And all of them provide places cheap property in istanbul turkey. Where we find that buy home in istanbul within these areas, consisting of a bedroom and a hall, costs approximately 55,000 US dollars. Of course, this value is subject to increase depending on the location of the property and its other characteristics.

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Best areas of Istanbul offering cheap apartments in istanbul:

1_ Esenyurt istanbul apartments for sale:

When talking about the most famous areas of modern Istanbul, the famous Esenyurt immediately comes to mind!

Esenyurt enjoys an important location and good transportation. Therefore, apartment for sale in esenyurt istanbul is considered one of the most important real estate istanbul for sale. Especially since istanbul buy apartment in Esenyurt is considered a gain for investors. Because the price of istanbul buy house in Esenyurt. It is cheaper compared to other regions. Although the offers apartment for sale in istanbul cheap Esenyurt are no less important than the rest of the offers!

It enjoys high specifications and good standards, in addition to providing all the services people need for housing and investment.

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2_ Beylikduzu apartment for sale:

If you are looking for cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey but in the most developed and modern neighborhoods of Istanbul.

Beylikduzu, located on the outskirts of Istanbul near Esenyurt, is your ideal choice. Beylikduzu real estate is an important attraction, whether it is beylikdüzü apartment for sale or apartment for rent in Beylikduzu istanbul.

Therefore, we find many investors looking for the best apartments in istanbul at cheap prices, heading towards Beylikduzu.


What is the role of istanbul real estate agency?

Although buying a property in istanbul may seem easy to some because of the diversity of the real estate market in Istanbul and its richness in various types of residential real estate. But in fact, it is not that easy!

Where it is difficult for some to find the most suitable property for their budget and desires due to the great diversity and availability of many offers. Also, Purchasing requires the presence of specialists to do the right thing. Here comes the role of real estate agents in istanbul turkey to help you get your ideal property. At the best prices, the fastest and safest way.


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