Tipping in Turkey and when you should pay it?

Tipping In Turkey:

Tipping in Turkey is one of the cultures that have recently emerged in the country due to the increase in the number of tourists coming to Turkey every year. Especially those from the USA. who used to tip generously? So, they had a role in the emergence of tipping in Turkey as a common thing.

And because every country in the world has many different cultures that you as a tourist have to get acquainted with. The best thing you can do when you get to Turkey is to know the rate tipping in Turkey.

Payment mechanism tipping in Turkey:

For example, if you want to pay with your credit card. You entered a restaurant. Of course, in this case you cannot pay the tip with your card. So, you can leave a cash tip instead. Although it is preferable that the tipping in Turkey be in Turkish lira.

 However, there is nothing wrong with any other foreign currency as long as the tip is cash. Because currencies are difficult to exchange for Turkish lira.


When do you have to pay tipping in Turkey:

  • Transportation stations:

Here we mean bus stations, airports and train stations. Where the transfer stations have professional porters. And they work on an official tariff. But if you missed it. You can then give them a tip of about 2 or 3 liters per bag. Anyway, don’t worry!

In the event that your tip is low, the porters will not hesitate to tell you the correct amount.

Transportation stations

  • Taxis:

There is no particular tradition that tells you to give tipping in Turkey to taxi drivers. But there is a tradition of rounding the fare. If the fare is 38 Turkish lira, for example. You can then deposit 40 TL. The rest then becomes a tip for the driver of the car.

You can do this if your trip was fun or if the driver did something useful for you like carrying your bags or changing the route to get you back faster. In this case, the tip is tantamount to your thanks and appreciation for his efforts.

Tipping to drivers

  • Hotels:

For porters, 2-4 TL per bag will be enough to satisfy them. As for room service. Usually their work is hard and hard and their wages are low. So, giving them a tip would be a nice appreciation for their efforts. And about 6 TL each day would be fine.

The dining and reception room in hotels often contains a private and secret box. Through which you can notes, thanks and appreciation to the employees.

tipping in hotels

  • Restaurants:

As for restaurants, it would be good to offer tipping in Turkey in cheap restaurants and cafes at 5% of the bill. As for luxury restaurants, 10% of the bill is a good percentage.

In general, restaurants in Turkey do not include the tip in the bill. However, some restaurants may add a tip to the bill. In this case, you can be satisfied with what was put in the invoice. There is no need for more tipping in such cases.

Tipping in restaurants

  • Tours (tourist services):

It is not mandatory to give tipping in Turkey to tour guides. Since the Ministry of Culture and Tourism sets a daily amount of money for them. But tipping shows some appreciation for them. So just in case you think your tour guide or driver did a great job for… tip them!

In the event that they were not up to your expectations, it is okay, they have already taken their wages.

In general, individuals do not mean the tour guides individually, but rather in groups. So paying 20-30 as a group per day is considered a good and acceptable tip.

A final note: If your tour guide takes you to a store or factory as part of your tour of the country. He will receive his commission from the store if you purchase any of the existing purchases or products.

tourist services

  • Hamams:

There is no way out of the hamam without tipping!

When you are done with the private hamams. The staff will line up to say goodbye and get some tips from you.

About 15-20% of the price you pay will be appropriate to pay tipping in Turkey within the hamam. This is of course if the service was good and you enjoyed your time with them.

Usually the workers will share the amount you have paid among them all. Anyway, make sure you always have loose change.


  • Musicians:

Some restaurants in Turkey have some traveling musicians. who play and go around the tables to get some tips. If you don’t want them to play at your table, you can politely direct them away. But if you let them play at your table. Then you have to pay them some tip. This is done by sliding 5 or 10 Turkish Liras behind the strings of the violinist when he leans on your table. Alternatively, you can just put the money in his pocket.

  • Dolmus _Mini Bus:

You are not expected to tip here …so don’t worry about it.


Advice for payment tipping in Turkey:

In restaurants and cafes in general. The waiter presents the bill to you by placing it on a plate or placing it in a small booklet. Here you can pay either by cash or by credit card. Unfortunately, unlike Western countries. There is no way in Turkey to add an additional amount to the bill before paying it by credit card.

So, The cash payment method is the only way to pay the tipping in Turkey. For that, always be prepared and carry some change with you.


In the end tipping in Turkey is not a big deal given the modest amounts you will pay. You are, of course, free to increase the value of the tip that you want to pay.

In any case, whether you pay a small amount or a large amount, it depends on the service sector in which you pay the tip.

And you have to bear in mind that it is all up to you… If you do not like the services that are provided, you have the right to reduce the value of the tip or even not to pay it.

service sector


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