Villas for sale in istanbul, a wide world of options

Villas for sale in istanbul _a wide world of options:

Finding villas for sale in istanbul is not difficult! Especially since this distinguished city has the best types of real estate in the world. As Istanbul today is one of the most important economic centers in Turkey. Because of the diversity and multiplicity of large sources of income in the city.

buy villa in istanbul has become one of the most attractive offers that provide you with great opportunities to invest in Istanbul in the best way.

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Villas for sale in istanbul _ the first requirement of tourists:

Istanbul ranks first in Turkey and eighth in the world in the field of tourism.

Each year, it receives approximately 40 million tourists.

Therefore, we find that offers villas for sale in istanbul are among the most sought after by Arab and foreign investors in general.

As the ideal climate that the city enjoys, in addition to the presence of the wonderful diverse nature that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The long tourism that tourists in Istanbul, especially Arabs, do. It prompts them to think seriously about looking for villas for sale in turkey istanbul in order to buy and reside in the city. To enjoy as much as possible of the nature that the city provides, in addition to the many diverse activities.

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Villas for sale in istanbul – What are the available options?

One of the most important things you should know before buying villas for sale in istanbul. It is that there are unlimited options in terms of locations, sizes and prices. So first you need to determine the size and location that suits your requirements. Also, the topic of determining the budget and knowing the required facilities such as the swimming pool, garden, service rooms, etc. will help you determine the most suitable alternatives and proposals for you.

In general, these are the most important types of offers villas for sale in istanbul:

  • Villas for sale in istanbul _City Center:

Living in istanbul villas is something that many people prefer over apartments and houses. The villas offered by Istanbul, some of which are located within the city center, and others are located outside the city center. But for this type of villa, the prices will seem a bit high. Also, their number will be less compared to the villas that are far from the city center. It is also older in terms of construction, unlike the suburban villas, which are characterized by their modern construction.

  • Villa for sale in istanbul sea view:

This is your ideal choice if you are looking for luxury villas in istanbul for sale. Villas overlooking the Bosphorus are more valuable than villas overlooking the Marmara Sea. The reason behind this is that the villas that overlook the Bosphorus coast are closer to the city center. In addition to the majestic and great view of the Bosphorus and its beauty that cannot be compared to any other view in the city.

However, buy villa istanbul overlooking the Marmara Sea will provide you with many advantages, the most important of which are the designs of villas overlooking the Marmara Sea that are elegant and new with modern and advanced facilities. Compared to villas for sale in istanbul on both sides of the Bosphorus.

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  • Villas for sale in istanbul within complexes:

The number of villas that are in complexes has increased significantly in the recent period. Because it offers a different lifestyle. It includes a closed residential and commercial complex that resembles a small town. All amenities and services are provided to be very close to the residents. In addition, the villas in these complexes have spacious and beautiful gardens. All these features have greatly increased the demand for the type villas for sale in istanbul within complexes. Especially since leasing such real estate has proven to achieve higher income and greater financial return compared to other types of real estate.

  • Villas for sale in istanbul with gardens:

Although the offers of villas in Istanbul are abundant and in various regions. However, you can rarely find villas with spacious gardens in the city center. Because of the density of the city center of Istanbul. So, if you want to look for villas with large areas and spacious gardens. You have to head to the suburbs. The price factor also plays an important role. Where we find that the price of villas that are located in the city center and have spacious gardens are much more expensive than those villas located in the suburbs with the same specifications.

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What are the sizes of villas offered by Istanbul?

You can find different sizes and spaces starting from 200 square meters and up to more than 1000 square meters. Therefore, there is no specific size for the offer’s villas for sale in istanbul. Where we find that some villas are completely independent construction with a large garden. Others are double villas consisting of one building divided into two buildings or two smaller units of the same building, but each of them has a separate entrance from the other.

In most cases, detached villas are larger in terms of space. It also has larger gardens compared to the duplex villas. You can also find larger villas the further away from the city center and towards the suburbs.


Searching for cheap villa for sale in istanbul- Is it an Offer Available?

Many tourists and investors want to search for cheap villas in Istanbul for various purposes such as tourism, residence, and even investment!

So, the chance of finding such type of villa is not impossible. On the contrary, Istanbul offers many cheap villas for sale in Istanbul with many advantages, the most important of which are:

1_ Strategic location:

The sites in which there are cheap villas offers are no less important than the offers of luxury villas istanbul. Therefore, we find many of these villas have a wonderful sea view or views of important vital sites in the city, such as the villas offered by Buyukcekmece and Basaksehir.


2_ Evolution in prices:

It is a clear and continuous development in the prices of villas in Istanbul. An important additional feature. Therefore, we find many investors aiming to buy cheap villas for sale in istanbul and then rent or resell them. To be used as an investment optimally and to secure abundant profit.

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3_ The Turkish government:

The Turkish government is working to provide facilities to investors. They are treated positively, whether they are Turkish foreigners, without discrimination in treatment and taxes. This helped to increase the investment villas for sale in istanbul significantly.

4_ Prices of villas in Istanbul:

If we compare the prices of villas in Istanbul with the prices of villas in European countries. You will find that the prices are good and appropriate, and this is another motive that encourages the purchase and investment of Istanbul villas.


If you are looking for villas for sale in Istanbul. We advise you in these places:

  • Buyukcekmece:

This area is characterized as the newest and quietest in Istanbul. It includes many residential projects concerned with the sale of villas and palaces in Istanbul. Therefore, it is the ideal place for those looking for modern and high-end Istanbul villas. It is worth noting that the areas of the villas range from 180 to 1400 m2.

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  • Beylikduzu:

Buying a villa in Beylikduzu is a trump card in your hands!

At first, it is a modern and promising investment area in Istanbul that includes huge construction projects such as the marina for yachts, in addition to its proximity to the Istanbul Canal. Therefore, buying a villa in Istanbul Beylikdüzü is an important opportunity for residence, housing, and even investment.

Especially since the region’s prices have not yet seen the expected rise. So, you still have the opportunity to buy a villa at a cheap price in Istanbul Beylikduzu.

The areas of villas in Beylikduzu range between 190-2200 m2.

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  • Zekeriyaköy:

This region of the Black Sea has a picturesque nature and vast green spaces. It also provides its residents with a wonderful view of the Bosphorus. Therefore, finding istanbul luxury villas within this region is an irreplaceable opportunity!

  • Bebek:

Because of the beauty of its nature and its wonderful view of the sea. The demand for villa for sale in Bebek istanbul has increased dramatically. Especially as it is an upscale area that includes an elite group of celebrities and businessmen. Therefore, investing in such an area is a dream for many foreign and Turkish investors.

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  • Uskudar:

One of Istanbul’s finest and best areas in terms of social and economic status. And in terms of income level. Because of its beautiful nature and the quiet lifestyle, it enjoys. The value of villas increased by 11.64% compared to previous years. The areas of villas in Uskudar range between 240-3200 m2.

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What are the prices villas for sale in istanbul?

According to statistics conducted in 2018, the prices of villas in Istanbul start from 250.000 dollars. It is the same amount that you need to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. But in special places like the places overlooking the Bosphorus.

We find that the prices of villas may reach 25 million dollars. As for investing in villas in Istanbul, it may provide you with annual profits and financial returns of approximately 500,000 dollars. This guarantees that you will get back the value of the property you purchased within 20 years.

Of course, prices and profits are a value that varies from one region to another in Istanbul. But in general, we can say that Sariyer and Uskudar are among the most expensive regions. While Basaksehir and Beylikdüzü come in the list of the cheapest regions.

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