Why you should choose Istanbul real estate?

 What makes istanbul real estate a magnet for everyone?

  • Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations for foreign property seekers as well as investors and vacationers.
  • Istanbul has a great historical heritage and beautiful landscapes.
  • The delicious cuisine of Istanbul, which is famous all over the world.
  • The facilities and services provided by Istanbul, which make istanbul real estate a point of attraction for all investors from around the world.

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Istanbul real estate has everything you are looking for:

  • This wonderful city is full of wonders and here you can find anything you are looking for from and among it property for sale in istanbul.
  • The city has a large population. property in istanbul provides various amenities that every person needs in his daily and social life.
  • In addition to hosting international sports activities. and various cultural events.
  • The city also contains museums, public parks and many other events that attract many to search for property for sale in turkey istanbul.
  • Also, good educational opportunities, business, health services and other such costs of living, which are considered relatively acceptable for the rest of European cities. All this is a key factor that helps to attract investors from all over the world to buy property in istanbul.

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Great Diversity Offered to You istanbul real estate:

Istanbul is famous as the most populous city in Turkey. Also, it still receives immigrants from all over the world. As a result, we find that there are many real estate projects in Istanbul that provide the best real estate turkey istanbul. The vast majority of these projects are residential complexes that offer investors the best offers apartment for sale in istanbul.


Istanbul villas and apartments:

 A large percentage of these complexes offer offers villas for sale in istanbul. Where the villas are connected and semi-detached within these complexes. And often buyers who have a larger budget prefer to search for offers villas for sale in turkey istanbul. Because of its many features and services.

And villas in Istanbul are often composed of two or three floors. With a secluded garden it gives it more personal space.

As for the prices of houses and apartments, there is no need to worry!

Still house prices in istanbul in general are cheaper than their counterparts in neighboring European countries.

The houses for sale in istanbul offer have special features such as:

Private gardens, swimming pools, safe areas for children to play, in addition to security services around the clock. These reasons support and encourage housing and investment in offers homes for sale in istanbul turkey.

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If you are looking for istanbul luxury real estate, we advise you to visit the magnificent historical mansions around the Bosphorus. Which dates back to the Ottoman period and to the wealthy men of that time.

Today, it is the home of famous businessmen who love to live in luxury real estate property in istanbul. Historic mansions have a charming view of the Bosphorus and spacious interior spaces that attract investors from everywhere for luxury to buy real estate in istanbul. Although istanbul property prices for this type of real estate is the highest. But it is still the best investment.

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commercial property in istanbul:

Recently, we notice an increase in sales offers commercial property for sale in istanbul every year. This makes Istanbul one of the most important commercial centers in the world. The reason is due to the government’s support and encouragement for investment. In addition to the great diversity of Istanbul real estate. Istanbul has many offers (istanbul commercial property for sale.

 which include: restaurants, shops, offices, and others. So, if you want to buy commercial property in istanbul. The options you have are endless!

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These were the most important offers offered by istanbul real estate in general. And since istanbul real estate listings goes on and on. In our article, we will highlight some of them:


houses in turkey istanbul:

If you want to buy property in istanbul turkey, especially buy house in istanbul. You have to prepare for an exciting journey within the country.

Whether you want to search for house for sale in turkey istanbul. Two or three bedrooms. Or you are looking for old apartments for sale in istanbul that has a touch of originality and ancient history. Even if your search leads to offers new apartments for sale in istanbul within the new residential projects of all kinds. Or you choose duplexes, studio apartments, or many others. You will find what you are looking for and within your budget within the European and Asian regions of Istanbul.

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Prominent areas offer apartment for sale in turkey istanbul:


A world full of art, culture and ancient history. This is Beyoglu in a nutshell. The most important European regions of Istanbul. It is also no wonder that property for sale in Beyoglu istanbul is one of the most important istanbul real estate. And because it includes the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul. We find people quickly searching for Beyoglu apartments for sale. To enjoy a distinguished and elegant lifestyle full of vitality and activity. In addition, the high investment value and the many financial returns make every investor want to search for Beyoglu istanbul apartments for sale.

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The most important areas of Beyoglu:


One of the most vibrant areas in Istanbul. And your ideal choice if you are looking for property for sale in istanbul city center. It includes various types of transportation in addition to a metro station, many hospitals, malls and shopping centers. This makes it one of the best housing areas for those looking for istanbul homes for sale. It is also an important destination for many tourists. Therefore, we find that investors are looking for apartment for sale in istanbul turkey Taksim in order to invest. Where it is property for sale in Taksim istanbul. One of the best options for those who want istanbul property investment. The resident in the Taksim area can move to various other areas of Istanbul with ease, and this is an additional advantage added to real estate istanbul Taksim.

It must be noted that price of house in istanbul in Taksim and Beyoglu are considered one of the most expensive. Because of its many features.

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2_ Bebek:

The first destination for anyone looking for luxury homes for sale in istanbul turkey. Bebek is located on the European side of Istanbul. The first thing you hear about this area is that it is the city of the rich and famous. In addition, it is the meeting place of charming nature, the distinctive sea, and ancient history. All this makes Bebek istanbul real estate. One of the best property in istanbul to buy. It is one of the most important tourist spots in the region. The offers are houses for sale in Bebek istanbul. One of the most desirable and popular Istanbul real estate offers.

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Bebek_ gardens and distinctive views:

Bebek is famous for its distinctive gardens. Especially the well-known tulip garden, which attracts many tourists to the region. As a result, Bebek offers property for sale in Bebek istanbul is one of the best offers istanbul real estate investment. Especially its offers house for sale in istanbul sea view and offers houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul. Bebek has one of the most beautiful sea views in Istanbul. All this makes it a choice buy house in Bebek istanbul. The most suitable option for housing and investment.

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Sariyer is distinguished by several important points that make the list houses for sale in sariyer istanbul. At the top of the list istanbul real estate for sale. It is characterized by the presence of beautiful beaches overlooking the Bosphorus. It offers the most beautiful offers istanbul apartments for sale bosphorus view. Also buy flat in istanbul Sariyer. It provides you with the most beautiful views of the famous and charming Belgrade Forest.

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Maslak_ Sariyer:

Maslak is the most important commercial center not only in Istanbul but in Turkey in general. It is the basis and presentation center commercial property for sale in istanbul turkey. Therefore, it is one of the best areas in terms of investment and achieving great financial returns. This is what makes investors look for maslak istanbul apartments for sale. Especially as it constitutes the main separator between the Asian and European roads to Istanbul.

It is also considered one of the most luxurious and prestigious areas of Istanbul and has the most beautiful offers istanbul luxury apartments for sale. Within the offers property for sale in maslak istanbul. It was home to princes and sultans in the Ottoman era. We can also consider maslak apartments for sale one of the best offers for housing. It includes many important and basic services such as: schools, universities, shopping centers and hospitals. All this makes Maslak buy apartment in istanbul the most suitable option for housing and investment.

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4_ Nisantasi:

Nisantasi is located in Istanbul, European side. Within the famous Sisli tourist area. Nisantasi is famous for having the most famous fashion stores and shopping malls. It is an area for the rich. Therefore, we find in it many offers istanbul luxury homes. And offers houses for sale in Nisantasi istanbul within the offer’s property for sale in Sisli istanbul. Where its real estate is one of the most luxurious properties in turkey istanbul. The area offers many distinctive services that are found in Nisantasi that are not found in any other city. It is known that average house price in istanbul is higher than the rest of the Turkish cities. Therefore, we find that the prices of istanbul Nisantasi apartments for sale are one of the most expensive areas in Istanbul. Despite this, many people and investors who have sufficient budget still want to buy house in istanbul Nisantasi.

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5_ Al-Fatih:

We can consider the Fatih district as the spiritual and historical center of Istanbul within its European section. It is an important tourist destination because it includes many important historical buildings. Therefore, we find that most investors are looking for property for sale in Fatih istanbul. Because of the geographical and historical importance of the area. It also includes a large number of important commercial projects. Which is another reason to make apartments for sale in istanbul Fatih one of the most important Istanbul real estate. Fatih has many advantages that pay everyone who wants to live or invest to buy house in turkey istanbul Fatih.

The area provides various types of transportation. Where everyone can search for apartments for sale in Fatih istanbul. To move comfortably in the different areas of Istanbul.

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6_ Besiktas:

Here you can find best real estate in istanbul with beautiful sea views. Due to the location of Besiktas in the European side of Istanbul. What distinguishes Besiktas istanbul apartments for sale is that their prices are constantly rising compared to other Istanbul real estate.

Which enhances investment opportunities and encourages investors to take the step of searching for property for sale in Besiktas istanbul. Especially real estate istanbul bosphorus within the region. There are also options houses to buy in istanbul in Besiktas in installments. So, whatever your goal is to live or invest, buy home in istanbul in Besiktas is one of your best options.

7_ Kadikoy:

One of the most beautiful and famous Asian regions of Istanbul. It has many offers luxury homes for sale in istanbul. Therefore, we find many investors interested in investing in Kadikoy by searching for Kadikoy istanbul apartments for sale. Because of its rising investment opportunities. Kadikoy is easily accessible. In the event that you buy home in istanbul turkey within the Kadikoy region. You won’t have to worry about transportation.

apartments for sale in Kadikoy istanbul comes at the top of the list of Istanbul real estate. As for house prices in turkey istanbul Kadikoy. Many things must be taken into consideration, the most important of which are: the location of the house, its view, and its proximity to services. But overall istanbul flats for sale prices Kadikoy is reasonable.


Anyway, if you decide to search for property for sale istanbul european side. Or about houses for sale in istanbul asian side. Istanbul Real Estate will offer you many options. You can also use real estate companies in istanbul to buy property in istanbul in the safest and most comfortable way.

Is the search for cheap property for sale in istanbul turkey difficult?

In general, istanbul real estate prices are low compared to their counterparts in European countries. But the prices of Istanbul real estate differ from one region to another. As property prices in istanbul turkey decrease as we head towards the suburbs and countryside. So, finding cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey is not impossible. cheap property in istanbul is an important attraction for real estate investment. As a result, we find many investors wanting to search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul.

The question now is … What are the most important areas of Istanbul that offer cheap property in istanbul turkey?

1_ Beylikduzu:

A beautiful suburb of Istanbul. Experiencing a huge boom in the field of real estate investment. It is higher quality and more organized compared to other Istanbul suburbs.

For this reason, we find great demand for Beylikduzu apartment for sale. Especially as it offers a cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey.

It is considered buying investment property in istanbul within Beylikduzu. One of the best options, as real estate investments in this area record profits.

And help you real estate agency istanbul to search for property for sale in Beylikduzu istanbul. To suit your budget and requirements. Whether it is for housing or investment.

2_ Esenyurt:

Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul. In the recent period, it turned from a simple suburb to the most vibrant center in Istanbul. esenyurt istanbul apartments for sale is one of the best offers real estate for sale in istanbul. And even cheaper. Although services are available from schools, universities, shopping centers, hospitals, and others. However, it is one of the most places in Istanbul that you can find apartment for sale in istanbul cheap. Therefore, we find many families and families with a limited budget want to buy apartment in istanbul turkey in Esenyurt.

 Esenyurt Features:

Esenyurt has many advantages that made it a destination for investment and investors. one of the important:

  • Its location is close to the city center.
  • Competitive real estate prices.
  • Good services and abundant facilities.
  • Vital road network.

All this made investors looking for istanbul condos for sale. They want to search for turkey apartments for sale istanbul. It is expected that the search for istanbul cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt will increase. Because of the great urban development in the region.

What are real estate companies?

If you want to search for flat for sale in turkey istanbul for housing or investment. real estate agents in istanbul turkey will help you to search for best place to buy property in istanbul. Our company Aman Real Estate is considered one of the best real estate companies in istanbul. So, don’t hesitate to ask us for help you to find your most suitable property.

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