Turkey landscapes You will really wish to visit

Turkey landscapes You will really wish to visit:

Turkey has a wonderful collection of the most beautiful landscapes that exist in the entire world. Where turkey landscapes offer us the most beautiful golden beaches, charming mountains, and breathtaking lakes.

Therefore, UNESCO has included a group of turkey landscapes on the list of World Heritage Sites. With the aim of paying attention to these sites and highlighting them due to their great importance.

turkey landscapes


turkey landscapes Tourist Attraction:

We find millions of tourists come to Turkey from all over the world. In order to visit the charming landscapes of Turkey. And spend unforgettable times in the arms of nature, which you may not see with its beauty in any other part of the earth.

So, if you decide to get outdoors and tour the historical and natural sites in Turkey. But you don’t know where to start. This article will help you to get to know the most beautiful turkey landscapes from which you can start your journey.

turkey landscapes – A world of imagination:


1_ Oludeniz:

This area is considered one of the most beautiful turkey landscapes, specifically in the turquoise blue coast. Most of the visitors to this region expressed great admiration for its striking coastline.

Where Oludeniz Beach creates one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the Blue Lagoon. It is a reserve that houses many types of birds and many different animals. Visitors can also see the most beautiful landscapes in the region. By flights using parachutes.

Oludeniz turkey

2_ Cappadocia:

Cappadocia is located in the province of Nosehir. It is a rocky area. In the past, it was an area of ​​volcanic activity. Then the volcanic rock eroded away, leaving in its place impressive rock carvings in the form of chimneys, caves, and cliffs.

It is one of the most famous and popular turkey landscapes.

Cappadocia turkey

The story of this region is truly legendary. Christians fleeing from the Romans were resorting to this area to hide in its caves. We can consider this ancient kingdom today as an important tourist attraction. Visitors and tourists have interacted with these overtimes. So entire cities were created within the region. Where the visitor can stay in the cave hotel and go out early in the morning to enjoy a balloon ride. And watch the Cappadocia landscape from the top in conjunction with the distinctive sunrise.

3_ Istanbul:

Although there are many turkey landscapes, Istanbul has a different charm. Istanbul is the most famous and largest city in Turkey. It extends across the continents of Asia and Europe and lies on both sides of the Bosphorus. The city is distinguished by its unique architecture represented in the minarets and domes of the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Blue Mosque.

In addition to istanbul landscape, which attract tourists from all over the world to enjoy a trip inside its historical neighborhoods and within the arms of charming nature. And do not forget the cultural importance of Istanbul and the delicious food dishes available in all the city’s restaurants. A lively nightlife.

4_ Pamukkale:

Pamukkale is located in Denizli District. It is one of the most turkey landscapes that contains many natural hot springs. that flows down the slope of a small mountain. This flow has continued for thousands of years. It led to the formation of a series of terraces consisting of white limestone.

This area has a great positive impact on the hearts of its visitors. Tourists flock to this area in large numbers to enjoy the landscape and relax with the hot water used by the Romans and Greeks because they believed in its ability to cure many diseases. Like heart disease.

5_ Lake Van:

Lake Van or as ancient civilizations called it the upper sea. It is the largest lake in Turkey in terms of area. Lake Van is a volcanic lake formed by the eruption of Mount Nemrut. It is located in the southeast of Turkey and is surrounded by volcanic mountains to the north and west.

Studies have proven that seawater kills microbes. It is useful in treating many diseases such as asthma and lung diseases. Therefore, we find many visitors go to the lake not only to enjoy the natural scenery. but also, for treatment.


6_ Mount Ararat:

Mount Ararat is the highest mountain peak in Turkey. It is a sleeping volcano covered with snow. It is located in the eastern Anatolia region of Ağrı Province, 16 km from the Iranian border and not far from Lake Van.

The legend says that Noah’s ark, peace be upon him, settled on this mountain. After the flood hit the earth. But archaeologists have found no evidence that the ship ever existed.

Although the legend has not been proven, the mountain has never lost its importance. It still stands dominating the entire region. You can see it from several kilometers away.

7_ Lucian Road:

This route puts in your hands the beautiful option of hiking the Lucian Avenue. If you want to return by the Mediterranean coast in southwest Turkey. This road extends for 300 miles from Oludeniz to Antalya. It is one of turkey landscapes that has been ranked among the top 10 private walking routes in the world.

This road was opened in 2007. People hiking on the road can see amazing landscapes of sea, hills and high mountains.

It should be taken into account if you decide to hike on this road. It takes about 20-30 days to walk the entire route. If you decide to go out to the main road, you can also explore one of the side branches of the road.

Lucian Road turkey

8_ Kaputaş Beach:

It is not difficult for you to find your dream beach in Turkey, which has all the specifications you desire.

Turkey has 1,000 miles on the Mediterranean coast.

And Kaputaş Beach is one of the best turkey landscapes where you will find everything that is special and unique. This beach is located 10 miles west of Kas, at the exit of the narrow valley. On the beach, we notice many steep cliffs. But what attracts most tourists and visitors is the tranquility that the area enjoys. There are no cultural landmarks on this beach. There is no hotel or building in the area and you can only see street vendors. This is due to the fact that the geography of the area prevented the establishment of any building in it. If you are lucky and visit this really special place, you will not see the wide expanse of the beautiful blue beach.

Kaputaş Beach turkey

9_ North Anatolian Mountains:

The North Anatolian Mountains or the Pontic Mountains. It is located in the north of Turkey. It is a chain of winding mountains that extend for more than 600 miles. These mountains have many beautiful landscapes. It is worth noting that this rope is still home to many tribes inhabiting it for thousands of years. This is what led to the diversity and diversity of cultures in the mountain.

10_ Kure National Park:

This park is one of the natural wonders of Turkey. Dotted with caves, mountains, forests and waterfalls. This national park is located in the Black Sea region. We can consider it a habitat for wildlife. It is an important spot for nature conservation and turkey landscapes. There are many trails that make it easy for visitors to navigate the park, hike through the woods, and admire rushing waterfalls and deep valleys.


We can consider Amasya the first tourist destination for lovers of exploration and unique archeology. It is the city of antiquities, heritage and the Ottoman princes. It is located in the Black Sea region in the north of Turkey. Its history goes back 7,000 years. When a fortified city was located up the slope and above the river. Many tourists visit it to see its ruins that capture the hearts. Especially the houses that are still standing since the Ottoman era. In addition to the Tombs of the Kings and the famous Amasya Mosque. Visitors can also visit the Amasya Museum, which contains statues of the Ottoman sultans. And many other places that the region embraces and is proud of.

Amasya turkey


This region is the undisputed charming nature capital of Turkey. Amasra is about 4 and a half hours from Istanbul by bus. As soon as you enter it, the visitor feels as if he is surrounded by a wonderful paradise of dense trees that are comfortable for the soul. This region is distinguished by its crystal-clear coastline overlooking the Black Sea and incredibly suitable for swimming, which is considered one of the most beautiful turkey landscapes.

Amasra turkey

The Amasra area has a distinctive calm that you will not find in any other area. This is due to the small number of its indigenous population. It has many restaurants and luxury hotels overlooking the sea that you can stay in and enjoy unforgettable times in the lap of nature. In addition to all this, the prices in this area are very reasonable and reasonable. It is an important tourist attraction.

istanbul landscape _ endless beauty:

In the end, you have to know that all those areas that we mentioned earlier. It is only a small part of the beauty and charm of turkey landscapes. And that if one day you decide to visit one of these natural areas, you will have countless options of historical natural areas and natural areas on the World Heritage List. Every natural area in Turkey has an importance and a long history and is linked to the cultures of the peoples that inhabited it, and it is not less important than any other natural area in the world.


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