Turkey Houses , The Most Beautiful Offers In Your Hands

Why turkey houses specifically:

Buying turkey houses is a very smart move. Either for housing or for investment.

Turkey has recently become a popular place for many foreigners looking for holiday homes turkey and especially offers beach house for sale turkey. To spend their holidays in the most beautiful cities.

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We note that in recent years. The number of people investing homes for sale in turkey has increased rapidly. Therefore, the most important question lies…

Why is this demand for buy house in turkey specifically?

  • Turkey has a unique position that guarantees it a great strength in international influence.
  • Turkey is centrally located between Europe in terms of political and economic power. And between Asia, where the center of vital economic growth. This is what made turkey houses its great importance.
  • Turkey managed during the last global financial recession. Astonishingly maintaining its economic balance.
  • The weather in Turkey is also a great attraction to look for apartments in turkey. This is because the weather in the country has distinct and different patterns. Especially since he has 4 distinct seasons a year.
  • Easy access to Turkey through Istanbul Airport. and all other international airports. It encourages foreigners to come and start the journey of searching for houses for sale in turkey.
  • You can do buy property in turkey and invest it for life. Because owning houses in istanbul Turkey or in any other region of the country is free and not temporary, like some countries.
  • Those wishing buying property in turkey for foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship for themselves and their families. As buying a house in turkey as a foreigner worth $250,000 achieves this goal.

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What about investing turkey houses… Did it bring you a big profit?

The investment of houses and apartments for sale in turkey in general. And in Istanbul offers houses for sale in istanbul, especially. One of the most important economic activities in the world.

Which attracted many investors to buy apartment in turkey for investment.

There are main reasons that made the investment homes to buy in turkey a profitable investment and a unique opportunity for investors:

1_ house prices in turkey is very low compared to many other countries that have the same features and have the same lifestyle.

2_ The distinguished real estate market in Turkey makes investing various types of real estate, such as luxury homes turkey _ cheap houses for sale in turkey a very attractive option.

3_ The real estate sector in Turkey is a large and rapidly growing market. Therefore, experts expect property prices in turkey to rise significantly. Because of the recent developments and the increasing demand to buy home in turkey.

4_ We will guarantee you the purchase of turkey houses, especially house for sale in turkey istanbul. Excellent financial return and that’s only a few years halal!

5_ Low cost of living in Turkey. This feature ensures that you buy turkey houses for sale equal to European real estate. Even Europe is better.

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In which Turkish cities should you search for turkey houses?

Turkey in general is a vast country. Its area is 3 times that of the United Kingdom. As for France, it is 25% larger than it.

Turkey extends between Europe and Asia, equivalent to 7000 km between the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea. So, if you want to search for apartments to buy in turkey. You are in front of a large and extended real estate market. As for various cities with different offers. So, we start our journey in the most important Turkish cities that provide the most beautiful offers turkey houses:

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Let’s start from Istanbul, which apartments in istanbul is one of the best real estate offers in Turkey. And the first choice for everyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey. This is for many reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It spans two continents. Therefore, it offers those who wish to search for apartment for sale in istanbul a wide world of options.
  • The city enjoys great vitality due to the presence of a large number of young people.
  • Istanbul is the economic capital of Turkey. It includes different types of companies. This is also a reason to encourage buy apartment in istanbul in particular.
  • Istanbul offers a wide range of properties to suit all budgets. Whether you want luxury homes for sale in istanbul turkey. Or decided to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. From traditional turkish house to modern apartments in istanbul, you will definitely find everything that suits you.
  • Istanbul is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. So, it offers many istanbul holiday apartments. For those who wish to spend the most beautiful times within the charming city.

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If you decide to buy house in istanbul, where should you look?


Perhaps the offers of Nisantasi apartments for sale are among the best offer’s luxury apartments for sale in istanbul. No wonder about this!

Nisantasi is one of the most prestigious and beautiful neighborhoods in Istanbul. It is intended for businessmen and wealthy people to search for Nisantasi istanbul homes for sale. It is also a historical area where the buildings bear the smell of the beautiful past. Therefore, we find that many offers old apartments for sale in istanbul are found in Nisantasi within the offers homes for sale in istanbul turkey Nisantasi. What really distinguishes this region is its wonderful markets. Therefore, we find that Nisantasi furnished apartments istanbul is an important destination for investors and tourists.

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Bebek istanbul houses is the first choice for every person who dreams of buying houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul. This is due to its privileged location on the Bosphorus and its charming view of the sea.

And because most of its residents are famous and wealthy. We find that everyone looking for istanbul luxury homes, especially offers apartments for sale in istanbul sea view are heading towards the distinctive Bebek offers.

Bebek also provides the best offers for those who want buying a villa in turkey Istanbul. Although apartment price in istanbul Bebek is considered the highest. However, the demand for Bebek houses in turkey istanbul is still increasing due to its unique and endless advantages.

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Cheap apartments for sale in istanbul _ Don’t worry about your budget:

Because do buy property in istanbul is the dream of many people and investors, regardless of their budget. And because the offers luxury houses in istanbul may not fit some budget. We find that there is a strong demand for the cheapest property in istanbul.

In Turkey, in general, there are a lot of offers cheap apartments for sale in Turkey. But owning cheap apartments in istanbul in particular has advantages that no other cheap apartments in the country have.

Especially since Istanbul is the most famous and beautiful city.

house prices in istanbul varies according to its location and its proximity to the city center. For example, to buy apartment for sale in maslak istanbul you need a much larger budget than buying an apartment in the suburbs of Istanbul.

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How do I determine the price of a cheap apartment?

There are many things that go into determining the price of apartments, for example, the status of the apartment if the offer is used apartments for sale in istanbul or prefabricated houses turkey Istanbul. The area of ​​the apartment, the number of its rooms, the heating system in the apartment, and even the floor on which it is located apartment for sale in turkey istanbul is included in determining the price.

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Where to find the cheapest houses in turkey Istanbul?

1_ Esenyurt:

Esenyurt is a popular area on the outskirts of Istanbul. Young people and students constitute the largest segment in Esenyurt due to the availability of student housing istanbul within Esenyurt. It is characterized by the fact that it offers many offers cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey. Although it offers distinctive residential complexes and high-end services. Therefore, we find that apartment for sale in esenyurt istanbul is the destination for everyone looking for cheap turkey houses.

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2_ Beylikduzu:

One of the modern neighborhoods in Istanbul. And an ideal destination for anyone looking for cheap apartments in turkey for investment. buy flat in istanbul Beylikdüzü is an opportunity for anyone looking for peace and quiet away from the noise of cities.

apartment for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul is in great demand today due to its competitive price and quality of services.

Experts expect Beylikduzu istanbul property prices to witness an increase in the near future.

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Generally doing buy house in turkey istanbul It is one of the best options available to you if you are looking for turkey houses to buy.

So, in case you make your final decision and decide to do buy home in istanbul. Asking for help from istanbul estate agents will be a smart step to facilitate the task of searching for apartments in turkey istanbul that suits your budget and requirements.

We at Aman Real Estate extend a helping hand to our clients and help them for the perfect buy apartment in turkey istanbul. By displaying all offers and prices and providing advice and advice. So, feel free to ask our experts for help!

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Other regions in Turkey are available turkey houses and attract attention:

1_ Antalya:

Antalya is located in southern Turkey. and investment antalya apartments for sale is one of the most successful real estate investments in the country.

Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. As a result, we find that antalya homes for sale is a target for every investor and tourist. According to the latest statistics, more than 10,000 foreigners live in Antalya today. No wonder about this!

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The demand for houses for sale in antalya turkey is due to many reasons,

The most important of which are:

Golden beaches, blue waters, pleasant weather and the quality of services available. All this made apartments in antalya especially antalya sea view apartments for sale. One of the best properties available in Turkey. And buy apartment in antalya is a dream for every tourist, especially since the apartment price in turkey Antalya is reasonable and fits everyone’s budget.

cheap apartments for sale in alanya turkey


Undisputedly, Alanya homes for sale is one of the best offers antalya house for sale!

Alanya is a beautiful beach city of Antalya. And offers Alanya apartments for sale are a destination for investors and tourists. Especially since Alanya is a wonderful tourist destination.

Alanya has an unparalleled natural beauty that attracts all travel and nature lovers from everywhere to search for houses for sale in Alanya turkey. It is because of all these features that the city possesses. Alanya apartments have become one of the best offers available in the Turkish real estate market.

Especially since buy apartment in Alanya for investment achieves great financial profits.

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Ankara is the capital of the Turkish Republic. It is one of the best developed Turkish cities in various fields.

It has a large real estate market. So, whether you are looking for cheap houses for sale in Ankara turkey or for luxury Ankara houses for sale. The offers houses for sale in Ankara turkey will provide you with everything you are looking for.

We find that the real estate sector in Ankara has developed significantly. This led to the offers Ankara apartments for sale occupying the second place in terms of demand after the offers istanbul buy apartment.

In case you decide to search for apartments for sale in Ankara turkey The options offered are endless.

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3_ Izmir:

Izmir is the third most populous city after Istanbul and Ankara. Therefore, we find that its real estate market is booming and there is a great demand for Izmir apartments for sale. Izmir is an important industrial city that hosts many industrial activities. This increases the number of investors wishing to search for Izmir house for sale. We find that investing houses for sale in Izmir turkey is one of the best investment opportunities. For many reasons, the most important of which are:

Izmir has a distinguished lifestyle and a young workforce in addition to its strategic location, which attracts local and foreign investors to search for apartment for sale in Izmir turkey.

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4_ Bodrum:

Buying bodrum houses is a dream that many people aspire to. Especially that Bodrum is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities. It owns amazing real estate, the most important of which are (bodrum apartments for salebodrum houses for sale).

Bodrum offers a unique lifestyle that it provides to the residents and those who want to buy houses for sale in bodrum turkey. Bodrum holiday homes for sale in turkey is very popular with tourists and foreigners. This is simply because it is an important tourist destination.

Also, bodrum homes for sale is an ideal choice for those who make profits by renting homes for sale in bodrum turkey after purchasing it.

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Other cities provide turkey houses:

  • Fethiye apartments for sale:

Fethiye is a small town in the Aegean region. It is one of the important Turkish historical and tourist centers.

Therefore, searching for houses for sale in Fethiye turkey is a great investment opportunity. Because of the city’s wonderful weather and beautiful coastline. houses for sale in Fethiye has become one of the most important Turkish real estate.

Today, it has a wide range of distinctive properties, the most important of which is apartments for sale in Fethiye turkey. Also offers property for sale in Ovacik located within Fethiye. This is one of Fethiye best deals. You can use estate agents in Fethiye to search for your application easily.

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  • Marmaris apartments for sale:

Marmaris embraces beautiful beaches and historical monuments. Making it houses for sale Marmaris. A target for different segments of society. Especially investors who are looking for houses for sale in turkey Marmaris in order to invest and achieve great financial returns.

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  • Kusadasi apartments for sale:

In the past, Kusadasi was a small village on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Today, however, it is a picturesque, bustling city full of antiques and carpet shops. And its real estate market is full of the best offer’s houses for sale in Kusadasi. Which has become an important target for investors because of its features. In addition to its location, which greatly encourages investment Kusadasi apartments. So, if you are looking for turkey houses with coastal views and a privileged location. The houses for sale in turkey Kusadasi are an ideal choice for you.

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  • Bursa apartments for sale:

Bursa is located between Ankara and Istanbul. As a result, the offers houses for sale in bursa turkey are just as important as their offers.

And real estate in Bursa is ideal for investment. Especially since Bursa has many offers.

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About turkey real estate prices:

  • Istanbul: the price per square meter is approximately 4.267 Turkish liras.
  • Antalya: The average price per square meter for apartment for sale in antalya turkey is 3.350 TL.
  • Trabzon: Trabzon the average house price in turkey increased by 2.89% during the past months. The price per square meter Trabzon apartment for sale reached 2.459 Turkish liras.
  • Izmir: home price in turkey increased past Izmir by 1.58% over the past months. The average price per square meter for Izmir house amounted to 4.291 Turkish liras.


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At the end of the article, you will find yourself in front of a lot of offers and options that the real estate market in Turkey offers you.

But you should know that the opportunity to obtain turkey houses whether for housing or investment. It is a golden opportunity that you should seize!

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