Why you should invest real estate in Istanbul?

Real estate in Istanbul:

Real estate in Istanbul – the most popular:

Proceeding from the most active real estate market in the world market.

Specifically, from the city that reflects this growth and development. We start talking about real estate in Istanbul. A city that enjoys the enchanting serenity of the Mediterranean and of great beauty. And a highly efficient infrastructure.

If you are looking for a suitable investment opportunity. And you have tendencies towards real estate investment, this article is directed to you.

What makes the market real estate in Istanbul dominating the global real estate market?

Istanbul did not stand still in the face of this economic development that the world is witnessing. Rather, Istanbul soon became the global financial center. Because of the booming Turkish economy. Istanbul is the gateway between Asia and Europe. As a result, we find that real estate in Istanbul is a magnet for real estate investors from all over the world. In addition to the future projects awaiting Istanbul. Such as: express trains, metro and various strategic plans for the development of Istanbul. And the amazing possibilities that encourage investment in the city.

Thus, we find how Istanbul provides great opportunities for investors by offering a strong construction sector. And world-class homes and real estate at prices that suit everyone.

Why real estate in Istanbul is your best investment choice?

Istanbul has been remarkably resilient in light of the slowdown in the global market. However, Istanbul was able to stand up to this stalemate. We find that Turkey as a whole witnessed a 21% increase in the real estate sector. Istanbul, in particular, recorded an increase of 15%. This increase contributed to placing (real estate in Istanbul) among the best investment options in the country. Thus, Istanbul was able to make itself an important place in terms of investments and good real estate.


real estate in Istanbul _good investment options:

If you start thinking about investing in real estate in Istanbul, it will be important to know what real estate investment in this city will offer you:

  • Real estate in Istanbul provides investors with attractive and increasingly guaranteed rental returns.
  • Provides a significant increase in capital. Especially investing in real estate for sale in Istanbul. And close to the sea or a stunning landscape.
  • Provides distinguished services and strong infrastructure.
  • Real estate in Istanbul is characterized as the centerpiece and heart of the real estate yearning in Turkey.
  • Projects and buildings in Turkey are distinguished by the fact that they are designed according to the latest engineering designs, which compete with European real estate.

All these features encourage any investor and push him to think about investing real estate in Istanbul and take this smart step.


Important real estate places that push you to invest real estate in Istanbul:

Istanbul has many real estate places, which are of great importance, prompting each of the investors around the world to invest (real estate in Istanbul). Among the most important of these areas:

1_ Maslak:

The most important business centers in European Istanbul. The most important business center in Turkey in general. Maslak is one of the best areas of Istanbul in terms of investment and great financial returns. Thanks to its vitality and its central location between Asia and Europe. And its infrastructure, which is dotted with towers, skyscrapers and huge commercial towers. Because of its modern and unique design and endless features. Merchants and capitalists flock to it to invest and build businesses and companies. As a result, it is called today (City of the Rich).

Advantages of investing real estate in Istanbul Maslak:

The ideal location in the heart of the European part of Istanbul. Where it overlooks the green forests and is located close to the Bosphorus.

Maslak includes huge and famous shopping centers such as Istanbul Valley Mall and Kanyon Mall.

Many services are available: schools and universities the most important university is Istanbul Technical University

It has a wide transportation network that connects all parts of the city.

So, if you are an investor who wants to invest in real estate, especially within Istanbul. Maslak may be the most suitable place for you and your needs.

real estate in Istanbul Maslak


2_ Basaksehir

It is located in the European section of Istanbul. It has a very sophisticated and modern infrastructure.
Basaksehir is one of the most vital locations in Istanbul. It consists of 39 districts distributed on both sides of European and Asian Istanbul. It includes many natural and industrial facilities. One of the largest natural valleys is located within its borders. And it has an archaeological natural park at the same time. Therefore, it is one of Istanbul’s most preserved areas of biodiversity and historical heritage.

We will not forget, of course, the largest artificial lake in Istanbul. Basaksehir Lake spanning an area of ​​25 thousand square meters.

That is why we find the influx of foreign investors to this region in recent years. Especially from the Arabian Gulf. Where Arabs live in Basaksehir with 65% of the total population.

Advantages of investing real estate in Istanbul in Basaksehir:

  • Its proximity to the famous Ataturk Airport, in addition to its strategic location.
  • Designed according to international standards.
  • Near the Basaksehir area, one of the most important major development projects in Turkey (the new Istanbul Canal project).
  • One of the world’s leading commercial centers.
  • The newly established Basaksehir area. Therefore, all residential projects and complexes are built according to anti-seismic factors.
  • Real estate within Basaksehir is distinguished by the fact that most of the construction companies executing them are government companies

All this and more made the Basaksehir district the best area in the field of real estate and the most profitable in real estate investment in Istanbul Turkey.

real estate in Istanbul in Basaksehir

3- Kadikoy:

Kadikoy is located in Asian Istanbul. It is surrounded by the areas of Uskudar, Ataşehir and Maltepe. And the Marmara Sea from the south. As for the Bosphorus Bridge and the Maiden’s Tower, it gave it an important vitality and centrality.

It is a tourist area par excellence. Due to the presence of green spaces, gardens and parks. In addition to its beautiful coast overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara. Kadikoy has great historical significance. Where many civilizations and religions passed through this region. As a result, we find many mosques, churches and historical monuments that indicate the cultures and civilizations that passed through the region.

Advantages of investing real estate in Istanbul Kadikoy:

  • One of the most emerging areas in Asian Istanbul.
  • Ease of access to Kadikoy due to the availability of good transportation.
  • The advantageous geographical location of Kadikoy.
  • Social and cultural characteristics and its ancient history.

With the continuous development witnessed by this region, real estate ownership has become safe in this region. The real estate investment in Kadikoy has witnessed a demand from investors recently.

real estate in Istanbul Kadikoy

Is there a cheap investment opportunity real estate in Istanbul?

Yes, there is a chance. But a great opportunity! This is due to the diversity of the real estate market in Turkey compared to other European countries.

This made it the perfect choice for real estate investment. In view of the availability of multiple options that provide cheap apartment offers that suit the budget of all investors, especially those who have a limited budget.

So, the investor who wants to search for real estate in Istanbul is cheap. He finds in front of him a variety of options at the best prices.

It is worth noting here that the word cheap does not mean that this property is outside the investment circle or that it does not achieve financial returns. But the price of the property depends on several factors, including the condition of the building, is it under construction or is it ready for housing. As the price of a house that is under construction is lower than the price of a ready-to-move-in house. This provides an opportunity to purchase the property while it is off-plan. It provides the investor with an opportunity to benefit from the offers of projects that are still under construction.

What does a cheap apartment investment offer you?

Buying and investing a cheap apartment in Istanbul means getting a modern house that includes all services and is integrated in terms of residential specifications. In addition, the investor can invest his apartment, whether for annual or monthly rent, or even for long-term investment.

And do not forget that the location and the area are the most important in determining the price of the apartment or cheap property.

The best Istanbul sites that offer real estate in Istanbul cheap investment:

1_ Beylikduzu:

It is located on the outskirts of European Istanbul. It has huge green spaces. And it enjoys the highest increase in the value of land and property, which makes its real estate investors wealthy in a short time!

Beylikduzu is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul. Because of its clean paved streets and the abundance of parks and gardens.

This is really interesting! This area was just a rural area with no significant impact in terms of development and modernity.

And far from the interest of investors.

But after the 1999 earthquake that hit Istanbul. The residents then moved to Beylikduzu area. Here, it turned into an area where life, vitality and various activities revolve.

Istanbul cheap investment

What are the advantages of investing real estate in Istanbul Beylikduzu?

  • The area has recently been characterized by extensive urban development. From infrastructure to unique architectural designs.
  • An abundance of services and facilities, such as medical services, hospitals, and public parks.
  • Excavation and backfill operations to connect the new metro line. It is scheduled to be established soon.

All this made real estate ownership in the region an important opportunity for investors to exploit and benefit from it as much as possible. It is expected that real estate consultancy in the region will record significant profits.

This will certainly raise the demand for real estate.

real estate in Istanbul Beylikduzu

2_ Esenyurt:

It is located in the European part of Istanbul. On an area of ​​2770 square kilometers. Therefore, it is one of the largest municipalities of Istanbul by area.

Although Esenyurt is a newly established area. However, she quickly gained fame due to her distinguished projects. Which includes swimming pools, gardens and children’s play areas. In addition to markets and restaurants. In the last five years, the area’s population increased by 50%. And the importance of Esenyurt (real estate in Istanbul) has increased by investors. It became known as the modern residential area.

Advantages of investing real estate in Istanbul Esenyurt:

  • The first and most important reason is that prices in this area are low compared to the rest of Istanbul.
  • Esenyurt owns many special places. The Turkish government plans to make Esenyurt a modern district in the center of Istanbul.
  • Real estate prices in the region will increase due to the arrival of the new metro line.
  • Esenyurt has an important strategic location near the sea. It is a tourist site in Istanbul.
  • It provides many services such as: hospitals, schools, universities and many government places.

Thus, we find how Esenyurt is an ideal place for those looking for real estate investment in quiet places with low prices.

investing real estate in Istanbul

What are the criteria for measuring prices real estate in Istanbul?

1_ Neighborhood location:

The prices of real estate in the city center are rising compared to the prices of real estate located in the suburbs and countryside of Istanbul.

2_ Proximity to public transportation:

The fact that your property is located near a metro station or metrobus station or tramway, it means without a doubt that your property is one of the high-priced properties. The prices of these properties are more expensive than those located far from these stations. The prices of real estate and homes in general decrease the further away from the main transportation.

3_ Close to shopping centers:

Because of the importance of commercial centers in Istanbul. It is closely related to the issue of real estate and investment. We note that once the specifications of a real estate project or (real estate in Istanbul) are mentioned, it is necessary to mention the malls and shopping centers near it as an attractive factor for the investor.

shopping centers


4_ Proximity and distance from the center of Istanbul:

If you want to invest in apartments located in Sisli or Taksim. You should know that real estate prices here are the highest. Because it is located in the center of the vibrant city of Istanbul. Therefore, in order to invest in a cheaper property, you have to move away from the center and head towards the suburbs, where transportation is less and prices are lower.

5_ Proximity to important projects:

Choosing the location of the project you want to invest near the mega projects of Istanbul. Such as the third Istanbul Airport project and the Istanbul Water Canal project. It will give you amazing investment opportunities and ample profitability in the future.

6_ Presence in places of modern projects and urban transformation:

We can give an example of this Yasin Express area, whose real estate prices have risen staggeringly during the past three years. The Basaksehir area is witnessing a significant increase in the prices of its properties due to its proximity to the new Istanbul Airport. Which in the future will be the largest airport in Europe. Therefore, the surrounding areas must witness a significant increase in real estate prices

All of these criteria have an important role in the pricing of real estate within the city of Istanbul, so if you want to invest real estate in Istanbul, you should pay attention to these criteria well to find out the best places that suit your budget and meet your needs.

Do the prices real estate in Istanbul encourage investment?

The price per square meter in Istanbul averages $1,000. Where real estate prices in Istanbul start from 800 dollars per square meter in the suburbs and areas far from the city center. And up to 2000 dollars per square meter in which is located near the city center. These prices will not remain the same in the long run. Where experts expect prices to rise in the future.

The high-end projects in Istanbul were able to compete with their counterparts in European countries in various respects:

  • Interior decoration
  • The materials used in construction.
  • Green spaces and gardens.
  • Competitive prices offered by real estate in Istanbul.


prices real estate in Istanbul

Some analysts believe that the current economic situation in the country is a great opportunity for ownership and real estate investment. Especially after the decision was issued to stop dealing in foreign currencies in the field of buying and selling real estate.

In addition, the Turkish government encourages foreigners to invest by granting Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership.

So, if you are looking for real estate in Istanbul to own and invest. We at Aman Real Estate are ready to help you determine your most suitable option. We guarantee that you will get the best available options that will bring you profit and preserve the value of your future property. You can also benefit from the guidance and advice that our team provides you with pleasure and completely free of charge!


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