turkish ice cream is not just flavors

turkish ice cream is not just flavors:

turkish ice cream, or as it is called in Turkey by the name Dondurma, which literally means in the Turkish language (freezing).

Among all the industries Turkey is famous for. Turkish ice cream is one of the most interesting and attractive things. And here we are not talking about the fake sweets that are in abundance on hot summer days. But we are talking about traditional turkish ice cream with its real distinctive ingredients that differ from those of Western ice cream significantly. And its ingredients: sugar, salep and mastic.

However, we find that what distinguishes turkish ice cream is its texture and consistency. Therefore, we find that turkish stretchy ice cream is the most popular type and consists of: Slip flour, sugar and dried orchid. As for the viscosity of turkish ice cream, it results from mastic.

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Best turkish ice cream:

If you ask any Turk who knows turkish ice cream well about the best place where you can buy turkish ice cream they will tell you about the southeastern Kahramanmaras region. Where the Turks make here best turkish ice cream called (Kesme Dondurma).

And you can eat maras ice cream turkey, and this type contains more slip than other types and recipes. This makes it more turkish ice cream stretchy. So, you may need while eating it often a knife and fork.

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local sellers:

And since stretchy turkish ice cream is considered one of the most famous turkish ice cream. The way to sell it must be distinctive and eye-catching. This is what local vendors try to do when selling ahturkish sticky ice cream. Where they wear the traditional Turkish dress for men. We can hear the bells hanging from the tall scoops of Turkish ice cream.

And with every offer turkish ice cream for sale, we find joy and joy on the faces of big and small buyers and sellers alike. Crowds gather to watch these shows with an atmosphere of laughter and entertainment. You can hear exclamations, amazement and laughter when a vendor passes a scoop of turkish chewy ice cream from one cone to another and the buyer fails to catch the ice cream.

In the end, the seller gives up and offers the buyer the perfect, delicious ice cream.

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Distinctive flavors offered by turkish ice cream to you:

Over the course of 300 years, Kahramanmaras has been on the throne of the ice cream industry in Turkey. But this does not cancel out the existence of regions characterized by the manufacture of booza turkish ice cream with its original flavors. for example:

Ayvalik City:

Ayvalik city on the Aegean coast in Turkey. Proud of making turkish ice cream flavored with chewing gum.

Riviera City:

While the Turkish city of Riviera turkish style ice cream offers homemade as a refreshing dessert after a long shopping trip to reach the Byzantine castle.

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 kuyucak village:

Here you can taste turkish ice cream with lavender flavor. As tourism in this village is increasing significantly. So, you might see their ice cream brand spreading all over the country.


Ali Usta Stores:

Since 1969, Ali Usta stores have been and still are one of the best shops selling the most delicious elastic turkish ice cream. This chain of shops offers many flavors of Turkish ice cream. The magic recipe for this delicious ice cream is to use only fresh fruits. And not to resort to any preservatives.

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Mado Stores:

Mado stores, which is known for providing the most famous types of turkish ice cream, has nearly 400 stores in Turkey, in addition to many stores outside the country. These stores have attracted attention since they opened in 1992. Recently, they were able to introduce sugar-free ice cream to the many varieties they offer. And it has a major role in spreading the culture of turkish ice cream around the world.

If you pass by Mado shops for a day, don’t forget to enter and taste the kunafa and kadayif topped with Turkish ice cream. Which is one of the most famous Turkish sweets.

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turkish ice cream _ Unique types that attract attention:

Years ago, in the Antalya region in particular. Someone burned the ice cream! Then the idea spread throughout the country.

The kortuteli adds the signature ingredient to the burnt ice cream: the fatty milk of goats. This is what gives turkish goat milk ice cream. Milk begins to burn due to its high fat content. Then they cool the milk and then put it until it mixes and comes out in its final form.

This type of Turkish ice cream joins the list of traditional Turkish ice cream. Although the local population produces approximately 200 kilograms of it every year. However, they are concerned that their recipe will disappear throughout history due to the emergence of the new generation of various ice cream parlors in shopping centers.

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Turkish ice cream outside the country’s borders!

Experts say that every year each Turkish person consumes about 2.8 liters of ice cream. This percentage is considered the minimum if we compare it with the statistics of the United States of 8.3 liters. We can easily explain this big difference in stats. Where there is a class of Turks who believe that ice cream causes diseases such as colds and sore throats.

In any case, these beliefs began to gradually disappear with the days. Despite all this, Turkey still earns a lot of profits through turkish ice cream, especially since turkish ice cream price are not exorbitant and are within the reach of everyone.


Turkish ice cream everywhere:

 Turkey exports turkish ice cream to 68 countries. Generating an income of $200 million. It included the country that consumes nearly 80,000 tons. The United States of America where you can find Turkish ice cream in hill shops turkish hill ice cream. In addition to Marsh, which sells marash turkish ice cream. waitrose turkish delight ice cream sells the best Turkish ice cream in the UK.

Exports are also made to the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Northern Cyprus.

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Will you put Turkish ice cream on your list?

Ice cream is of course the favorite dessert of most people in the summer. But the Dondurma or turkish ice cream, as we mentioned earlier, is not like the rest of the ice cream in the world. They are solid texture and resistant to melting. This is the difference and distinction that Turkish ice cream holds. He made it one of the best traditional Turkish dessert dishes that everyone wants to discover and taste. So, when you visit Turkey and tour its regions, do not forget to put turkish ice cream on the list of dishes that you must try!

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