Turkish desserts flavors with origins and history

turkish desserts flavors with origins and history:

Despite the diversity of cultures in Turkey. Some areas are influenced by other cultures. However, Turkish cuisine is known for the most delicious types of turkish sweets. And a wide variety of foods and sweets. This is due to the wide extension of Turkey geographically and historically. Many turkish desserts date back to the kitchens of the Ottoman era, which provided many types of ottoman desserts. Perhaps some of the dishes date back to before that. Where every dish in Turkey takes you on a journey through history through its distinctive and unique flavors blended with the history and culture of the country.

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turkish desserts takes you to another world:

 When you taste types of turkish dessert cheese. Like a dish turkish kunafa. Or when you taste pistachio turkish dessert such as turkish baklava or kadayif pistachio rich in pistachios or other special sweets that fall under the list of turkish desserts. You’ll forget all those famous French and Italian desserts. And return to kunefe baklava to take from it time after time.

This article will help you to learn about the most famous and best turkish desserts that you will wish to visit Turkey to taste one of them.


turkish desserts you will not forget their taste:

Sometimes sweetening is a simple thing. Like eating some fruits after a meal at home or restaurant. But sometimes sweets become something more complicated. When you increase its ingredients, such as some of the famous turkish desserts which are distinguished by the presence of a number of ingredients that give incredible flavors.

But before we introduce the types and varieties turkish desserts. We will give some information about the classification and division of Turkish sweets.

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Types and varieties turkish desserts:

We can divide Turkish sweets into three main sections:

1_turkish desserts made from milk and its derivatives:

  Where milk is used in the manufacture of turkish pastry dessert. Such as preparing milk kadayif or making turkish milk cake.

 Or cheese, for example, and it enters the manufacture of the most prominent types of cheese turkish dessert.

We can also use the cream in the manufacture of some sweets such as kaymak dessert. Which is the cream one of its components.

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2_turkish desserts based on dried fruits and nuts:

Like preparing turkish apple cake where fruits and apples are the main ingredient in this dessert.

Or industry turkish quince dessert

As for nuts, we find them in abundance in turkish pistachio cake, and we find coconuts as an important ingredient in the manufacture of turkish coconut dessert. And we can use almonds as a beautiful decorative element in a dessert turkish bird nest dessert

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3_turkish desserts made of exotic ingredients, especially:

Turks use chicken, for example, as an ingredient in the preparation of some Turkish desserts such as chicken pudding.

Or introducing distinctive and strong traditional flavors, such as introducing Turkish coffee to the cooking arena and sweets, such as preparing turkish coffee custard.


Here are some of the famous turkish desserts and some turkish pastry sweets that we will present to you and you will really want to try them.

1_ kadayif and kunefe:

kunefe dessert and kadayif dessert are among the most famous Turkish sweets. kadayif turkish is a mixture of shredded wheat, nuts and a very sweet sugar syrup. White cheese can also be added to kadayif turkish dessert to become kunefe. If you want your dish to be perfect. You can cover turkish kunefe with a layer of ice cream and sprinkle a little pistachio on it, and then enjoy the most delicious types of turkish pistachio ice cream with a dish kunefe kadayif.

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So, what is this turkish dessert in detail?

turkish dessert kadayif:

You can also taste kadayif pastry, which are included in the list of turkish filo pastry dessert. Which consists of thin pieces of dough filo and is often served with honey syrup, making it one of the most delicious turkish honey dessert. Among the types of kadayif that you cannot forget are pistachio kadayif and kadayif cheese, which are classified among the most delicious sweets turkish cheese dessert. You can enjoy a mixture of distinctive traditional flavors by tasting turkish kadayif of various kinds. And don’t forget that the best way to enjoy kadayif is by eating fresh kadayif.

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turkish dessert kunefe:

We can consider it one of the tastiest turkish desserts. It is a traditional turkish dessert. Made with cheese pastries soaked in a sweet syrup made of sugar. It is a type of turkish shredded wheat dessert. So, if you want to enjoy an unparalleled Turkish dish. You can try turkish kunafa cheese. The Joe chain of stores in America is one of the best stores that sells kunefe trader joe’s with the original taste. Where it serves trader joe’s kunefe. The most delicious types of kunafa in the world.


2_ turkish dessert baklava:

We can’t say the best turkish desserts without mentioning turkish sweets baklava. turkish delight baklava is one of the most consumed sweets in the Turkish street. It is classified from the list of turkish pistachio dessert. They are thin layers of dough stuffed with nuts and sweetened with honey or sugar water. Gaziantep is considered one of the most regions in Turkey that offers best turkish baklava and shops famous for selling authentic turkish baklava come from this region. And types of turkish baklava differ according to the regions in which they are made. Where some regions prefer baklava with walnuts or almonds. While some other regions prefer turkish cheese baklava.

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Types of baklava:

We also find that turkish pistachio baklava is the most famous and manufactured in the Gaziantep region, due to the abundance of pistachios in this region. It also varies turkish baklava price depending on the different types of turkish baklava. The turkish baklava with ice cream dish is also considered one of the most delicious and most distinctive dishes eastern turkey baklava.


traditional turkish baklava The key to the heart of every Turkish home:

When you are in Turkey and one of your Turkish friends invites you to visit him. The best gift that you can take with you is a plate of baklava turkish sweet or a plate of kunefe baklava. Where it is considered balaclava turkish dessert. The most ideal gift when visiting Turks. We can see the importance of the dish when hosting. Where the Turks usually offer turkish coffee and baklava to the guests to welcome them. This is what made the dish beautiful, popular and distinguished among turkish desserts.


3_ lokma dessert:

This dessert is considered one of the most famous turkish desserts. Where you find this dessert sold by street vendors in Turkey. It is classified as one of the easy turkish desserts in terms of the method of manufacture. Where lokma sweet consists of light, crispy fried dough. lokma pastry are the size of a large walnut. And many people find pleasure in tasting a lokma turkish dessert Although there is a large dose of sugar in this type of turkish desserts. But because of its irresistible taste, you will eat a lot of it without realizing it

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4_ ashura dessert:

  One of the turkish traditional sweets that is present in Turkish cuisine in the first month of the Islamic calendar. Where the Turks fast the first ten days of Muharram, and on the tenth day they prepare turkish asure with family and relatives. That is why asure turkish had a social and religious value.

Despite the many recipes for this type of famous turkish sweets. However, the main ingredients of this dish are dried fruits, grains and sugar. Turks asure dessert are often served without side dishes. This is due to the fatness of the dish asure turkish dessert.

5_ turkish halva:

It is one of the special turkeys halwa.. Despite its wide fame in Turkey, this fame is not only in Turkey. It is one of the turkish sweet dessert that we can find easily in the supermarket and of various types. But still turkish tahini halva is the most famous type. It contains flour mixed with ground sesame seeds. You can also enjoy the experience of turkish halva with ice cream. As a special and unique kind of locum dessert in Turkey. Usually in Turkey, upon the death of a person or on the anniversary of the death of a person, turkish semolina halva is distributed to relatives and neighbors.

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 6_ tulumba dessert:

tulumba turkish desserts or the so-called tatli turkish dessert is one of the most traditional turkish dessert. They are pieces of the wonder in the form of dates. The origin of the tulumba sweet is the Balkans and Bosnia. The name turkish dessert tulumba is called (Balah al-Sham) in Syria.

It is one of the most delicious turkish dessert pastry Which we can find on the Turkish street.

8_ turkish delight dessert:

People consume this type of turkish traditional sweets a lot in Turkey. It is also one of the best souvenirs that tourists prefer to buy when coming to Turkey.

turkish delight gelato is a sticky, chewy and eye-catching dessert.

 The manufacture of turkish delight pastry Haj Bakri Effendi in the Ottoman era. It is available in many distinct flavors. Where you can enjoy tasting turkish cheesecake stuffed with turkish delight cheesecake. Or the kind rich in exquisite chocolate turkish delight cheesecake.

The Turks often serve this sweet with Turkish coffee or with turkish coffee dessert to relieve the intensity and heaviness of Turkish coffee.

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8_ turkish pumpkin dessert:

This kind of turkish desserts will introduce you to new types of special pumpkin recipes. pumpkin turkish dessert is not only easy to prepare. It is also fantastic and delicious enough to make you really want to try it. And trying new types of it, such as turkish pumpkin dessert with tahini.

It’s your perfect holiday recipe when you have extra pumpkin.

9_ keskul dessert:

We can consider it a simple turkish desserts. At the same time delicious and distinctive. It consists of grated coconut, milk and sugar and sprinkled on top with coconut or pistachios as a final touch and includes turkish custard. Like the rest turkish food dessert. Serve it cold. It is classified under the types of turkish custard dessert.

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10_ sutlac dessert:

  From muhallebi turkish dessert. It is a light dessert that we can make simply from rice, milk and sugar. sutlac turkish dessert has been in Turkish culinary culture for 400 years. The world knows it as (Turkish rice pudding). Vegetarians can also enjoy the recipe vegan sutlac and enjoy the flavors that suit them.

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11_ kazandibi dessert:

One of the most popular and popular Turkish sweets in Turkey. Its name literally means “burnt milk pudding”. It is classified among the types of turkish puddings. The kazandibi turkish dessert is a caramel pudding-like dessert. The way to make this dish is by burning the milk from the bottom and immersing it in sugar. It is one of the most famous Turkish yogurt dessert that we can serve cold in the summer.

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12_ katmer dessert:

katmer turkish dessert is one of the most delicious types of turkish nut dessert. This original dessert is famous in Gaziantep Turkey. It consists of sweet phyllo dough that includes pistachios and clotted cream. It is one of the most famous types of turkish cream dessert.

 People in Turkey prefer to eat turkish dessert katmer in the morning during breakfast. The reason for the presence of a large amount of pistachios in this type of turkish desserts.

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turkish cake dessert Flavors you should not miss:

1_ revani turkish dessert:

This dessert is one of the most delicious turkish cakes and sweets. It is classified as a classic and has been present in Turkish cuisine since the Ottoman period. Known revani dessert or the so-called turkish semolina cake in the cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

In Turkish cuisine revani turkish is one of the popular turkish desserts that is served in restaurants and homes. It is a simple cake that is classified in the list of turkish semolina dessert.

 turkish revani consists of a single layer of a soft semolina sponge cake filled with light sugar syrup.

revani turkish

2_ turkish yogurt cake:

We can consider this delicious cake as one of the healthy and useful turkish desserts. It is a vegetarian dessert that anyone can enjoy. You can also taste turkish yogurt cake with figs. And enjoy the charming and distinctive flavors. We can say that it is one of the turkish desserts. Which you’ll really want to eat on a hot summer day.

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3_ sambali dessert:

sambali dessert or turkish almond cake this. It consists of a syrup made of semolina. turkish sambali one of the most delicious desserts you can buy while walking around the Turkish street. It is turkish desserts that you should try as soon as possible.

4_ turkish coffee brownies:

This cake is one of the best turkish chocolate dessert dishes. Where we find that one of the most important ingredients is the special Turkish coffee in addition to chocolate. It is one of the turkish desserts that you will really want to eat on a hot summer day.

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turkish desserts _ a special variety and mix between eastern and western magic:

turkish desserts are different from other sweets around the world. And this is what we saw during our presentation of different types of sweets during the article. Where turkish desserts have a special character that mixes the charm of oriental kitchens and the charm of western kitchens. When you visit Turkey, wander in its streets and visit its restaurants, you will definitely notice the difference in the character of the turkish kataifi dish from the character of the turkish noodle dessert. We will certainly not forget the difference in the traditional turkish sweet cheese dessert from other dishes made of fruits, nuts and honey, such as turkish honey cake. All this diversity and interesting mix is ​​due to the vast expanse of Turkey. This is what made Turkish dishes unique and unparalleled.

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