Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey:

 Studying in Turkey is the perfect opportunity that all students from all over the world dream of.

This is due to many reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Turkey enjoys an important strategic location between East and West.
  • The country has a long and important history that goes back tens of thousands of years.
  • The diverse climate and wide geography of the country. It also makes it a destination for a wide range of students to study in Turkey.
  • Turkey, because of its location. is an important trade center on the Silk and Spice Road.
  • Studying in Turkey also gives you an opportunity to experience and gain experiences. In an atmosphere that combines modern and traditional. And within a stable and safe country.
  • Fees study in Turkey and the cost of living within the country. Cheaper compared to other European countries and the United States of America.

So, what advantages does the study in Turkey experience give you?

1_ Distinguished study environment:

In addition, tuition fees and living costs are low in Turkey compared to other European countries. Turkey provides an ideal environment that combines the ancient Islamic tradition with the modern Western contemporary.

Also, the study environment may be comfortable for foreign students who speak English, since some Turkish universities are in English.

Some other universities provide opportunities to learn English, including.

Most important of all of the above. It is the superior quality and high standard of study. Which will prepare you as a student for a secure future.

2_ An atmosphere full of friendship and friendly people:

Turkey is a young country. Young people are always welcome. And 31% of its population is between the ages of 12-24. The Turkish people are also hospitable. because of the ancient traditions prevailing in the country. So, if you come to the country to study.

you may at first experience that feeling of alienation. But soon you will adapt and make many friends.

3- University housing in Turkey:

Most Turkish universities offer housing for students of all kinds. Each university has its own housing.

Another alternative to housing is available if you are studying in one of the major Turkish cities. It is renting apartments and houses in partnership with other students.

University housing in Turkey

4_ Food:

In addition to housing. Turkish universities provide catering services to students of all kinds. At prices to suit everyone.

The presence of restaurants and cafes available on the university campus helps to diversify the food options available within the universities.

You can also prepare food for yourself if you wish.

Education in Turkey

5_ Average cost of living:

The issue of living costs in Turkey is an important topic. that should be reviewed if you decide to study in Turkey.

We can say that the average monthly expenses for a foreign student ranges between 500-600 US dollars at least. It may increase according to the student’s lifestyle during his stay in the country.

As for the books and administrative fees, they range between $100-150 per academic level.

Average cost of living

6_ Transportation:

Public transportation is well available in Turkey and throughout the country.

There are many buses and metro stations. The major cities have the largest share of the availability of transportation.

Students wishing to study in Turkey can benefit from special transportation fees while traveling inside and outside the cities.

Study in Turkey for foreigners

7_ Studies and scientific research:

There are about 150 thousand scientific researchers in Turkey today, and compared to Germany, for example, this number is not enough!

Germany has 500,000 researchers with a population of 82 million.

As a result of this, Turkey raised the budget allocated for research and scientific studies to 8.5 billion liras in 2009. This made Turkey faster in doubling research and scientific studies compared to the Organization for International Economic Cooperation and Development.

scientific research

8_ Turkish universities are recognized:

Turkish universities grant their students degrees that are recognized in most countries of the world.

And you can inquire more about this issue by consulting the specialized educational authority in your country.

9_ Quality of education in Turkey:

Turkish universities include a selection of the best university doctors in all disciplines and from different nationalities.

Therefore, Turkish universities provide those wishing to study in Turkey a large world of opportunities to possess the skills necessary to join the era of globalization and development that the world is witnessing.

education in Turkey

10_  high-level capabilities:

 Campuses in Turkey have many advanced level libraries and laboratories. Which enables you to easily conduct research and studies to get the maximum benefit from the information.

During your studies in Turkish universities, you will spend a lot of wonderful times within the sports, cultural and entertainment facilities.

11_ Cultural Diversity:

While studying in Turkey, he found that Turkey mixes the cultures of the West and the East. in a new and distinctive framework. Which gives a rich diversity to the students. Especially since Turkish universities enroll thousands of students of different nationalities every year.

Cultural Diversity in turkey

If you decide to do study in turkey… What are the ways to enter Turkish universities?

After reading about the advantages that Turkey offers to students, you may start to think seriously about the topic of study in turkey.

In this paragraph, we will present to you the three ways in which you can enroll in Turkish universities:

  • First: Private universities in Turkey:

Private universities in Turkey are distinguished by the fact that they do not require any admission tests to be able to enroll in them. It accepts high school diploma only.

Turkish private universities rank highly among the best universities in the world. You can find almost all specialties in it.

As for the language. the language of study is available in Turkish and English.

 In most Turkish universities, the first language of study is English. So, if you decide to study in turkey as a foreigner within private universities. Don’t worry about the language issue!

Istanbul Technic University

  • Second: Turkish public universities:

Many Turkish public universities occupy advanced positions in the global ranking of universities.

Among the most important of these universities are: Istanbul University – Istanbul Technic University – Middle East Technical University.

As for the process in which international students are selected, Turkish public universities choose the best among the applicants, according to the conditions of each university. Most public universities rely heavily on the aptitude test or the American SAT test of all kinds.

Some other Turkish universities may rely on selecting students according to their high school average.

In general, each public university in Turkey has its own requirements regarding admission tests among students.

Istanbul University

  • Third: free scholarships:

Turkish scholarships are scholarships offered by the Turkish government and are directed at foreign students.

Turkish scholarships include almost all specializations and at all levels of study.

Therefore, the Turkish scholarship is one of the best scholarships around the world.

The Turkish government provides about 4000 scholarships annually. Which increases the acceptance rates for applicants.

Today, Turkish universities are among the best in the world. Because it has an advanced ranking among international universities. Turkey has many universities ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

This encourages applying for these scholarships for study in Turkey. Currently, 17,000 students from different countries benefit from the scholarship program provided by the Turkish government.

high school diploma

What are the best Turkish universities for study in Turkey?

1_ Bilkent University:

This university has local and international fame. Especially as it is one of the best educational institutions in Turkey. It is ranked 51-60 among the top 100 universities in the world.

It is less than 50 years old and was founded in 1984.

Turkish universities

2_ Sabanci University:

This university hosts less than 5,000 students. It was founded in 1994 and ranks 61-70 among the top 100 universities in the world. It is ranked 13th as the best university in the emerging countries of Europe and Central Asia.

3_ Koc University:

This university has more than 12 thousand students. Founded in 1993. Ranked 70-61 among the top 100 universities in the world.

Turkish scholarships

4_ Middle East Technical University:

One of the most important universities in Turkey. It has more than 28 thousand students. Founded in 1956.

This university is ranked 14th among the best universities in the emerging countries of Europe and Central Asia.

universities in Turkey

Studying in Turkey is one of the best choices any student from around the world can make. Especially since Turkey has proven its worth at all levels, including education.

With this progress, Turkey won a prominent place among the developed countries.

Studying in Turkey has become one of the most important reasons for young people to come to the country.

Studying in Turkey


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