Turkey mountains

Turkey mountains:

The presence of mountains anywhere in the world helps to show its beauty and splendor to a large degree. This is what the turkey mountains did, which will take your breath away when you visit it. Turkey boasts many mountains that are worth visiting. The turkey mountains are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, which are frequented by tourists. Either for skiing or to spend the most beautiful times.

Great diversity in turkey mountains:

And because Turkey is characterized by an amazing and diverse nature. We find that turkey mountains are different and distinguished from each other as well. Some are covered with snow throughout the seasons, and some are covered with greenery and various trees. And some of these mountains you can reach quickly. Others, getting there, are so challenging they are hardly ever heard of. In any case, mountain tourism in Turkey continues to increase every year with the passage of months and years. Climbers and adventure lovers come to turkey mountains all over the world.

Tour to get to know turkey mountains:

1_ Mount Ararat_ The highest peak in Turkey:

Ararat is located in the far east of Turkey. It is one of the most famous turkey mountains. It consists of two main volcanic cones. One of the major Ararat and the second Ararat Minor. Greater Ararat is the highest peak in Turkey. It has a height of 5,137 meters above sea level.

Over the years, people believed that Ararat was a berth for Noah’s ark, peace be upon him. Given its impressive height, climbing the mountain is a challenging challenge. So, if you want to climb this great mountain, don’t forget to take a qualified guide with you.

turkey mountains


2_ Uludoruk Mountain _ The Great Mountain:

This mountain is located in the Turkish city of Bursa. It is the highest peak for the regions of Marmara and Western Anatolia. Although it is not as famous as Mount Ararat. However, it has attracted the attention of scientists and climbers from all over the world. It is one of the most famous turkey mountains that tourists visit. Especially in the winter when snow accumulates. Where the height of the snow reaches 4 meters. This mountain hosts many world ski competitions. Skiing is available annually from December to late March.

As for skiing, the army controls parts of the cilo sat range, to which the mountain belongs. Therefore, it will be necessary to obtain a permit to explore all parts of the mountain and ski safely.


3_ Mount Suphan:

After Mount Ararat and Mount Uludoruk, this mountain completes with us as the third on the summit of the turkey mountains. It is located in the Bitlis region of eastern Turkey, close to Lake Van, the largest lake in Turkey. Thus, we notice how large sizes dominate the region. And you can have the experience of climbing this mountain and watching the lake with the picturesque landscapes from the top as a breathtaking painting!

And because Mount Suphan is less dangerous and rugged than the mountains we mentioned. It attracts hikers and tourists to take excursions and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Snow covers the mountain in winter. But once spring begins, the meadows are filled with flowers and the landscape is green. So, this is one of the turkey mountains you should visit soon!

Mount Uludoruk

4_ Mount Kackar:

Mount Kackar is located in northeastern Turkey. It has a height of 3,937 meters. It is one of the most beautiful turkey mountains that you should put it on your list! Among the hills of this mountain lie small beautiful villages worth visiting. However, some enthusiastic explorers often head up the mountain to discover remote villages such as Demirkapi.

This village lives in an atmosphere isolated from the world without communications, internet or telephone. And the homes of local residents are still made of wood.

The mountain boasts amazing waterfalls. And a variety of animal species found within the area. It is not found anywhere else in the world.

So, the whole place is like a big national park.


5_ Little Ararat_ Child of Mount Ararat:

The height of this mountain is 3925 meters. It is the small child of the great Mount Ararat, the highest peak in Turkey. And because it is located near the Iranian border. You always have to investigate with the authorities in order to climb it. This mountain has a beautiful symmetrical shape if you look at it from above.

Little Ararat

6_ Mount erciyes_ the most beautiful legend:

Mount erciyes gave the kayseri area in which it is located wide fame. It attracts many tourists every year. Therefore, it is one of the symbols of the region, one of the most beautiful turkey mountains and the highest peak in Central Anatolia with a height of 3864 meters. An important center for climbing and tourism in Turkey. In addition to all this, the erciyes ski slope is one of the best ski slopes in the world. The credit goes to the local authorities, who have invested 350 million euros in the Arsis Ski Center.

ski season:

The ski season in erciyes starts from 1 November and lasts until 1 May. The ski resort welcomes amateur and professional climbers from all over the world.

If you want to listen to the mountain view without skiing. You can simply book a hotel in Kayseri facing the wonderful mountain and wake up every morning to a mountain view that you will never forget for the rest of your life!

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7_ Mount Babadag_ Your Journey to sky:

This mountain is one of the turkey mountains, which is located within the Taurus mountain range in southern Turkey. In the famous Oludeniz region. What distinguishes this mountain is that it is surrounded by clouds. So, if you are a fan of adventure and discovery, we invite you to experience a journey that is similar to a trip to the sky on this mountain. As a result you can’t take your eyes off the stunning views of the mountain. In addition to the wonderful sunset scene that you can enjoy here. One of the most popular activities on the mountain is skydiving. While this mountain offers a great opportunity for skydivers, whatever their level of experience..


Turkey mountains never ending:

 Turkey has a significant number of mountains. While some vacationers and tourists prefer to spend time in tourist resorts overlooking the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Others prefer to visit the magnificent mountains of Central Anatolia, which have a wide range of unique plants and diverse fauna. The turkey mountains range includes the Taurus Mountains along the western coast. In addition to the Pontic Mountains on the south-north coast. yildiz, which is located in the European part and extends to Bulgaria. In any case, whatever mountain you will go to on your next trip. Make sure that you will be on a date with the most beautiful natural scenes and moments that you will not forget!

Taurus Mountains


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