Turkey Real Estate, Special Offers & Endless Options

Turkey real estate, special offers, and endless options:

Turkey is one of the best countries and Turkey real estate is one of the best properties for housing and investment. This is due to several distinct things, the most important of which are:

1_ Its privileged location.

2_ The majority of the population is young people.

The existence of a competitive workforce in terms of cost.

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And many other reasons why you should think about housing and invest in turkey property.

All these advantages make the real estate sector and turkey real estate an important value that is increasing day by day.

Because of the constant international demand. property for turkey provides a great and profitable opportunity if you decide to turkey invest property.

We can also consider Turkey as one of the most preferred tourist destinations among the Mediterranean countries.

Turkey has fantastic golden beaches, enchanting blue waters and high mountains. Many parks and gardens.

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holiday homes for sale in turkey:

All the tourist features that we mentioned drive many tourists from all over the world to search for turkey real estate in general. And about turkey holiday homes to buy

in particular. So that they can spend more time in the country. Explore the distinctive historical heritage and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. All these features also attract the attention of many investors to search for property in turkey to buy.

Especially beach house for sale turkey. Where the offers of the areas overlooking the sea are among best turkey properties.

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Reasons for housing and for investing in turkey real estate:

  For example, if we compare the purchase price of real estate in London or in the United States. We will find that it is eight times more expensive than the purchase price of turkey real estate, specifically Istanbul. The more we move away from the main cities and towards the countryside and other cities, we will find that turkey house price will begin to decline more. For example, when buy real estate in turkey Istanbul. We will find that the prices start from 30.000 euros and this gives a great possibility and distinct opportunities for investment turkey real estate for sale. The availability of many real estate agents in turkey helps you more to search for turkey homes in order to rent them and obtain a guaranteed financial return.

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In addition to all this, there are other clear and encouraging reasons for you to search for house for sale turkey:

The most important ones:

 1_ Strength of infrastructure:

The really special thing in Turkey is the strength of the infrastructure and the opening of new metro lines that encourage researchers and investors to search for apartments for sale in turkey.

houses for sale in marmaris and icmeler

2_ Istanbul Airport:

The opening of the third airport of Istanbul, which is an important and major hub for the Middle East, the Far East and Eastern Europe. It is considered an important factor to attract investors buying properties in turkey. Especially buying a property in istanbul.

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3_ Istanbul Canal:

 Thanks to determining the final course of the Canal Istanbul project. It is the largest project in Turkey. Turkey managed to attract the attention of investors not only to real estate istanbul but also to estate turkey in general.

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4_ Industrial production rate:

The rise in the Turkish industrial production rate to 6.4% led to an increase in the importance of the real estate sector and to an increase in searchers for realty turkey.

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5_ Turkish citizenship:

The decision to reduce the amount of real estate investment to obtain Turkish citizenship from one million US dollars to 250.000 dollars only. A very important decision that increased the importance of real estate in turkey for foreigners. It attracted many foreign investors looking for turkey houses for investment. turkey property websites can greatly help foreigners to search for homes to buy in turkey.

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6_ High investment value:

What really attracts investors to search within turkey real estate for offers apartments for sale in turkey. It is the excellent value per square meter, which makes investing in turkey real estate a high value.

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7_ Various options:

Apartments and villas:

The Turkish real estate market has a wide and unlimited options of offers. Whether you want to search for luxury property in turkey. Or search for properties that fit your budget such as offers cheap properties in turkey.

You can easily find everything you want within the offers flat for sale turkey. If you decide to search for privacy and large areas for housing or investment, you can search for cheap villas for sale in turkey.

detached villa for sale in turkey

land in turkey for sale:

 You can also search for land in turkey for sale. So, we find that most people prefer cheap land for sale in turkey or agriculture land for sale in turkey and then build their own property on it.

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Commercial real estate:

Because of the many options in Turkey. We find that Turkey also offers many offers commercial properties for sale in turkey. Especially offers (commercial property in Istanbul). There are different types for commercial property turkey, including:

Shops, hotels, business centers and offices.

We note that the returns on investment commercial real estate turkey are high. That is why we find many foreign buying property in istanbul that has a commercial character, and then they invest it by renting it or reselling it.

Also, real estate companies in turkey and turkey estate agents can help you to choose your ideal property in Turkey.

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8_ Easy Procurement Procedures:

Ten years ago, buy real estate in turkey was a difficult process with a long wait for title deeds. The Turkish government has simplified this process. Today, we find that all the procedures are from the moment you choose the house and then you buying a house in turkey and sign the title deeds. All this done in less than a week!

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9_ Low cost of living:

We can explain the choice of many foreigners who are interested in buying real estate. Choose a search homes for sale turkey to live and invest. The cost of living in Turkey is half the cost of living in the United States and Britain. Where all segments of society, regardless of their annual income, can live with their families in Turkey. The last ten years have witnessed a significant improvement in infrastructure. The low turkey house price is also considered one of the most important factors that attract investors to find property in turkey.

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Why should you choose property sale in turkey?

Turkey is an extended and vast country. Of course, the options and real estate offers available in it are countless. And if you want to search for houses in turkey to buy, you may be at a loss. You will ask yourself many questions.

Where do I start?

What are the best areas that provide the best property sale in turkey?

And what are the prices?

And a lot of endless questions. But we can say that Turkey includes seven basic geographic regions that are divided into 81 main provinces. By getting to know some regions of Turkey with us, you will definitely be able to answer some of your questions and perhaps you may decide about the region that you will choose to search for apartments to buy in turkey.

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best turkey real estate located in these areas:

 1_ Marmara Region:

A region in northwestern Turkey which is one of the seven basic geographic regions. It is the bridge between Asian Turkey and Europe. It includes the largest city in Europe, Istanbul. And marmara real estate istanbul topped the list turkey real estate.

The most important cities in Marmara:

1_ Istanbul.

2_ Stock Exchange.


land for sale in bodrum turkey

1_ Istanbul, the city of magic and beauty:

We cannot mention turkey real estate nor touch on the subject of real estate for sale in istanbul and elaborate on the explanation.

Most of the foreign investors who want to buy homes in turkey. They head to Istanbul to search within turkey istanbul real estate for the most important offers home for sale istanbul. It is the largest, most famous and popular city in Turkey. And the dream istanbul buy house is the dream of many people around the world. Istanbul has a strong economy, a moderate climate and a strategic location between the Asian and European continents, which attracts many to search for flat to buy in istanbul. We can also consider the cost of living in it is low compared to the rest of the European countries.

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What is the role of the Turkish government in encouraging foreign investors?

The facilities made by the Turkish government regarding the laws of obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate ownership play a major role in encouraging investors to search for property for sale in istanbul.

As istanbul properties offers a wide range of real estate available to residents of Turkey and to foreign and local investors.

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The most important of them are the offers it provides for the best real estate in istanbul:


1_ Properties overlooking the sea:

Istanbul offers those looking for a vacation home the most beautiful offers of real estate overlooking the sea (house for sale in istanbul sea viewvillas for sale in istanbul sea view) and we find such offers, for example, in the offers of the Besiktas area overlooking the sea (Besiktas istanbul apartments for sale _ villa for sale in Besiktas istanbul).

It also offers you many offers cheap apartments for sale in turkey overlooking the sea for those looking for a low-cost retirement home within its offer’s cheap property for sale in istanbul turkey.

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 2_ Old and historical apartments:

Istanbul is an ancient historical city and this is reflected in its buildings.

Istanbul also offers new houses for sale in turkey. For lovers of history and archaeological buildings, offers old houses for sale in istanbul. Such as the offers offered by the Fatih district apartments for sale in Fatih istanbul as part of the offer’s property for sale in Fatih istanbul.

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And before thinking about buy real estate istanbul, we will take you on a tour of the most beautiful and most important areas of Istanbul that provide the best property in turkey istanbul:

1_ Taksim:

If you want buy a home in istanbul or are looking for home for sale in turkey istanbul. But in the city center. The vibrant historical city of Taksim is located on the European side of Istanbul. It offers many offers property for sale in istanbul city center. It also offers fans of old historical buildings old apartments for sale in istanbul. Among its offer’s real estate istanbul Taksim. Local and foreign investors want to search for property for sale in Taksim istanbul for housing or investment. And because the area is located in the heart of European Istanbul, within the famous Beyoglu district, near transportation, all services, schools, universities, and others. It is a great attraction for those wishing buying apartment in turkey. To search its offers apartment for sale in istanbul turkey Taksim. Or Beyoglu istanbul apartments for sale.

homes for sale bodrum turkey

cost of house in turkey Taksim:

Although istanbul property prices in this region are high. However, it remains at the top istanbul real estate listings.


2_ Bebek:

If you are looking for turkey real estate within Istanbul. But in the most beautiful tourist areas overlooking the sea. Bebek istanbul real estate offers you the best offers istanbul house sale. It also offers you a unique opportunity to buy and invest property for sale in Bebek istanbul. In the most beautiful and luxurious areas. Bebek is located on the Bosphorus and enjoys a wonderful coastal and recreational climate within European Istanbul.

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Bebek is a tourist destination and residence for celebrities:

Every year it attracts many tourists and investors who want to buy house in Bebek istanbul. Especially those who want to luxury real estate istanbul. The Bebek offers the most beautiful offers turkey luxury real estate. And we find the vast majority of its residents are famous and wealthy. This is what prompts investors and local residents to search for apartments for sale in Bebek istanbul turkey.

 The Bebek area is also characterized by luxury offers villa for sale in Bebek istanbul overlooking the sea. Especially for those looking for luxury villas for sale in istanbul. Bebek is the ideal destination.

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Bebek, the affluent area and ancient monuments:

In Bebek, there are many Ottoman monuments that increase the fame of the region and attract many seekers of house in turkey istanbul. To search houses for sale in Bebek istanbul turkey. Since the Bebek area is an upscale area and a residence for the rich and famous, the prices of Bebek istanbul house for sale must be more expensive than some areas.

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3_ Sisli:

Sisli district is Istanbul’s vibrant district. And a center for luxury and housing for the high social classes. It is located on the European side of Istanbul. Al Baha attracts the indigenous people before the tourists and investors who flock to search for luxury homes for sale in istanbul turkey.

This is part of its offers property for sale in Sisli istanbul. It is also an important commercial center with many offers istanbul commercial property for sale. It is an ideal area in Istanbul to search for commercial property for sale in istanbul. Especially in Nisantasi, where most investors want to search within the offers of Nisantasi istanbul real estate.

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Sisli – Nisantasi:

 We can consider this neighborhood within Sisli as a center for the most important international brands. A destination for many shopaholics. An attraction for everyone who wants to live in high-end areas and is looking for istanbul luxury apartments for sale. And give him a chance to search in Nisantasi offers: (houses for sale in Nisantasi istanbulistanbul Nisantasi apartments for sale).

And all of this fall under the list of offers Nisantasi real estate. The multi-use Zorlu complex located in the Besiktas area also offers zorlu center istanbul apartments for sale.

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4- Kadikoy:

This area, located in the Asian side of Istanbul, with its beautiful nature and distinctive calm, offers the most beautiful offers houses for sale in istanbul asian side. This is within Kadikoy property for sale. Kadikoy is considered one of the most beautiful and famous, and this is what attracts many people to search for Kadikoy istanbul apartments for sale, as it is one of the most elegant and luxurious Asian neighborhoods of Istanbul, and this makes it a destination for those looking for luxury homes turkey to search within Kadikoy real estate offers.

istanbul cheap apartments for sale

Moda_ Kadikoy:

 It also provides the most beautiful offers houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul. Especially in the Moda area overlooking the Bosphorus, which is located within Kadikoy and offers moda istanbul apartments for sale. Which includes the most beautiful offers apartments for sale in Kadikoy istanbul. It is also an easily accessible city, as it has many means of transportation. It also has a port. We can consider it a well-served area and this is another reason for being an area that attracts investors looking for istanbul apartments for sale. Search within Kadikoy apartments for sale.

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Kadikoy Investment District:

We can consider the Kadikoy area as an emerging investment area that includes many modern projects that provide new apartments for sale in istanbul.

We note that despite all this, house prices in istanbul turkey are still. Kadikoy is within reason.

houses for sale in turkey cheap

5- Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu is located west of Istanbul in the suburbs.

It has a stunning view of the sea and is witnessing a great boom in the field of real estate investment.

This is what drives many who wish to search for istanbul sea view apartments for sale. Or search for houses in turkey istanbul for sale. for investment. To resort to Beylikduzu property for sale.

But what really draws attention to this area is that despite the availability of all services in it, including schools, hospitals and commercial centers. Except that house prices in turkey istanbul in Beylikduzu. It is one of the cheapest prices for everyone who wants to search for cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. He resorts to Beylikduzu to search for Beylikduzu apartment for sale. This is within the offers of property for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul. After it was previously far from the eyes of investors, today the region is witnessing a flock of investors wishing to invest Beylikduzu real estate. Especially after transportation improved and the number of services increased.

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Other special offers in charming Istanbul:

All the areas we mentioned earlier are only part of the vast and distinctive parts of Istanbul. And because of the multiplicity of regions and the geographical nature and privacy that every part of Istanbul enjoys. There is an endless number of wide options.

realty group turkey

1- Houses overlooking the Bosphorus:

For example, if you want to search for istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view. Perhaps you should turn to the offers of the Beykoz area houses for sale in Beykoz istanbul. Where Beykoz istanbul houses is distinguished. With its picturesque view of the Bosphorus, and if you are looking for a view associated with luxury, you should head towards the luxurious Sariyer overlooking the Bosphorus and search among its offers (houses for sale in Sariyer istanbul. About the most beautiful offers bosphorus real estate istanbul. It is an area that attracts those looking for luxury homes for sale in istanbul. Especially the Maslak area located within Sariyer, which is provided within property for sale in Maslak istanbul. The most beautiful offers Maslak apartments for sale.

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2_ cheap flats for sale in istanbul:

Esenyurt, located in the suburbs area, offers cheap apartments for sale in istanbul turkey. This is part of the offer’s apartments for sale in Esenyurt istanbul. This area, near Beylikduzu, attracts local and foreign investors looking for cheap property in istanbul. To search cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt istanbul.

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Why should you invest in Istanbul?

1- Population and economic and tourism superiority:

Istanbul has a population of nearly 15 million and is one of the largest urban gatherings in Europe, so we can consider it a vibrant city and this is an important reason to do a search for apartment for sale in turkey istanbul. For investment or housing. The tourism power of the region also plays an important factor in attracting investment and investors, as the number of tourists who visited Turkey in 2018 reached 46 million. Istanbul topped the list. This is another reason why the investor to buy flat in istanbul. And take advantage of great financial returns. Especially investment villas for sale in turkey istanbul. In tourist places and ensuring an excellent financial return by renting or selling it within the process of resale property in istanbul.

real estate companies in istanbul


2_ The integrated infrastructure of Istanbul:

Infrastructure is the base that constitutes a safe and successful investment infrastructure. Where the value of istanbul flat for sale increases the more, it is in an area with excellent infrastructure. Whatever property you will invest in (land for sale istanbulturkey apartments for sale istanbul). It will not achieve the desired value unless it is in an area that has a sound infrastructure. This is well achieved in Istanbul. It has all its roads, bridges, diversity in transportation, water, electricity and communications resources. Play an important role in home price in istanbul. It guarantees you to buy house in istanbul turkey and investing it in the most optimal way.

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The most important factors that affect real estate prices in Istanbul:


1_ The location of the property:

Before making buy home in istanbul turkey. The location of the property must be chosen carefully. Because it is one of the most important factors affecting home price in istanbul and plays an important role in the value of the house you want to invest or buy. The presence of the house near the city center increases the price of the property and therefore a greater investment value. On the other hand, the more you go to the countryside, the more likely you are to find offers cheap property in istanbul turkey.

rightmove property for sale in dalyan turkey

2_ construction condition:

buy property in turkey istanbul in the case of construction is different from buy home istanbul ready for housing. Where it is expected that price of house in istanbul, which is in the case of construction, will be relatively low. Which gives you a greater chance of getting a good investment return compared to buying real estate property in istanbul ready to move in.

buy house in alanya turkey

3_ The area of ​​the property:

We consider the area of ​​the property as one of the important factors that affect house price istanbul. You should pay attention to some things in this matter. Like paying attention to the net area of ​​the house. and the total area of ​​the house. The space and division of the rooms. In general, the larger the real estate area, the lower the unit price per square meter, and vice versa.

real estate in turkey 2020

4_ The house is close to modern transportation:

 Where prices of flats in istanbul can vary if they are close to or far from transportation. We find that the price of a property to buy in istanbul. It rises the closer it is to the public transportation network. The price of real estate istanbul for sale decreases as you move away from transportation. It is worth noting that we can find cheap property for sale in istanbul Esenyurt, despite the urban renaissance it is witnessing. This is due to the lack of transportation there.

buy commercial property in istanbul


5_ Luxurious home finishes:

This factor also plays an important role in the price’s property sale in istanbul and in Turkey in general. Where we find that luxury house istanbul have luxurious cladding and various decorations, and their price is higher. Unlike if you decide to search for the cheapest apartments for sale in istanbul or for a cheap villa for sale in istanbul. You will find that the quality of the cladding is different and not the quality of the cladding luxury homes istanbul. And of course, the price is lower. Likewise, if you choose a new property in istanbul, we will find that the cladding is of high quality, and therefore the price is higher.

buy commercial property in istanbul

Determine your budget correctly:

So, if you want to buy cheap flat in istanbulcheap houses in istanbul) or your budget is higher and you want to search for luxury property for sale in istanbul. You must first determine your budget correctly and then look at these factors that help you search for house in turkey istanbul according to your needs and budget. They may also help you istanbul estate agents if you decide to turn to them.

urla turkey real estate

real estate agency istanbul – who can help you?

So, in case you decide to buy villa for sale in istanbul. Or I wanted to buy house istanbul. Or whatever type istanbul estate. that you would like to purchase. And if it is on the Asian side or property for sale istanbul european side.

Perhaps, as a first step, you should determine exactly what you want and then use real estate agents in istanbul turkey. Or take an opinion and advice a realtor in turkey. be reliable. To facilitate the purchase and search for property in istanbul turkey. And clarification property prices in istanbul turkey.

Because whatever the process buying apartments in istanbul is simple and easy. It will be a little complicated and difficult if it is your first time in this matter.

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2_Bursa Industrial City:

Bursa is Turkey’s fourth most populous city. And the most important industrial cities in Turkey. It is located between Istanbul and Ankara. Its mountainous coastal nature attracts many investors to search within bursa turkey real estate. About the best (bursa apartments for sale _ land for sale in bursa turkey_ homes for sale in bursa turkey). Bursa has many advantages that make the opportunity buy property in bursa an unmissable opportunity.

 The most important ones:

1_ Bursa moderate climate

2_ Its beautiful landscapes.

3_ Close to Istanbul area.

4_ Its unique mountainous coastal environment.

All this made properties in bursa turkey an important opportunity for housing and investment. Especially an investment cheap houses for sale in bursa turkey. Where the real estate market in Bursa is witnessing a clear rise and increasing demand. Therefore, the opportunity to search for bursa turkey houses for sale at low prices is one of the best investment opportunities.

cheap homes for sale in turkey

Bursa Archeological Landmarks:

Bursa contains many monuments and historical neighborhoods. Such as churches, mosques and baths. Some of them date back to the Ottoman period. Its neighborhoods, such as the Mudanya neighborhood, are among the best tourist areas that offer: (bursa homes for salebursa turkey apartment for sale).

turkey cheap houses for sale

3_ Yalova, the quiet city:

This city is characterized by its calm and the beauty of nature. It is close to Istanbul. This increases the importance of yalova real estate.

It is also one of the Turkish states with the fastest investment growth. Therefore, it has recently become a destination for investment, investors, and even large companies who have started searching for yalova apartments for sale.

Especially as it provides many services to residents and investors. The most important of them are: public and private schools and universities are cheap. All this encourages anyone to search for yalova turkey apartments for sale.

cappadocia real estate

2_ Central Anatolia Region:

It is one of the seven geographical regions in Turkey that we will talk about after the Marmara region. We can note that Ankara is the most important city. 

Ankara, the capital of Turkey:

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and is located in the center of the country. It includes many universities, government offices, ministries and embassies.

It houses university students and officers. That is why we consider Ankara real estate one of the best turkey real estate. And the most requested and the focus of attention of various groups of people.

Where people prefer buy house in Ankara turkey. And living in the city that ranks second in terms of overcrowding after Istanbul. Ankara includes 25 regions.

izmir real estate for sale

 the most important of which are:


Cankaya offers many different amenities to its residents. In addition to hosting the official building of the Turkish Parliament. and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. So, apartments for sale in Cankaya Ankara is the focus of many people, officials and government in Turkey. In addition to investors.

buy a house in antalya

2_ Kizilay:

Located in the busy city center. It is a shopping and entertainment center. It is intended for people and investors looking for apartment for sale in Ankara. for housing and investment.

Where it is considered (buying a property in Ankara, Turkey). Within this area is a special opportunity, especially as it is a distinguished area that includes the most famous and most luxurious restaurants.

propertyfinder turkey

3_ Kavaklıdere:

It is intended for students looking for real estate Ankara turkey. Thanks to the presence of Bilkent University and the Middle East Technical University. Ankara has become a destination for students and a lively and real estate activity area. Where every student wants to search for apartment for sale in Ankara turkey to live near his university. Kavaklıdere meets these needs of students.

land for sale in istanbul turkey

4_Entebbe_ Arianes:

 These neighborhoods offer the best family atmosphere. Most people looking for Ankara homes for sale resort to it in the quietest areas of Ankara. These areas provide families wishing to buy house in Ankara or those wishing to search for Ankara turkey apartments for sale. An ideal environment for family life.

If you want to search for Ankara villa for sale within the offers of Ankara turkey real estate. The prestigious Mustafa Kemal area is one of the best areas in Ankara that offers villa for sale in Ankara turkey.

didim turkey real estate for sale

cheap property for sale in Ankara turkey:

 If you are looking for houses for sale in Ankara. But your budget is limited. Your chance to find cheap apartments for sale in Ankara turkey is not a zero chance.

But it depends on the neighborhood and the area in which you want to buy flats for sale in Ankara turkey.

As it is available in Ankara the most luxurious and finest house in Ankara at high prices. There are popular areas with good services that offer offers apartment for sale in turkey Ankara at a cheap price that suits your budget.

to buy property in istanbul

Ankara, the vast city:

In the end, we will find that Ankara is a large and spacious city, which is the second largest city in Turkey. So, whatever your budget and requirements. The real estate market in Ankara will offer you the best offers houses for sale Ankara turkey. And in case you do not want to buy (property for sale in turkey by owners. Although this gives you a greater chance to buy cheap houses for sale in Ankara turkey. You can then consult the top real estate companies in turkey to find out more offers Ankara turkey houses for sale. For more information on the house prices in Ankara turkey.

houses for sale in uskudar istanbul

3_ Mediterranean region:

It is one of the seven geographical regions of Turkey. It is bordered to the north by the Central Anatolian region and to the west by the Aegean region.

Antalya province is one of the most famous provinces, which is what we will talk about.

houses to buy in istanbul

Antalya, the tourist capital:

This city is located on the Mediterranean coast southwest of Turkey. It enchants all who visit it and attracts millions of tourists every year. Because of its impressive nature. But the issue of living in Antalya and thinking about searching within real estate Antalya for offers (houses for sale in Antalya turkeyland for sale in Antalya turkey). Or even real estate offers with large areas such as villas for sale Antalya. All this puts the researcher and the willing to buy in confusion.

All areas of Antalya are suitable for housing and investment, and provide comfort and tranquility for the visitor. But the most important offers remain

Antalya property including antalya home for sale. It is the offers that overlook the sea and the beach, such as beach houses for sale in Antalya, which are an important investment opportunity.

estate for istanbul


Antalya – your options are varied:

And since Antalya is multiple regions and its real estate offers are diverse

You can look for cheap apartments for sale in Antalya turkey in the Konyaalti region. (apartments for sale in Konyaalti Antalya). Which is popular and its prices are cheap. You can also find property for sale Antalya old town in Lara area offers.

villa for sale in kusadasi turkey


Antalya beauty and luxury:

And if you are looking for Antalya turkey real estate in the most luxurious and prestigious areas, you can buy apartment in Alanya, especially property for sale in Alanya Mahmutlar turkey, which is famous for its luxury and sophistication.

Where property for sale Alanya turkey is one of the most important real estate in the city. Recently, investors searched for (Alanya apartments for saleAlanya villa for sale) offers within Alanya real estate for sale.

As for the most beautiful and charming cities of Antalya, the Kemer region is at the top of the list. Where investors come to search within the offers of kemer real estate for villa for sale in kemer.

house for sale turkey antalya

The most famous regions of Antalya in detail:


It is located in the far eastern part of Antalya. It has witnessed property for sale in Alanya. A huge turnout in recent years after the opening of Gazipasa Airport. Alanya has become a holiday destination. This led to an increase in the number of investors looking for Antalya turkey real estate in general. And for those wishing to search for properties in Alanya and buy apartment for sale Alanya turkey in particular.

flats in turkey to buy

Some areas of Alanya:

Avsallar, located within Alanya, is ideal for those who are looking for cheap apartments for sale in Alanya turkey. Where it is intended for people who want to buy property in Alanya but have a limited budget to search for cheap property in Alanya turkey.

While foreigners are looking for Alanya homes for sale within the offers Antalya houses for sale, but in the neighborhood of Tosmer and Kastel.

houses in ankara turkey


Mahmutlar property for sale is considered one of the best Alanya real estate. This region, with its beautiful tourist beach and modern buildings, has become a destination for every foreigner looking for Antalya turkey apartments for sale. To go to Mahmutlar and search within Mahmutlar real estate for apartments for sale in Mahmutlar Alanya turkey. The most luxurious offers villa for sale Antalya turkey are also available. Although buy house in Alanya in this region requires a high budget. As house prices in Antalya turkey in such areas is considered high. However, because of its features, it is still a destination for investors and those wishing to search for houses for sale in turkey Alanya.

buy flat antalya



Belek area is the dream of a person who wants to retire and is looking for homes for sale Antalya turkey within antalya real estate for sale offers. Belek has more than 15 championship golf courses all over the world. Therefore, we consider it an important destination for golf lovers and those looking for houses in Antalya to search for real estate Belek offers. And if you do not practice golf, there are many distinctive recreational places that make housing and buy home in Antalya within Belek an unmissable opportunity.

Since it is the area for sportsmen, sophistication and luxury, people who want to buy villa in Antalya must find what they are looking for in Belek. It is also considered a promising investment area.

villa for sale in izmir turkey

Real estate websites in Turkey at your service:

Overall, if you decide to search for flat for sale in Antalya or buy property in turkey Antalya. First you have to select the area you want to search for. And real estate websites in turkey may help you determine Antalya house prices in general.

alanya flats for sale

4_ Aegean region:

One of the seven regions of Turkey is located in the western part of the country and includes nine provinces. And what we will cover in our article are these provinces:


2_ Izmir



1_ Mugla:

One of the most important tourist cities in Turkey. Featuring the best offers luxury homes for sale in turkey. Its real estate is among the best turkey real estate. It includes the following tourist cities:

Bodrum, the pearl of Turkey:

Bodrum is a small city in the Aegean region. But it is a tourist par excellence. It attracts many investors who want to search within Bodrum real estate. Many tourists visit it every year because of the beauty of its beach and the splendor of nature.

This is what drives many people to search for house for sale in Bodrum. Where it is the city of dreams for many people. We note the increase in real estate demand and the increase in searches for property for sale in turkey Bodrum, especially bodrum turkey houses for sale because of its long history and charming nature.

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The area is distinguished by its whitewashed homes and buildings carved into green mountains. What attracts many turkey real estate seekers. Search for Bodrum apartments for sale. Bodrum has a sea port linking it to the islands of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

So, search within Bodrum real estate for sale for Bodrum homes for sale. It is an ideal choice for lovers of the sea and ships. You can also search for land for sale Bodrum and build your own property on it in the place and space that suits you.

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 Bodrum Investment:

You can buy (Bodrum luxury villas for saleBodrum turkey apartments for sale) and then rent it out and make a big profit.

Since the area is a tourist par excellence, you can also think of looking for Bodrum turkey real estate for sale and then sell it after a while and achieve great financial returns.

All these options are offered to you by Bodrum turkey real estate which is really special.

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Fethiye, the ancient city:

This beach city can be considered one of the finest cities in Turkey.

It is located on the Aegean region that separates Greece and Turkey.

It provides within Fethiye real estate the most beautiful offers Fethiye homes for saleapartments for sale in Fethiye). Fethiye attracts many tourists every year to see its distinctive attractions.

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Fethiye area features:

The most important characteristic of Fethiye is that it is located on the ruins of Telmessos. It is a historical archaeological city. This is another motive that encourages investors to search within Fethiye turkey real estate for the best and most beautiful offers homes for sale Fethiye turkey.

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This city is currently considered one of the well-known and famous coastal cities in Turkey. Which offers the best turkey real estate within its offers (land for sale FethiyeFethiye turkey houses for sale). It is intended by many people to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend the most beautiful times with family and friends.

The recreational activities offered by the area to visitors vary. Where lovers of hiking, diving and climbing can search for a home to buy within the offers Fethiye real estate for sale and enjoy exercising every day and living in the distinctive coastal atmosphere.

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What about house prices in Fethiye?

Although house prices in Fethiye turkey may seem a bit high. However, it is still the first destination for investors who want to search for Fethiye turkey apartments for sale. And in various distinct areas in Fethiye. Like searching in the quiet residential area Ovacik offers homes for sale in Ovacik turkey. Or the exciting coastal area of ​​Oludeniz, which offers various real estate offers within Oludeniz real estate.

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It is located along the Mediterranean Sea in Mugla Province. It is the undisputed city of Turkish beauty. Investors come from all over the world to search within real estate Marmaris for the most beautiful offers houses for sale in turkey Marmaris.

This region guarantees investors a profitable and guaranteed investment. Due to the high turnout of tourists from all over the world to enjoy its beautiful coastline and experience its delicious foods in addition to its mild weather. It also provides all means of comfort and happiness for everyone who wants to live in it and search for homes for sale in Marmaris turkey. Within the offers Marmaris turkey real estate.

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What distinguishes this Marmaris region from others?

What really sets this area apart, is its kind and friendly people. When you meet someone, you will really wish you would come back to visit them again and again. This is an additional reason that encourages people and investors to search for Marmaris homes for sale.

Because of the diversity of the real estate market of the region, it has many offers for those with a limited budget cheap houses for sale in Marmaris turkey.

And if you happen to be looking for turkey real estate for housing or investment and you choose Marmaris and you are confused in its areas, then you can use real estate agents in turkey to learn about the full options available.

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2_ Izmir:

Izmir is located in western Turkey, in the Asian part of it. On the coast of the Aegean Sea. It is the third most densely populated city after Istanbul and Ankara. Izmir is Turkey’s main export port.

As for its real estate market, it is one of the emerging and important markets in Turkey. There is a constant demand by local and foreign investors looking for Izmir real estate the best offers apartment for sale in Izmir.

Considers life and housing in the city of Izmir buy property in Izmir turkey. The goal of everyone looking for stability and a secure life. Therefore, the offers (house for sale Izmir turkeyapartment for sale in Izmir turkey) are among the best offer’s turkey real estate.

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Housing and investment in Izmir?

Moving to Izmir is a great idea. Where Izmir combines cultural and recreational facilities in a wonderful and unforgettable atmosphere. This makes Izmir turkey real estate and the Izmir house for sale a unique opportunity that must be seized.

Especially the investment offers cheap houses for sale in Izmir turkey. Where you can buy house in Izmir turkey and benefit from selling or renting it.

You can also seize the opportunity to buy Izmir villas for sale at an appropriate price, and then benefit from the guaranteed profit from reselling it after a while. Where Izmir recorded a rise in prices in the recent period. This is due to the increased demand for houses in Izmir. Especially by investors looking for Izmir homes for sale.

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Featured areas in Izmir:

It is one of the coastal cities located within the province of Izmir and offers many offers (cesme house for salecesme villa for sale). This is part of its special offers cesme turkey real estate.

It is a distinct historical tourist city and a target for real estate investors. It attracts many investors who are looking for homes with a panoramic sea view. We find many of them want to search for this type of house within cesme real estate.

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3_ Aydin:

Aydin is the most attractive Turkish province for tourists, located in the southwest of Turkey. Its capital is the city of Aydin. It is considered an important historical landmark because it dates back to thousands of previous eras. In addition, we consider it an underground residential area. This has led to an increase in the value of real estate in this area, especially as it offers the most beautiful turkey real estate.

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 The most beautiful cities of Eden:

– Kusadasi:

Kusadasi City or Bird Island. A coastal city located in the province of Eden on the coast of the Aegean Sea. It dates back to the third millennium BC. Therefore, Kusadasi real estate and what it offers are distinguished offers such as (houses for sale in turkey Kusadasiapartments for sale in Kusadasi turkey). One of the most attractive offers that attract local and foreign investors.

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The city has a charming landscape that attracts many tourism lovers. Recently, it has been on the list of the most visited cities in the entire European continent.

Hence, real estate Kusadasi turkey entered the realty world turkey. People started searching for Kusadasi houses for sale.

Since the region is dominated by a Mediterranean climate and tourists flock to it all year round. Perhaps the idea of ​​looking for villas for sale Kusadasi for housing or investment seems ideal.

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 Many options in Kusadasi:

Because of the many options available in Kusadasi, searching for apartment for sale Kusadasi on your own will seem confusing and confusing, and here comes the role of estate agents in Kusadasi turkey to help you search for the best offers and the most suitable prices.

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5_ The Black Sea Region:

One of the seven geographical regions of Turkey. The Black Sea region is characterized by the abundance of high mountains, terrain and stunning natural areas. Trabzon province is one of the most famous and beautiful Black Sea regions.



It is a port located on the Black Sea. A large commercial and transportation center. It is Trabzon real estate. One of the most beautiful turkey real estate. Where the region enjoys an unparalleled charming nature and all the elements of beauty. It has all the basics and components of housing such as shopping centers, schools, hospitals and many other features that encourage the search for property for sale in Trabzon turkey. Especially (Trabzon house for sale _ apartments for sale in Trabzon turkey).

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What about the prices in Trabzon?

We note that the average prices and rents of housing are low in Trabzon compared to the prices of Ankara turkey homes for sale.

Or even Istanbul offers turkey istanbul property for sale. Therefore, the opportunity to find the cheapest houses in turkey is within the offers of Trabzon property for sale. It is an available and possible opportunity. But you may need to consult one of the trusted real estate agents in Turkey to guide you towards the most suitable property.

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property prices in turkey 2021:

Since turkey real estate is diverse and endless. Therefore, we cannot find a difference in house in turkey price. For example, buy apartments in istanbul turkey will be higher than other areas, such as buying Izmir turkey apartments for sale. The area in which the property is located plays an important role in this matter.

We can consider the offers istanbul real estate sale to be the highest. Of course, with opportunities to find such as (flat for sale in istanbul turkeyland in istanbul for sale) at cheap prices. If we move away from the city center and head towards the countryside.

The most affordable turkey real estate is located on the Mediterranean coast. Where you can search for cheap homes in turkey in these areas. The Aegean coast also offers more expensive housing options. The price may be twice that of real estate on the Mediterranean coast.

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 Average real estate prices in popular locations:


Istanbul: about 2,660$ per square meter.

Izmir: about 850$ per square meter.

Fethiye: about 1,200$ per square meter.

Bodrum: about 1,500$ per square meter.

Alanya: about 600$ per square meter.

Antalya: about 770$ per square meter.


turkey real estate prices depend on the location and features of the accommodation.

Most Turkish companies offer installment payment options. Turkish banks depend on the method of giving mortgage loans to foreigners.

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All the previous areas that we touched on in our article. It was part of many other parts of Turkey that provide you with many options’ turkey real estate. But we hope that this article will help you determine your goal in terms of the specifications of the property you are looking for. And the area in which you want to buy your property. Whether your goal is to buy luxury property for sale in turkey or even search for cheap houses for sale turkey. And if you hesitate because of the abundance of options, you can take a look at list of real estate companies in turkey. And choose a reliable company to help you find the perfect property.

It also helps you turkey real estate website to search on this topic.

Our company Aman Real Estate is one of the top real estate companies in istanbul that works to help its client’s step by step to reach its goal.

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