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istanbul properties is everything you dream about in one place:

The economic capital of Turkey. And one of the largest Turkish cities and the first destination for tourists and investors from all over the world.

The great Istanbul is the only city in the world that is located on two continents, Asia and Europe. They are separated by the international Bosphorus Strait. Which is a waterway for thousands of huge sea ships. All these endless advantages support the real estate market in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular. It highlights istanbul properties as one of the best options for housing and investment.

not only at the level of Turkey, but at the world level. 

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What is special about istanbul properties?

When we talk about istanbul real estate we are talking about endless options. Among them_:

1_ apartments in istanbul:

property turkey istanbul provides more than 300 residential projects in Istanbul:

There are now more than 300 residential projects in various areas of Istanbul.

and this allows investors to have many offers apartment for sale in istanbul. Istanbul areas such as Sisli, Beylikduzu and Bahcesehir offer many options houses for sale in istanbul within their residential projects.

Some of these projects are ready, while others are still under construction.

This provides wider options in terms of house prices in istanbul. It gives very wide opportunities and options to search for property for sale in turkey istanbul.

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_Different housing projects give wider options about apartment price in istanbul:

Each residential project in Istanbul differs in several respects, the most important of which are:

The area in which the property is located.

Services provided by the area.

The presence of transportation of all kinds near the project.

All of these things are very important for determining prices before choosing the housing project you want to buy or rent apartments in turkey istanbul.

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The project Location:

As for the main factor that plays an important role in determining istanbul property prices is the location. and for example:

 Looking for an apartment in the city center for purchase or rent may be 4 times more expensive than the price of an apartment in the suburbs and countryside of Istanbul. We find that searching for rent apartment in Taksim istanbul will be much more expensive than searching for apartment for rent in Beylikduzu istanbul. This applies to the issue of buy property in istanbul as well.

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_ istanbul properties provides a convenient payment mechanism:

As mentioned earlier, the projects in Istanbul are diverse. Therefore, we note that when buy house in turkey istanbul within the residential projects that are under construction.

you will find that the payment mechanism in it will be relatively convenient. Installment options are available over 3 or 4 years after paying the first payment. Which is often 35% of the property value. You can also buy home in istanbul within the Turkish government projects that support the long-term installment system. And that over a period ranging from 10 to 20 years. While we find that buy apartment in turkey istanbul is among the ready-made projects where the payment plan is less flexible because the project is completely finished.

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2_ villas in istanbul:

 As a result, villas in Istanbul have fantastic living specifications full of luxury and services. We find that the demand for villa for sale in istanbul is no less important than apartments and houses. Therefore, we find that Istanbul offers many villas of various types:

1_ Old villas:

These villas, which are often designed in the Ottoman style, attract many who want to buy authentic and ancient istanbul properties.

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2_ villas for sale in turkey istanbul within the modern complexes:

These villas are located within the modern residential complexes, which are often located on the outskirts of the city, such as the areas of Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece. Where the villas that are within these complexes are available services and full details of the ideal housing.

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3_ luxury villa istanbul:

This last type includes luxury villas in istanbul for sale overlooking the Bosphorus in the city center. The prices are very high for its location and picturesque views.

This type of villa attracts artists and wealthy people from all over the world.

real estate turkey istanbul provides many villas for those looking for a villa for rent in istanbul with many services, swimming pools, car garages, gardens, saunas and many more.

And if you choose to buy a villa within the complexes, the services will be expanded to include:

Playgrounds, wide green spaces, cafes, restaurants and shops. In addition to the safety and security components of 24-hour surveillance cameras.

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What are the most important specifications and standards provided by istanbul properties?

Provides istanbul properties for anyone who wants to buy a property in turkey istanbul. Many specifications that attract the investor, but before doing the search and purchase process, there is a great responsibility for those looking for istanbul real estate for sale, which is to identify several key points, which we will mention:

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_Determine the required space:

Choosing and determining the required space is important for anyone who wants to buy apartment in istanbul. It is an essential factor for choosing the right location and project. And speaking of the area, the apartments start with an area of ​​40 m within the offer’s studio apartment istanbul up to apartments with large areas of up to 250 m within the offers 3 bedroom apartment for sale in istanbul. This diversity of spaces has created greater opportunities for those looking for flat for sale in turkey istanbul or even apartment for rent in istanbul.

As for the villas, the spaces start from 500 m² up to 700 m².

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2_Determine the budget and area:

The issue of budget is included as a very important factor in determining the appropriate area for buy house in istanbul.

An investor may want buy flat in istanbul in the city center, but he does not have enough budget. Whereas, the search for property in turkey istanbul in the city center is 4 or 5 times more expensive than the prices on the outskirts of the city. Therefore, you must determine the budget well, and then start searching for istanbul homes for sale in the right place.

When the appropriate budget is available, the investor’s wishes and requirements must be taken into consideration. Despite the availability of sufficient budget sometimes by investors for istanbul property investment within the city center. However, they prefer investing houses in turkey istanbul within the suburbs. While other investors who have enough budget want to go towards best apartments in istanbul. which are near the city center to reach all the vital areas of the city without obstacles. Like searching for flats in istanbul within the famous Taksim area.

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3_ Determine the reason for purchase:

 Determining the reason behind the search for apartment for sale in turkey istanbul is an important factor in determining the most appropriate property. We find that the main reasons are:

  • Investment:

Some people want to search for house for sale in turkey istanbul in order to invest in the first place. They don’t care about housing. They may come to the country only to buy istanbul properties and then return to their country and receive the financial returns regularly. Therefore, this category has to choose the location of the property very carefully. And the search for houses in istanbul for sale within the vital areas, and the best example is the search for homes for sale in istanbul turkey in Taksim and Sisli.

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  • Housing and stability:

Others are looking for homes in istanbul for housing and stability. They have to search within the quiet areas with the majority of families for flat for sale in istanbul.

Deniz istanbul project provides these specifications, as it is one of the best projects within Beylikduzu, which is inhabited by families. In addition to the search within vadi istanbul apartments, which is the ideal for families and to settle within the city of Istanbul.

Housing and stability

  • Spend holidays:

The other category prefers to search for holiday apartments in istanbul in order to spend the holiday two or three weeks and maybe a month in the beautiful city. So, they have to choose the most beautiful places to look for home in istanbul for holidays.

Investment in the long term

  • Investment in the long term:

Some investors want to search for istanbul properties in order to invest in it in the long term. This is done through the purchase of real estate within the projects under construction and that are newly established. It will reach its full service but in the future. These projects are often near important projects in Istanbul, such as Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul Canal project.

Investment in the long term

4_Choose the look:

Choosing the right view in charming Istanbul will not be difficult at all! Because Istanbul offers options that no other city in Turkey can provide. Perhaps one of the most important views offered by istanbul condos for sale is its sea view. That is why we find many who are looking for apartments for sale in istanbul sea view. Especially within the Zeytinburnu area, which is close to the city center and has a distinctive sea view. In addition to investors who flock to search for houses for sale in bosphorus istanbul. And Beylikduzu apartment for sale provides a sea view and reasonable prices at the same time. We will not forget the beautiful views of the green spaces such as the Bahcesehir shows. The offers maslak istanbul apartments for sale provides a beautiful view of the huge towers.

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What about property for rent in istanbul?

istanbul real estate rent is witnessing a demand that is not different from the noticeable demand for istanbul properties for sale. This is due to the continuous movement of visitors and tourists inside the country and throughout the year. This city of charm and beauty attracts many tourists every year. Therefore, we find many who want to rent apartment in istanbul for a week want to search for a house for rent in istanbul in order to spend time in the city in the ideal way. This is instead of searching for serviced apartments in istanbul.

 For this reason, the search for a rent home in istanbul is focused on the following places:

rent in istanbul

1_City Center:

Many foreigners and tourists want to spend their holidays in the areas close to the city center due to its historical importance and its proximity to vital centers.

Therefore, we find many people who are looking for flat for rent in istanbul.

 especially a furnished apartment for rent in istanbul heading towards the Taksim area to search for its offers for furnished apartments for rent in istanbul Taksim. The same applies to the famous Sisli district.

which is close to all the historical landmarks of Istanbul and its historical sites. As a result, we find that istanbul Sisli apartments for rent is one of the best rentals offers in Istanbul. And most of them meet the desires of tenants looking for house for rent in turkey istanbul the city center.

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2_ Sea view:

Perhaps one of the most istanbul properties that attracts the attention of tenants is the real estate overlooking the sea. That is why many tourists want to search for apartments for rent in istanbul sea view. The properties overlooking the sea are distinguished by their luxury and distinction. Therefore, luxury apartments in istanbul for rent overlooking the sea are one of the most beautiful and sought-after offers. We find this in the offers of Bebek istanbul houses, which includes luxury houses in istanbul for rent, which is the most demanded by the rich and famous and famous for its luxury, beauty and distinctive sea view.

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3_Within the suburbs:

In addition to the tourists, there is the category of students who want to search for cheap apartments for rent in istanbul to spend their studies there. Therefore, they go to Esenyurt.

which is located in the suburbs, to search for istanbul properties offers Esenyurt for cheap apartments for rent in istanbul long term. To ensure that they stay there for the length of their studies in the country and at reasonable costs. Where students find in offers apartments for rent in istanbul for students the perfect offer for them. Other areas in Istanbul also offer many offers a cheap furnished apartment for rent in istanbul for families and families.

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Is it possible to find cheap apartments for sale in istanbul?

Istanbul is a wide and big city, so you can find within istanbul properties various offers starting from istanbul luxury apartments to cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey.

As a result, we find that the idea of ​​searching for cheap property for sale in istanbul turkey is not difficult.

As Istanbul is famous for the presence of many offers istanbul luxury real estate in the city centers and areas with a charming view of the sea and the Bosphorus.


Cheap apartments in the suburbs:

It is also famous for its special offer’s cheap apartments in istanbul in areas far from city centers and often in the outskirts of Istanbul, where calm and beautiful nature. Where you can find cheap apartment for sale in istanbul turkey within the offers of Esenyurt (Esenyurt istanbul apartments for sale). In addition to the many offers furnished apartments istanbul cheap in Esenyurt, which is the perfect offer for families with limited income and students.

The investor can achieve a high income, relatively without risk, by investing cheap property in istanbul in areas that witness real estate development and growth.

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Did istanbul properties offer you what you are looking for?

Every person who chooses istanbul properties to search for his dream property is never empty-handed. This is what Istanbul has proven over the past years. Despite the multiple requirements of people and investors among those looking for luxury apartments in istanbul for sale within istanbul luxury homes in the most luxurious places. And among those looking for a cheap apartment or apartment for rent in istanbul turkey within the suburbs and newly established areas.

This diversity has contributed in one way or another to the development of the real estate market in Istanbul significantly. So, whatever the specifications of your dream property, all you have to do is define your goal and then search for reliable real estate consultancy companies that will put you on the right path. We at Aman Real Estate put in your hands many options and go with you step by step towards your optimal property.

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